Chapter 54 - What? Girlfriend? (1)

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Lou Luo wanted to follow her, but Zhou Cang gestured at him to stay and followed her himself.

The bathroom was quite big. There was a row of mirrors and sinks on one wall, and there was a window on the other side. Although the light was off, it wasn't dark at all.

As soon as Bei Nuan opened the door, she saw herself in the big mirror. Her cheeks were red like ripe tomatoes.

Of all the rotten luck, how did she end up kissing his lips? It was Lu Xingchi's fault. If he hadn't suddenly moved, she wouldn't have kissed such a spot.

More importantly, she had to say such an off the charts shameful line after the kiss. Bei Nuan didn't want to go out for the rest of her life. She should stay in the bathroom for a long time, until the apocalypse ends and the world is in harmony.

After facing the mirror for a long time, Bei Nuan finally remembered to look at the taskbar.

[Holy Mother's kissing task: 1 out of 1 completed.] Little Three had kept its word. Her Holy Mother's progress had doubled. This was her only comfort in the tragic collusion.

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Just as Bei Nuan was looking at the progress bar, the bathroom door was suddenly pushed open.

The king of instant noodles swaggered in with his gun.

Zhou Cang closed the door with his backhand and wickedly smiled at Bei Nuan. "Coming here alone, are you scared? Want me to keep you company?"

He had eaten too much instant noodles. He had eaten his fill and his mind had moved onto lust.

It was a waste to talk to him. Bei Nuan silently turned around and scrambled onto the sink counter.

Zhou Cang watched the young woman struggling to climb up and standing high above on the sink. He found it amusing.

Behind her was the mirror. Even if she climbed up, there was no path of retreat from there. Her move only increased his interest.

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Standing on the sink counter, she lowered her head to look down. Her hair was hanging softly on her chest. Her eyes were clear, and her face was gentle and beautiful. It felt as if a pair of pure white angel wings would appear behind her at any time.

The more beautiful something was, the more people had a desire to destroy it.

Zhou Cang licked his lips. He wasn't in a rush. He leisurely walked to the sink counter and looked up.

"Why are you standing so high up? Want me to carry you down?"

Bei Nuan innocently blinked, stretched out her fair-skinned hand, and over two hundred bags of rice fell from the air.


Like a large truck unloading its goods, the bags of rice smashed down.

Zhou Cang was gone. There were just bags of rice piled up like a small hill in front of the sink counter.

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Just as Bei Nuan was about to gingerly get down from the sink counter by stepping on the bags of rice, the door opened again.

Lu Xingchi stood in the doorway with a murderous aura. He was holding a cold, gleaming knife, and his gaze was cold and sharp.

He saw Bei Nuan on the sink counter and the pile of rice bags. He was startled for a moment. And then, like melting ice, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He walked over, naturally hugged Bei Nuan, and gently started to lift her down from the sink counter.

"No need for me, huh?" He said.

Bei Nuan pressed on his shoulders and jumped onto the floor.

"Yeah." She circled the pile of rice. After the mess with Zhou Cang, she no longer felt as embarrassed facing Lu Xingchi.

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Rice was precious. Bei Nuan slowly put the rice back into her pocket space.

When she was down to putting away the last layer of the bags of rice, Zhou Cang's body appeared. He was surprisingly still alive and twitching.

Bei Nuan thought; you're such a weak Silence Elder and you dare to be so cocky. He was asking to be eliminated.

Bei Nuan tilted her head to study him.

“Lu Xingchi, look, isn't he so pitiful?" Bei Nuan looked as if she genuinely felt sympathy for Zhou Cang.

Lu Xingchi: "..."

She said these words as if she wasn't the one that smashed the bags of rice onto him.

Bei Nuan glanced at her progress bar. Her Holy Mother value slowly went up a bit.

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