“Buy a book and whatever else you want with the rest of the money. However, all purchases must be made in my name.”

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If you are asked if you’re on an errand, you can answer, but don’t say that you came on an errand first.

Along with unnecessary requests, the potion maker sent me on an errand.

“I will go, Master.”

So, I was on my way back home after buying a book.

‘I bought a few more to give to Raven.’

Recalling Ray who was re-reading the same old books at home several times, I had a happy smile.

The power of silver coins was truly amazing.

Although I did not spend my own silver coins today, for the first time since becoming Evelyn, I got some change back.

“Since I’m here, shall I buy some salt as well?”

But it was then.

“You know, that albino.” (stranger)

A skinny goat-bearded man was coming from across the other side.

He was a memorable slave trader in my memory.

I went into the bookshop again and hid, but I didn’t know if it was effective.

It’s because Evelyn’s appearance was too flashy.

The bookseller didn’t reject my silver coin, but I stood at the center of his gaze while at the bookstore.

‘I have to go back quickly.’

But as they passed by, I heard what the slave trader and his companions were saying.

“That albino kid. It must be about time to die of hunger…”


Somehow, I thought that the eerie name was referring to Evelyn.

They passed by me while I was hiding and said a few short words.

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“I’m willing to go to great lengths to go see the albino who must have been starving, you know? It’s all about the effort to get rare items.”

“Yeah. I should run around like you. So when are you bringing the albino?”

“I’m definitely going to nail it this time. The money must have run out. I’m planning to go there next week, or so.”


The original Evelyn did not go to crowded places, because everyone rejected her.  Knowing that the slave trader could comfortably say such a thing on the street.

He knew that I would never be able to come to this big shopping center in the <End Village>.

But, even more so, it was impossible to prevent that trader to go to Evelyn’s house.

‘Because I’ve always been like that.’

What should I do?

It was a little worrying, but I was happy to know when he would come in detail.

“The master saved my life.”

The slave merchant who would take me for granted drifted away. After looking at his back, I went home right away without buying salt.

‘Next week. Next week.’

My head was so full of it, that I didn’t realize that Sera and Jack, who were approaching to talk as usual, had coldly hardened their faces when they saw me holding a book.

At the moment our faces were about to meet, they were so surprised they pretended not to see me.

Oh, other than that, I took a handful of roadside dandelions I found on the way home.

“Thank you, Master, Ray will be delighted. Here’s your change.”

“I don’t need it, take it. By the way, when I asked you to buy what you needed, did you only buy books?”

“No, I picked up dandelions too. This is a present for Master.”

When I showed a flower that I had roughly brushed off the dirt with a bashful smile, Jade sighed and coughed a few times.

It seemed to me that he was in a good mood.

Instead of being minced as a medicinal herb, the dandelions were placed in a small vase of unknown origin.

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* * *

Sera and Jack have been at peace these days.

The reason was because of the quiet Evelyn.

It was also because Sera had calmed down for a while because of the last thing she overheard on her undercover mission.

Jack wondered if Sera had given up her hatred for Evelyn.

But it seemed to be the calm before the storm.

Sera had reached the peak of her anger, and it was the same with Jack himself.

The two always felt unexplained anger when they saw Evelyn. It was not the anger towards Evelyn herself, but the anger towards being from an <End Village>.

However, at the same time, it was also a fit of specific anger that was released only when dumped on Evelyn.

“It’s a book.”

“I know.”

That was enough.

No more words were needed. That was the really simple and stupid reason why they both hated Evelyn.

No, not exactly hate.

“Book. I hate her so much.”

It was envy.

They wanted to bring Evelyn down because she was someone who seemed to be living in a world different from theirs.

“I know, Sera.”

He was also envious.

Jack nodded sullenly.

…Sera and Jack would not be able to leave this place for the rest of their lives.

Even if they go out, they will suffer from the label of ‘From an End Village’ and be rejected for the rest of their life.

They also can’t learn to write because they don’t have citizenship.

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‘There should be no such thing as dreams.’

Contrary to the expectations of others, Jade, who prefers calm activities, also wanted to read.

He wanted to read and expand his world. But he couldn’t.

Because the Empire did not allow non-citizens the opportunity to learn or write.

So he hated Evelyn, who was proud of her citizenship.

Ray, who looked unusual, just repulsed them, but Evelyn…

Because she was like them, yet different.

They couldn’t bring themselves to express such feelings to their parents. Therefore, they choose to fight Evelyn every day.

Then, feeling like Evelyn was on the same level as them, they started to like her a little bit. By the way.

“Why is she staying in this town?”

Sera grumbled with a sunken face.

No money?

“You can borrow it. If it were me that had that citizenship, I would have borrowed it and flew to another place already.”

If you have citizenship, you can borrow money well.

But I guess Evelyn didn’t know that seeing as she didn’t borrow money. Even that was a disappointing thing about her.


Sera bluntly said when she saw her face reflected in a window as she passed by.

It must have reflected the sense of defeat that had been ingrained in her from birth, so Jack grabbed Sera’s hand tightly.

“You are pretty.”


After talking like that, she looked at Evelyn, who was moving away from them.

Last time we had a fight and I was feeling quite refreshed, but this time, I must not let it pass.

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Actually, wouldn’t I be able to get her as angry as before?

Sera had her heart set to do it.

So, according to Sera’s plan, the two approached Evelyn.

* * *

I don’t think it’s possible to get <Bard> from a pharmacist. I constantly need a lot of it, and I also have to go to the forest to find the purest holy water anyway.

‘I need to get used to the forest air.’

The more she thought about it, the better it was to go directly to the forest and collect it. With this thought in mind, Evelyn turned toward the forest with a determined face.

“Where are you going?”

Sera, who appeared from somewhere, asked bluntly.

Evelyn responded by blinking her eyes.

“In the forest.”

“…You go just because you want to? Are you crazy?”

Sera, who was about to say something, paused and asked.

“I just want to come in and have a look. Other than the bad air, I know there are some safe areas, right?”

“The air IS the main problem. What’s the difference between going there and drinking poison?”

“Well. I’ll figure something out, but I guess that’s not what you meant to say, right?”


Sera, who looked at Evelyn with suspicious eyes for a moment, flinched at her question.

And she said with a determined face.

“Well, fine.”

It’s none of my business.

Sera pondered, and with a face brightened, as if she had a good idea, said to Evelyn who was staring at her.

“If that’s the case, go over there. Herbalists set up many signposts.”

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