The Dark Frost Celestial King smirked coldly. “If I wish to leave, can you detain me?”

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He broke through aggressively, and was just about to burst out of Ling Han’s mind, but just when he arrived at the boundary, he was suddenly bounced backwards. It was as if there was an invisible wall blocking his way.

The Dark Frost Celestial King was not surprised that he would be blocked. This was Ling Han’s mind, and everything here obeyed Ling Han’s every single thought.

But the problem was that he was a Third Heaven Celestial King, so how could Ling Han block him?

Ling Han strode over. “I have already said that if you behaved politely, you could naturally leave calmly, but you insisted on courting death, and battled me for so long. And now you actually want to leave?” His mind had been tempered through the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll. Upon his active command, it was like a city protected by a wall of metal and a moat of boiling water to a First Heaven Celestial King. It could not be shaken.

“I don’t believe you!” Dark Frost Celestial King yelled, and rushed forwards once more.

How could Ling Han allow him to do as he liked like this? Ling Han pounced, and attacked the Dark Frost Celestial King, not giving him the chance to make any move.

They were both manifestations of divine sense at present, and had no such thing as vital points. Instead, their entire body was their vital point. They would be slightly wounded with every attack, and with countless attacks accumulating, the Dark Frost Celestial King’s exhaustion was already so serious that it was difficult for him to even maintain this form. He swayed unsteadily, and could disperse at any moment.

The Dark Frost Celestial King roared in fury. The value of this sliver of divine sense actually lay in bringing back intel. Losing it would have no effect on the battle prowess of the main body, but if a sliver of divine sense of a Third Heaven Celestial King was killed by a Pseudo-Celestial King, how could he bear with that?

But circumstances prevailed over men. No matter how he shouted, it was useless. Just like Ling Han had previously said, if he had chosen to leave at the very beginning, with his “full” battle prowess, he naturally could’ve succeeded, but now that he was at the end of his line, he still wanted to leave?

Ling Han moved successively. Though the Dark Frost Celestial King was resisting very stubbornly, what was the point?

He had finally been killed, and released a roar of defiance, but that was the only thing he could do.

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In the distant heart of the ruins, the Dark Frost Celestial King suddenly stiffened, and was almost hit by a green vine that was thousands of meters long. Thankfully, there was another Third Heaven Celestial King beside him, and moved to help him just in the nick of time, helping him to resolve this crisis. Otherwise, he would definitely be slightly injured.

“Friend Dark Frost, what is wrong?” the other Celestial King asked. This was presently an intense battle with their enemies, and you actually became distracted at this point in time?

The Dark Frost Celestial King frowned. “One of my slivers of divine sense has suddenly disappeared.”

The other Celestial King frowned as well. “There is actually someone that can prevent your divine sense from even returning?

The Dark Frost Celestial King nodded. “I can sense that this divine sense was left behind on the controls of a base in the outer circle.”

“Could it be that a powerful Celestial King has circled around behind us?” the other Celestial King was in slight disbelief. Though that was merely a sliver of divine sense, its battle prowess had reached the peak stage of the First Heaven, and could not be destroyed by someone who was not a Second Heaven Celestial King at least.

The battles here were so intense that all the Second Heaven and Third Heaven Celestial Kings were the absolute main force in battle. What force would actually have the ability to deploy First Heaven or Second Heaven Celestial Kings to steal towers from behind them?

“The battles here are more important. No matter what, we have to conquer this precious tower first, and then I will go and handle this matter,” the Dark Frost Celestial King said.

The two great Celestial Kings raised their heads at the same time. There was an 18-story precious tower ahead of them. It was completely golden, and shone with a glimmering celestial light. But there was also a massive vine entwined around the precious tower. This vine was thousands of meters long, and had countless roots, which were presently battling with a great many Celestial Kings. Its battle prowess was extremely frightening.

And in the surrounding five thousand km, there were 11 other towers that were similar, and this kind of great battle was similarly playing out at their respective locations.

