Volume 1

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Chapter 62-consequences and friends


(TL:By Rafael)



Once we got to the Great Hollow, things went really fast.




 Benwood, who had been watching the live feed, immediately rushed over to us, and the healers waiting in the Great Hollow transported Jamie to the Advanced Healing Center ...... where we were taken to the Adventurer's Guild for an informal hearing.







At any rate, even though Benwood and the others had turned a blind eye, we had forced their way into a labyrinth that had been sealed.




 It was inevitable that we would have to submit a full report along with the log.




 Otherwise, it would become a matter of responsibility for Benwood as the guild master.








 However, it was obvious that this would only be a formality.




 The adventurers' guild's healers were already on standby, and they had already talked to a public clinic.




 There was no way that the higher-ups were not aware of this.








 Because of this, our punishment was relatively light.




 A verbal warning, a reduction in the adventurer's credit score, and a one-month suspension.




 The last one, ......, may be a bit long in terms of the specified period, but it is much lighter than the one given to Jamie, the survivor of Thunderpike.








 Jamie was released from the hospital after a week or so, thanks to the initial treatment we gave her.




 In the meantime, she had to listen to the Kingdom Auditor, meet with Benwood, and deal with the aftermath as Thunderpike.




 As an ex-Thunderpike, I helped out with a few things, but ...... I think it was a pretty bad situation.



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 In the six months or so since I left, the A-ranked Thunderpike party had completely fallen apart, ruining everything they had worked for.




 There are a lot of threats associated with direct contracts with illegal organizations, trading of illegal goods using A-rank as a front, acts of racketeering against other parties, and interception of accomplished things.








 Simon, the leader, lacked professionalism and a sense of crisis.




 When I was at Thunderpike, I had taken on all the external negotiations because it was my job to do so.




 Simon was a country boy ...... who, in a sense, was too pure and foolish to accept the sweet words that came his way.




 He had never experienced pain before. He couldn't tell who is who.




"Ah, it's over!"(Jamie)








 Jamie stretched next to me.




 Today, Jamie and I went to the Adventurer's Guild and the Fair Recognition Union to fill out and submit the necessary paperwork.




 This means that we've taken care of everything related to Thunderpike.




"I'm a little tired, but good work ......, Jamie."(Yuki)










 Jamie, who was dressed modestly today, like a town girl, chuckled.




 She sold off that gorgeous adventuring outfit to make up for the loss


(TL: It was a loss to humanity)



 Her makeup is subdued, and a casual acquaintance would probably not recognize her.




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"Let's get some rest."(Yuki)








 I said, and Jamie nodded with a small smile.




 We bought some lamb pies and hot ginger ale from a nearby stall, and sat down on the edge of the fountain.




"It's almost winter, isn't it?"(Yuki)


"It is."(Jamie)








 The season was autumn, and the main street was lined with stalls selling the fruits of the season, as if they were urging Finis to prepare for winter.


(TL: Rrminds me of Christmas and my birthday)




"Hey, Yuki."(Jamie)










 Jamie, eating a pie crust beside me, calls out to me in a small whisper.




 I can't believe it's the same person as the wizard with the loud, high-pitched laugh.












 Jamie stands up and bows her head deeply.




 ...... once again.




"Jamie, I told you that's enough. What happened in the past is in the past, and I only paid you back for the rescue. We talked about letting bygones be bygones."(Yuki)








 I grabbed her by the shoulders and sat her down next to me.



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 Well, how many times have we done this? That's more than ten times.




"No matter how many times I apologise , it won't be enough......"(Jamie)


"I've had so many sorry that I'm thinking of pawning the excess."








 I scratched my head, making light of Jamie's squirming.




 She's out of sorts like this.




 I think this female wizard, Jamie, has always been somewhat flamboyantly cheerful and always had a deafening laugh since I met her.








 Could this be her true self?




"Hey, Jamie. I don't care about that anymore. That's because I've been through a lot in my time with Thunderpike, but ...... I think that was a good experience for me. So don't let it bother you too much."(Yuki)


"Oh, ......,I've been taking advantage of your kindness for a long time, and I hate myself for it. I was at a party like that, and I was laughing at you all the time...... I really hate it.."(Jamie)








I gently stroked Jamie's back as she rolled over groggily.




"I don't hate your new bold approach......."(Jamie)


"That's not what I meant, okay?"(Yuki)







 I pulled my hand away from her back and cringed.




 I was more than a little disappointed that she had thought of me that way.




"I really don't want to be that easy. ......"(Jamie)




"It's nothing."(Jamie)






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 Jamie smiled and looked at me.




"Will I ever change?"(Jamie)


 "You've already changed a lot, because here you are, talking to me like a normal person."(Yuki)








 When we were in Thunderpike, Jamie and I rarely had a chance to talk together like this.




 When we were not adventuring, we would only talk to each other when we were passing medicines. Basically, I didn't share much time with Simon and the others, and at some point I even actively distanced myself from them to avoid ridicule.








 I can see now that that was my mistake.




 I should have communicated more.




 I should have made more of an effort to let people understand who I am, like I am doing now with Jamie.




 If I had done that, I think the outcome might have been different.




"Well, we'd better get going. Everyone's waiting for us, right?"


"That's right Ah, ......."(Jamie)








 Jamie stood up and gave a small shake.




 It was only after five years that I noticed a habit of my friends. Whenever ahe had something difficult to say, Jamie would shake her body like this.




"Thank you for helping me today, Yuki."(Jamie)








I smiled in response to my friend Jamie's words of thanks, who seemed to have made up her mind.




"You're welcome."(Yuki)


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