C92: Celebration (2)

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As he entered the banquet held to celebrate the appointment of Theon’s new teacher gazes flew over him like arrows.

‘There are a lot of people.’

I was embarrassed for a moment because the eyes were full of burdensome attention, but I kept my calm appearance and headed inside.

Rather, when it comes to banquet halls, don’t they usually play music to maintain a soft atmosphere? Why are they staying still?

‘Hasn’t the party started yet?’

With that in mind, I leaned my back against one of the walls to get a full view of the banquet hall.

In an instant, the stopped time began to flow again. The people who were talking to each other continued the conversation from a while ago, and some of them rolled their eyes and burst into laughter as if they were having fun.

However, the basis of such behavior was full of pretense that was hard to hide. I can even feel the illusion that it flows out and spreads around like a black fog.

‘They’re not talking to each other, they’re watching someone else.’

Especially me.

If I said this, I might seem paranoid but there’s no way that I, who is sensitive to such gazes, would not know. Most of the people were either looking sideways at me, or glaring at me.

I could fully guess why.

‘This banquet is held with the purpose of making relationships.’

Theon’s new teachers are young and have excellent magical skills, so they think that it would be good to make a relationship with them, even a little.

Indeed, as I was watching the people in the banquet hall began to move.

“Oh, Miss Selina. Good to meet you. I’m a member of the House of Representatives, Charles.”

“Are you Ms. Merylda? My name is Walt Miller, a director of a magic potion manufacturing company. Are you interested?”

“Oh. Count Chris Benimore. As rumored, you are really handsome.”

I checked the faces of the people in this banquet hall.

All of them were rich and noble people, city councilors, aristocrats, wealthy businessmen, etc.

‘All of them are Theon supporters.’

Theon needs a huge budget for operations like magic research, class materials, special materials, all kinds of infrastructure, etc.

Considering the cost of raising a single wizard, the amount of money spent at the academy that trains a large number of elite wizards every year is bound to be astronomical.

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My starting salary as a new teacher right now made my mouth water. Considering other miscellaneous expenses, it would be difficult to imagine the detailed amount.

‘It is difficult for the Theon Academy to cover the money on its own.’

Theon is not an international bank, and money cannot be printed and distributed like a factory.

In order to invest a huge amount of money, it is inevitable to receive external support and all the people here smell of money.

There are people who need money and people with money but who want to get something more and in this hall transactions that benefit both parties are made.

‘That’s why Theon belongs to the Empire, but it is not purely part of the Empire.’

All kinds of countries have invested in Theon. Not only the Exilion Empire, but also Delike, Queoden, Utah, Bretus, Fatima, etc.

And even the huge capitalists without borders, regardless of country.

It wouldn’t be unusual for them to put a face stamp on talented people who might make a name for themselves in the future. This is a kind of annual event that is held to the point that it is tiresome to ask why. It is a place to build personal connections under the pretext of congratulating the new teachers.

As I watched the desire wriggle, someone approached me.

“Nice to meet you. Are you Professor Rudger Chelici?”

I replied with a slight nod.

“Yes, but.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Count Deckers, one of Theon’s supporters.”

I wondered why he didn’t move until now, but he was measuring me.

When Count Deckers stepped forward first, people who were only looking at him began to move one by one. Once someone started it was easy for others to move. I wasn’t happy with the situation.

“What should I do? If I leave it like this, things will become messy.’

I’m here not to have a formal conversation with strangers. I came with the intention of finding the First Order of the Black Dawn Society hiding in the banquet hall.

The process had to be natural and I didn’t want anyone to disturb me, but from the start I got tangled up by these people before I could even start.

If this is the case, I have no choice but to push myself a little harder.

“I’m sorry.”

I spoke firmly to Count Deckers, who spoke to me with a heavy air.

“I don’t feel like talking to anyone right now.”

“What did you say?”

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“I said, I’d appreciate it if you could step aside for a while.”

My tone sounded like I didn’t even want to come here.

As I said it, narrowing my eyes, Count Deckers swallowed his saliva, and then hurriedly nodded his head.

“I’m sorry I wasted your time.”

I’m glad you’re quick-witted and so were the people around him.

When Count Deckers left without doing anything, those who were watching from a few feet away stepped back.

They are clearly inferior to the Count Deckers and since he had not been able to speak with me they gave up.

“I think the first round is over.”

The problem is, there are many people who haven’t given up yet.

I don’t know exactly who Count Deckers is, but considering his position, he must have been above average among those gathered at this banquet hall.

The fact that there are people who don’t give up giving me persistent eyes when such a person has stepped down naturally proves that their level is high.