After Ling Han killed the Dark Frost Celestial King’s divine sense, he naturally would not be reserved, and used a sliver of his divine sense to lay down a mark in replacement. Instantly, he could feel the first base far off in the mountains. There was an indescribable resonance.

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Weng, the Black Tower trembled slightly again.

If the first time was only a coincidence, the second time definitely had a reason behind it.

Why had the Black Tower suddenly reacted?

Could it be that there was some treasure that could help the Black Tower recover here?

It was not impossible. It was said that there was a great opportunity that had appeared here. A flawless Celestial Seed was only one part of it, and there was also a method that could allow the local Celestial Kings to leave. Added with the structures here being able to help a Celestial King progress rapidly, it might be that there really was something here that could help the Black Tower recover.

Something at the Heavenly Venerable Tier!

Ling Han immediately felt keen. Just what could this be?

The four of them settled down here, and when midnight came, they instantly saw light wash down from the top of the tower, with a peculiar fragrance wafting everywhere.

The four of them hurriedly absorbed the benefits contained within. Eh, there was really some slight difference now.

The two precious towers were resonating with each other, which considerably increased the density of the peculiar light and peculiar fragrance. Roughly estimating, it was a 20% increase. No wonder all the Celestial Kings wanted to conquer more structures.

When the peculiar light and peculiar fragrance had disappeared, Ling Han couldn’t help but feel discontented. He declared, “Looks like we have to conquer more bases.”

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The three women all nodded, similarly filled with fighting spirit.

“We’ll wait for Yan Xianlu and the others to deploy some people over.”

Because of the apparent change, there was no need to inform them. Yi and the others should know that Ling Han and his group had conquered another base, and there was a mysterious resonance between the two, so it would definitely be no problem for them to locate this base. Ling Han and his group only had to wait patiently for a few days.

True enough, a mere two days later, Yi, Yan Xianlu, and He Xinjue had already arrived.

At present, they had as many as 10 beings with Celestial King Tier battle prowess. Thus, they could be generous and leave two Celestial Kings on guard at every base.

After another day’s wait, and one more time of cultivation with the peculiar light and peculiar fragrance, Ling Han and his group, along with Yi, set off together.

In any case, they were already enemies with the Dark Frost Celestial King, so they just advanced in a straight path. Rather than “lightly” offending a few Third Heaven Celestial Kings, it would be better for them to heavily offend one of them.

On their way, there were a considerable number of plants that had not been cleared yet. Some were short and stubby, no more than a foot tall, while some were hundreds of meters tall, brandishing long vines, as if they were demonic creatures. This caused Ling Han and his group some trouble, but they were all Celestial Kings, after all, so they still managed to pass through without any mishaps.

Close to three days later, they arrived in front of a small palace wrapped in green light.

The palace only had a single story, and was 30 meters tall, while its width was 300 meters. The palace doors were wide open, with two men standing guard, and it was unknown how many people were actually inside.

When they saw how there were two Celestial Kings in Ling Han’s party, those two people’s expressions immediately changed drastically as they called out hurriedly.

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Immediately, a Celestial King appeared. He blocked the entry point as he looked coldly at Ling Han and his group. “This palace already has an owner. Please take a detour.”

He only had to occupy the entrance and stand in their way, and he could ensure that he would be in a state of full battle prowess. They were both First Heaven Celestial Kings, so how could it be that he would be no match for two opponents whose battle prowess had weakened by tenfold?

Yi strode over, and raised his fist. “We are here to snatch territory. Let’s fight then!”

He rushed out, and immediately unleashed his full battle prowess, his attacks harsh and powerful.

However, while he was a Monarch Star, he had just advanced into the First Heaven, after all. Furthermore, his battle prowess had been weakened further by tenfold. He could not match this Celestial King in front of him, and could not break through his defenses at all.

“Little Terror, go!” Ling Han smiled. The deadline of three days was close at hand. He had no wish to waste another chance of absorbing the peculiar light and peculiar fragrance.

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