Volume 1

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Chapter 64 ( Finale)-Parting words with friends


(TL:By Rafael)


(TL: Happy New Year)



"Welcome back! Yuki."(Marina)


"I'm home."(Yuki)








 When I returned to the base, Marina was cleaning her armor in the living room.




 I could feel her enthusiasm for going on an adventure tomorrow, which made me smile.




"Did you get any good requests?"(Marina)








 I told her that I was just going to say hello, but it was hard to tell if she forgot or if she saw right through me




"I've been asked to help with some sort of nomination request. Where are the three of them?"(Yuki)


"Silk is in her room, Rain in the bath. Nene has gone out."(Marina)


"We'll talk about it at dinner and we'll all decide if we want to accept."(Yuki)


"All right! I'm going to go out for a while too. I'm out of magic stones."(Marina)








 As soon as she said that, Marina left the living room.




 As usual, she is a man of action.


(TL:She is woman, I assure you)


"Yuki, welcome back."(Rain)








 While I was in the living room sorting out the contents of my magic bag, a lightly dressed Rain appeared in the living room from the basement bathroom.




 I've gotten used to it, but sometimes it's nice to be reminded that I'm a man.




 There's a limit to how much I can admire.




"I'm home. Your hair is still wet."(Yuki)








 Rain sat down on the chair, her hair wet and even dripping in places.




"I'll be fine."(Rain)


"Yes, yes."(Yuki)





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 I carefully wipe off her head with a towel.




 She may look young, but we should be the same age. ...... Well, sometimes that's okay.


(TL: So the reader's  aren't lolicon?)


"Did you get a good request?"(Yuki)


"You're asking the same thing  as Marina."(Yuki)


"Marina, she's been on edge since yesterday."(Rain)







 That's true.




 She's been under a lot of stress since she's been on house arrest. ......




"I want to go on an adventure, too. This time, let's go to the Abyss Gate, the door to the abyss."(Rain)


"Yes, it is. Sealed designation, I hope it can be broken soon ......"(Yuki)


"In the meantime, we've got to get better."(Rain)


"In order to do that, we need to be able to wipe the moisture out of your hair."(Yuki)








 Rain glanced back at me with a small smile.




"It's okay. I just want  you to do this for me."(Rain)


"Yes, yes."(Yuki)


(TL:To be fed dog food on the first day of 2022, damn it author-kun)






 I laughed and wiped Rain's head with a towel.




 She dangles her feet in a good mood and even hums.




"Here, you're dry."(Yuki)


"Thanks, Yuki. I'm going to get some sleep."(Rain)


"Yeah. Don't catch a cold, okay?"(Yuki)


"You can come warm me up, if you want."(Rain)




 (TL: Yuki.....go explode)




 Rain makes me nervous with her mischievous face and disappears upstairs.




 I'm no match for her.......








I let out a big breath and regained my equilibrium, and this time Silk came down the stairs where Rain had disappeared.




"Yuki-san Welcome back, it must have been cold outside. Should I get you something warm to drink?"(Silk)


"Yes, please."(Yuki)


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 Silk disappeared into the kitchen and returned a few moments later with a cup of fragrant steam.




 This is a ...... hot ale.




 It's a winter staple of Silk's. The alcohol has been skimmed off, and it has a sweetness and aroma that spreads through the bitterness.




"We're finally back in action. Do you have any plans?"(Silk)



"I'd love to hear any ideas you have, but I got a request when I went to say hello."(Yuki)



"Very good. At this time of year, would it be a request of labyrinth origin?"(Silk)





 Through the series of events in "Colorless Darkness", Silk seems to have greatly developed her abilities as a sub-leader.




 No, I'm sure she had the talent to be a leader from the start, but with the experience she gained, she grew to be a very good sub-leader.




 Thanks to her, I won't have to make the same mistake I made with Thunderpike.




I was going to tell everyone about it at dinner, but I guess I'll tell Silk first. I heard that a new labyrinth has recently been discovered. We've been asked to do a first-hand survey of it."(Yuki)


"That sounds like a great experience. It would be delicious in terms of live feed."(Silk)








 Already in Silk's mind, she must be managing schedules and preparing lists of goods.




