Chapter 63-The end of house arrest and the winter sky

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(TL:By Rafael)



A month has passed since Jamie's rescue.




 Winter was in full swing, the trees had completely shed their leaves, and the sky was high in the sky. ...... The period of house arrest for us "Clovers" had ended.








 On this day, I immediately went to the adventurer's guild.




 As the leader of Clover, I thought it would be a good idea to at least say goodbye to my suspension before I started my commission work.




"You're back in action, aren't you, Yuki?(Mamaru)








 Mamaru, who was at the counter, called out to me.




It's been a while since we've seen each other here.


"It's been a good vacation."(Yuki)


"I'm glad to hear that. So, are you working now?"(Mamaru)








 I was somewhat taken aback, since I had only come to say hello.



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 When  Mamaru-san talks like this, it's when she has a task she wants to entrust to me, like a half-appointment request.




 It seems to be quite an abuse of authority, but if Mamaru decides that I should do it, then I feel proud because it means that I'm doing a good job for her.




"What do you have for me?"(Yuki)


"This is not public information yet, but ...... guild has found a new labyrinth dungeon. How would you like to receive it to celebrate the return of Clover?"


"A new dungeon has been found ......!"(Yuki)








 If this is the first delivery of a new labyrinth that hasn't been found in over a decade, it may indeed attract a great deal of attention, but ...... it's not worth making it any bigger than it already is.




 The series of rescues by Clover and her group were talked about a bit as a beautiful story.








 In a way, this is what we were aiming for.




 Thanks to this, Jamie was considered to have extenuating circumstances, and Jamie was not questioned for the racist remarks made by Thunderpike, which caused a huge uproar.




 In the first place, Jamie hadn't said a word during the delivery of that incident, so it was natural, and Silk's comment about Jamie as "the person who saved my life while I was confronting Thunderpike" seemed to have helped smooth the discussion with the other race nations.




 However, I was a bit fed up with the fact that some reporters misreported the relationship between me and Jamie as 'lovers'.


(TL: Did we got caught, damn conan Yuki)


"It is the Royal Academy's opinion that the abnormalities that occurred in the labyrinths this time may have been the aftermath of the appearance of this new dungeon. All the dungeons have calmed down now."(Mamaru)


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"Are you saying that the labyrinths interfered with each other ......?"(Yuki)


"Yes. That's why we decided to ask Clover, who has done a great job in investigating the Colorless Darkness, to investigate it."(Mamaru)








 That's a very interesting story, but I wonder if it's a good idea to ask us to do such a big job.




 Even though our rank was not lowered, the job was still a bit big and too good to be true for a party that had been suspended.




"It's the guild master's suggestion, though. The guildmaster suggested that the most reliable party would be the best."(Mamaru)


"Benwood. Is this some kind of surprise?"(Yuki)








 Mamaru smiled at my monologue.



" I'll talk it over with my friends. I don't think I can handle such a big request by myself."(Yuki)


"Yes, I'm looking forward to hearing from you. ........How is everyone?"(Mamaru)


"Everyone is fine. Including Nene."(Yuki)








 In the end, Nene stayed on as a regular member of "Clover".




 It was Nene's wish, and we hoped it would work out for us and it did worked out well.




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"Please take care of her, okay?"(Mamaru)


"Do you miss her?"(Yuki)


"Oh? Yuki-san Please don't tease me too much. It makes me want to get even with you."(Mamaru)








 Mamaru-san smiled back at my slight comment with a hint of horror.




 It was too scary, so I asked her about the current situation of the former party members to change the subject.




"How is Jamie ? Is she doing well?"(Yuki)


"Yes, she's working very hard. You've done well, Yuki-san."(Mamaru)








 Mamaru laughed, looking a little annoyed.




 At the moment, Jamie is working part-time as a temporary employee of the guild.


 (TL: Well it was expected, reality is cruel, I hoped for more girl........sigh)


 I was the one who asked Benwood for help by taking advantage of some of his weaknesses.




 The punishment given to Jamie as a member of Thunderpike was suitably severe.








 Her adventuring credentials were revoked due to her total loss of credibility score, and she was banned from registering again for a year.

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 In effect, it was a notice to close the business.




 However, she was lucky to have avoided being stamped a criminal and deported.




 Jamie has a younger brother who lives in the city and is still too young to live by himself.




 Therefore, it was necessary to find a job for her somehow.








 In a year's time, Jamie would have the option of joining Clover as an adventurer again.




"Please tell her I'll be back to make her brother's medicine."(Yuki


"You're not going to see her? your girlfriend?"(Mamaru)


"Even you, Mamaru, to say such a thing. ......"(Yuki)








 I waved at Mamaru, who was smiling mischievously, perhaps to return the favor and even with me, and left the Adventurer's Guild.




 When I stepped outside, my breath had turned white.



TL Note- Winter at it's  full swing , both in novel and in real life and I take back about world being cruel because world is cruel but also beautiful and speaking of that today is the birthday of my  fellow translator Gust, You might know him as the translator of weed reincarnation and beast tamer novels under Valhalla so let's wish him a happy birthday and a fabulous new year , wait why just  him ? Happy new year to everyone out there. Let's  meet in 2022 , we will come out stronger and the year will be filled with adventure and action. Rafael, signing out. Good Bye.

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