Chapter 8 Counting the Dowry

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   Another example is “a number of fabrics for clothes in four seasons”. In fact, it is either cheesecloth or ge cloth, not to mention the first-class fashionable brocade, and there is not a single piece of ordinary silk and satin.

   That’s it, but packed in several big boxes, divided into four dowries to be packed.
   As for “how much money is in the bottom of the box”, Qiao Xuan finally found the pitiful taels of silver.

   Of course, as the saying goes, a dead camel is bigger than a horse, and the daughter of a county magistrate is much better than a peasant girl.

   These things are equivalent to bullying and humiliation in the eyes of the real county magistrate’s daughter, but for Qiao Xuan, she feels that she has earned it.

   Just saying that the ten taels of silver is also a huge sum of money for the farmers!

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   Mrs. Qiao’s humiliation may have been a fatal blow to the original owner, but to her, it was nothing.

  Compared to being poor and poor, her starting point is not bad. If she wants money, she will earn it herself.

   In the future, if you slap the face hard and return it, that will be a joy!
   After tidying up properly, Qiao Xuan generously took out all the cloth and distributed it to her mother-in-law and sister-in-law Xu, and specially contributed to tailoring clothes for everyone in the family.

  These fabrics are nothing in her eyes, but they are very good things in the farmhouse.

   Mrs Fang and Mrs Xu were startled, some couldn’t believe it.

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   Mrs. Fang was still a little hesitant, and she was hesitant to want to, for fear that others would say that she was coveting her daughter-in-law’s dowry.

   You must know that when the daughter-in-law’s dowry was brought into the door yesterday, she heard a lot of sour words, especially the two younger brothers and sisters in the second and third rooms. Those words were so sour that they could squeeze out a jar of vinegar.

Qiao Xuan observed her words, her eyes were clear, and she said with a smile: “This is just a little bit of my daughter-in-law’s heart, mother, if you meet your daughter-in-law, how will your daughter-in-law feel comfortable? We are all a family, and we should be intimate and warm. , don’t you think so?”

Only then did Mrs Fang accept it with a laugh, and she couldn’t help but say: “This dowry is the most important thing in a woman’s family, you, take good care of your own things, don’t waste it. This is the days to come. , it’s still growing!”

  Qiao Xuan’s heart warmed, she was really moved, she nodded and smiled: “Mother’s teaching I remember!”

   She took out two pairs of very bright silk flowers and gave them to her sister-in-law Shao Taotao and three-year-old niece Shao Qing.

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   From her point of view, the workmanship of this silk flower looks a little rough, but it costs 25 yuan a pair. Who in the country would be willing to buy it easily?

  Xu was very happy and thanked Shao Qing; Shao Taotao also liked it very much, blushing shyly and thanking her, she happily stuck it on her head, and won a lot of praise and praise from several women.

  Qiao Xuan hid a little bit of thought and guilt because she gave the fabric and silk flowers. Now, she is especially hardworking when it comes to being nice and complimenting. Several women laughed together, and they were all overjoyed.

   When she gave things, she actually had a little bit of temptation to test the temperament of her mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and aunt. If she was greedy, then she had a good idea.

   didn’t want to, it wasn’t like that.

   Even if Mrs. Xu’s mind is a little heavy, it is human nature.

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   Qiao Xuan is completely relieved.

   She didn’t know that Xu Shi was feeling a little bit sorry at the moment.

   As soon as the fifth siblings entered the door, they obviously compared her in every way, and she was feeling resentful and sullen in her heart. Seeing her flattering and flattering her mother-in-law, Mrs. Xu scolded many times in her heart, “Shameless!”

  Who would have thought that the fifth younger brother and sister would be so generous and gave her so much fabric, two of which are still very thick, and can be made into cotton-padded clothes by sewing cotton in winter. He also gave Shao Qing such a beautiful silk flower.

   She felt so out of place!

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