‘I’m sure they’re pretty annoying people.’

I’m not happy if such people come forward and talk to me. As I was thinking about how to solve this, I saw a woman with pink hair and a pink dress.

It was teacher Selina who was embarrassed by a young man’s blatant approach.

Hmm. Maybe.

I pulled my back from the wall and walked toward teacher Selina. Some people see me moving and look at me with curious eyes but I lightly ignored them.

Someone plucked up the courage to try to talk to me in the middle, but I blocked all their actions by shaking my hand lightly.

“Selina, how about having a drink with me? I know a good place.”

“Eh, hehe. I’m sorry. I don’t really like unfamiliar places…….”

“Why are you refusing? It’s a place where it’s hard for ordinary people to go.”

“Oh, no. I mean, it’s…….”

“That’s enough.”

As I stepped up and spoke, the person who was flirting with Selina teacher looked this way.

“What is this?”

He distorted his face with irritation, perhaps because he thought he was disturbed.

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I stared at him in silence.

‘He’s in his late 20’s, clothing that looks luxurious, a bad posture with one leg without proper standing and a self-conceited, defiant look.’

I looked around.

All the guys who were after Selina have gone away

Although Selina is a commoner, she is capable enough to become a teacher of Theon at a young age. In addition with her striking beauty and a good personality she must have been quite fascinating for people seeking personal connections,

Rather, it would be easier to approach her because she was a commoner rather than aristocrat.

‘It sounds like he’s a high-ranking noble.’

His family is so strong that even small and medium-sized aristocrats can’t speak but that doesn’t concern me.

“It’s rude to trouble a lady.”

“Oh, so who are you?”

Then Selina looked back at me and opened her eyes wide.

“Teacher Rudger!”

” Rudger? Who’s that?”

He doesn’t recognize me.

Seeing that he was saying that sincerely rather than deliberately, I was very embarrassed. It was at the moment I was thinking about whether I should introduce myself as a new teacher of Theon. A man who looked old among the crowd rushed up, approached the man in front of me and whispered something in his ear.

He is dressed for the party but I could tell he is a wizard. Maybe he’s telling me who I am.

“So what?”

With that intention in mind, the man let out a sigh as if it was ridiculous.

“Oh, really. Maybe it’s because he’s a fallen aristocrat, but there’s nothing in his head.”

The words made the faces of the nobles watching the situation cold. However, some people who knew about this man were showing signs of resignation as if they knew it would happen. Judging by that reaction alone, it must not have been the first time he spoke such nonsense.

“My name is Ivan Luke, have you heard of it? Don’t you know Luke? When it comes to Luke’s, it’s a name even the back alley beggars have heard of.”

I know the name Luke well. Founded by Theodore Luke, Luke is one of the richest conglomerates in the empire. Luke’s has spread its influence throughout the empire to such an extent that it is said to reach out to any field where money exists. Naturally, as a businessman, the name Luke could never be taken lightly.

Above all Luke is the owner of Kunst, which hosts the upcoming auction. Given that Ivan’s last name is Luke, he is probably the descendent of Theodore Luke, the founder of Luke’s company.

Thinking that he was the second generation of a rich conglomerate, I immediately understood the person in front of me.

“A fallen noble like you is not someone who should make eye contact and talk with others in this place.”

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“If you understand, get out of my way I’ll let you off the hook.”

This is a bothersome situation. I just came in with the intention of removing the flies that were bothering Selina.

Apparently, the person in cause was a descendant of Luke. It seems that while I was trying to remove some flies I pocked a beehive.

Behind my back, Selina’s slender hands were shaking as she held my sleeve.

If I step down from here, that jerk will try to force Selina to go with him.

‘……I can’t help it.’

“Hey, get out of the way”

“I’m sorry.”

I said, staring at Ivan with unwavering eyes.

“Ms. Selina has a prior contract with me first.”

My face didn’t change while I lied.

“Isn’t that so? Teacher Selina.”


Perhaps reading something in that action, she nodded hastily.

“Yes, yes, that’s right.”

Ivan Luke’s face was horribly distorted.

“Hey, are you kidding me?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

“What? Ha. You’re a funny guy. Just because you’re a Theon teacher or something, do you think I’m going to quit?”

Ivan strode up to me, saying so then he raised his right hand and tried to push my shoulder but he couldn’t because I was faster and grabbed his wrist.

“You…What are you doing? Aren’t you going to let go of my hand?”

“If you say so, I’ll give you the same treatment.”

I said and increased the strength of my grip on his wrist.

“Did you think I’d step down just because you’re a member of the Luke family?”

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