 What's more, she's also holding the purse of "Clover", so she's practically the leader now, isn't she?




"No, Yuki-san."(Silk)










 And you have good intuition.




"I'll help you, but you're the leader, Yuki-san."(Silk)


"No, I'm aware of that. ......"(Yuki)










 I hadn't heard her call me "Sensei" in a while, and I cringed.




"You really underestimates yourself like that. There is no one better to lead us than you. Please continue to do so."(Silk)








 I scratched my head and smiled back at Silk, who smiled at me.



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 It's certainly not a good idea to give up halfway through.




"Yes, Sensei. So, ......, I haven't heard any details about this yet. The guild hasn't gone public with it yet, so I didn't think it would be a good idea to ask before taking it on, what do you think?"(Silk)




"That's right. Okay, I'm going to go talk to them briefly about accepting the request. Can you check if there are any supplies for the normal labyrinth attack dungeon attack?"(Yuki)


"Yes, Sensei."(Silk)








 I nodded to Silk, poured the remaining hot ale down my throat, and left my seat.




 I put on my coat to wrap up my softly warm body, and as I put my hand on the door, Silk taps me on the shoulder.




"If you're going to the guild, please give a shout out to Jamie. We're going to have a little party today to celebrate the end of our suspension."(Silk)


"Yeah, I'm on it."(Yuki)


"And ......."(Silk)








 Silk's voice was a little hushed.



"Don't just spoil Rain, spoil me too."(Silk)





(TL: Dog food once again)





 Have I  been seen and heard?




"Fufufu I'm just kidding. Have a good day."(Silk)


"...... Oh, I'll be back."(Yuki)








 I'm not sure if she was teasing me or what.




 Once again, my heart palpitated quickly as I left the house to escape.




 I've never had much contact with women in my hometown, so I don't know what to do when they treat me this way.




 With the sudden increase in the number of women around me, I'm feeling the pain of my lack of experience.




 I have a feeling that one or two experiences won't be enough to bridge this gap.




"Even a red mage can't be  dextrous in these things ......."(Yuki)








 That's what I said to myself as I made my way to the adventurer's guild.




 The streets are less crowded now that the winter preparations are complete, but the number of adventurers passing by remains the same. In winter, winter adventures await.

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 For example, if a new dungeon is released, it will be even more crowded.




 And when I think about the fact that Clover's first big job after her return will be to create that opportunity, my heart starts to race.








 It was our first job after settling our fate with Thunderpike, which had started with my defection.




 As a leader, I don't want to get carried away, but I do want to go into it with a ...... fresh start.









 I took a deep breath as I walked up to the adventurer's guild and said some hopeful words that were perfect for this new beginning.




"Okay, let's be careful and have fun."(Yuki& TL)












~Volume 1: Complete~


Author's Words- How was it?


Thank you very much for your patience so far.




This is a work that takes an aspect of the modern world and puts it into a fantasy.


Simon and Thunderpike also have a model, and some of you may have had a sense of déjà vu with him.


And for those of you who think, "There's no one like him in my life," please take care of your current relationships.




This work, which focuses on leaving rather than being expelled, is also a success story of independence and growth.


If you are having a hard time right now, please remember that there are always people who need you and your way of life.


Is it really necessary to dwell on the present, or is there a future in continuing to endure?


I hope you will receive such a message.




The works of Kosuke Utonagi always contain a message for you.


I hope that reading my work will give you a little courage and energy.




As previously announced, this work will be published as a book and comicalized by Kodansha.


I'm sorry that I can't give you any information yet, but it might not be too long before you see it in bookstores.


I hope you will be able to pick it up when it comes out.










I hope you'll enjoy the adventures of Yuki and the lovely Clover again when the second Volume starts.


Thank you very much for your support.



TL Note- So  let's  heed Yuki's words of being careful and have fun , I wish everyone a Happy New Year and I welcome you to 2022 with the last Chapter of Volume 1 , I hope everyone will have a fabulous year and hope you enjoy your day.

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