Chapter 64 - "Bang" (1)

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Huo Ren turned around and walked away first.

Bei Nuan looked back at the surface of the river. It was still covered by a vast expanse of whiteness. The fog made it impossible to clearly see the other side.

Lu Xingchi and the others' old wooden boat required paddling. It was much slower than the motorized boat, and there was no trace of them on the river.

Bei Nuan clutched the metal button hidden in her pocket. The fine lines of the button left imprints on her fingertips. She felt as if she could see Lu Xingchi's calm eyes right in front of her.

Bei Nuan composed herself.

Huo Ren and the others left the dock and were walking towards the road along the riverbank. Their jeeps had been left on the other side of the river, so they were probably planning on finding cars on the road.

Bei Nuan deliberately slowed down and fell to the back of the group with the yellow-haired guy that had a grip on her arm.

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There was a bag of opened rice in her pocket space. It had been opened when Du Ruo made rice for the Hainanese chicken dish. Bei Nuan had stealthily taken out a handful of rice earlier and left behind a trail of rice as she walked.

Earlier on the boat, Bei Nuan had left behind a large handful of rice by the motor.

After Lu Xingchi came here, he would definitely check the boat left on the dock. He should be able to figure out that she wanted him to follow the trail of rice when he saw the rice by the motor.

She can only hope that he would find the rice before the ants took the rice away.

On this side of the big river, it was also a scene of desolation and chaos.

In the distance, she would sometimes see a few moving figures on the road. Those figures were all zombies. Even though the bridges had been blown up, the people on this side of the river still weren't spared.

And then, Bei Nuan discovered that everyone in the group had a gun, not just Huo Ren. When zombies saw them and rushed over with a roar, they were shot down and laughed at. The guns were equipped with silencers, so although there were still noises, the gunshots weren't too loud. The group probably wanted to avoid attracting a herd of zombies.

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These people were clearly prepared. They dealt with the zombies neatly. Their marksmanship was pretty good. What was the origin of this group?

This dispelled Bei Nuan's idea of running away. Due to the situation, it was better for her to conscientiously scatter rice to feed ants.

There were abandoned cars on the road from car accidents. The doors for many cards were opened. Their owners had probably met with accidents.

The group found a car that could start and respectfully sent Huo Ren to the car first. Huo Ren and a few others including Little Hei left with swagger.

The rest of the group including Bei Nuan walked down the road and finally found another working car with keys.

Without anyone ordering her, Bei Nuan got into the back seat that was farthest from the driver's seat. The first thing she did after getting into the car was lowering the window to let in fresh air.

The car started and headed down the road. It seemed that they had a clear-cut destination, but she didn't know where they were heading.

The scenery on both sides quickly passed by. With how fast the car was being driven, it was certainly useless to scatter rice through the window. It would just fly off to who knows where.

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Bei Nuan secretly took out a raw egg, casually put her hand out the car window, and lowered her hand. She glanced at the driver. Seeing that his focus was on driving, she surreptitiously let go of the egg. The egg fell on the road, splattering egg white and yolk.

Raw eggs would break as soon as they fell on the road and wouldn't move away. They were ideal for marking a trail.

No one would be throwing eggs on the road at a time like this. Such an abnormal thing, Lu Xingchi would definitely notice it.

There were plenty of eggs in her pocket space. They would be able to last her for a while.

Bei Nuan was very careful about throwing the eggs, lest she be noticed by the others.


The person next to her suddenly spoke. Scared, Bei Nuan shuddered and looked at the speaker.

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There were three people squeezed in the back seat. The person sitting next to her was the only other woman in the group. The young woman took out a packet of crackers from her bag, opened it, and offered it to Bei Nuan.

"... Want some?"

Bei Nuan took a cracker.

It would be unkind to not reciprocate.

Bei Nuan had been dropping eggs for a long time and had a craving for eggs. She pretended to rummage in her bag and took out a package of dried eggs and shared a small packet with the other woman.

"You're going to give me such a good thing?" The young woman was so touched.

Bei Nuan thought; I still have more of such good things.

They quickly formed a revolutionary friendship through exchanging snacks.

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