Chapter 5 Wood Attribute Ability

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   Qiao Xuan walked around the yard slowly, she wanted to make sure of one thing.

   A loquat tree was planted on the edge of the yard.

   The loquats on the loquat tree are turning from green to yellow, and they are hanging on the branches in a string. After ten days, they will mature and become yellow and attractive.

She stepped forward, stretched out her hand and gently placed it on the trunk of the loquat tree with a diameter of more than 30 centimeters, secretly concentrating on it, and then the whole loquat tree became more green at a speed visible to the naked eye. Stretch, the fruits on the tree turn yellow one after another in an instant.
  Qiao Xuan didn’t expect the effect to be so good, so she quickly retracted her hand.

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The abnormal growth changes on the loquat tree also stopped instantly.

   She looked down at her hand, and was elated.

  Last night, she had a strange feeling in a daze. This morning, she encountered water when she was taking a shower, and the feeling of “swoosh” seemed to be a matter of course, and some strange knowledge suddenly flooded into her mind.

   At this moment, she was really sure that she really had the wood attribute ability.

  Wood produces water, so this ability will feel particularly clear when it encounters water before.

   As if she got a novel toy, Qiao Xuan wanted to try it again.

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   was just right, there was a thin and thin mint next to it, so she squatted down, stretched out her hand, and lightly touched a mint.

Just by touching it, the mint under her hands did not change. Then, when she concentrated her mind, she silently controlled a stream of spiritual power that was slowly poured into the mint. With the mint under her hand as the center, this clump was The mint starts to grow immediately.
   She withdrew her hand, this time she was completely certain.

   She gently closed her eyes and silently felt the supernatural power. Well, not only can it spawn plants, because the roots of plants are intertwined and connected under the ground, and she can also sense all movements within a certain range by touching the plants.

  For example, at this moment, her hand lightly touched a mint. She knew all the plants and trees in the whole yard and where there was an ant in the corner, as if it was right under her nose.

   If you go to the mountains and forests to find wild goods or birds and beasts, you will not be able to catch them!

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   And, the range of this perception can be expanded as the power becomes more powerful.

   Qiao Xuan was elated.

   Not only that, but this ability also comes with a space, which is now deserted and she can’t enter. But she is clear that in the future, certain conditions should be able to enter and be used. As for what conditions, she is not completely clear, but it must be related to this ability.

   She can only perceive that the space seems to be connected to an extremely high-end system, through which all knowledge and information related to plants can be queried.
  Qiao Xuan’s spirits are lifted, and she will not be lonely in the days to come. This alone is enough for her to explore slowly.

   At about nine o’clock, the family was ready for breakfast.

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After serving the tea, the father-in-law, the eldest brother, the second brother, and Shao Yunyun and his son all went to the fields near the village to do some work, and only came back just now.

   It is spring now, and during the busy farming season, farmers are very busy.

  The weather is cool in the morning, which is a good time to work. As long as people are not lazy, they will go out early in the morning to do some work.

  Qiao Xuan was surprised that Shao Yunyun also went down.

   Is it so bad as a scholar? She had a good feeling in her heart, she felt that this person was really good!

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