Chapter 228: Death Race!

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“Why are their cars so big?”

“Cheating! This is definitely cheating! Too shameless!”

Illusion and the Farm Master were dumbfounded when they saw the tanks of the four great clans.

When the three of them signed up, they gave them a formation disk.

The formation disk was like an engine. After an entire night of hard work, with the formation disk as the core, they finally made a car that looked like one from Earth.

It was the Wuling Hongguang.

However, the power of a formation disk was very limited. In Illusion’s estimation, it was only four or five horsepower at most. It was only enough to carry less than a ton of load.

The top speed was so impressive that it could reach over 200 kilometers per hour.

However, the ten-meter-tall war chariot of the Bronze Race was seven meters tall with a single wheel. This was equipped with at least a hundred formation disks.

How powerful was that? It was unbelievable.

Wasn’t this cheating too blatant?

“Mushroom man?” At this moment, two cars, one on the left and one on the right, parked next to Hongguang.

“Hold the grass!” The three of them turned around and were stunned.

On the left was a two-meter-long banana man with a curved body. His name hung on his chest, Banana!

On the right was a watermelon with a body diameter of more than one meter.

“I didn’t expect that besides the two of us, there were also vegetable people who dared to participate in this death racing competition! Brother, we are going to toast you!” Banana and Melon Skin couldn’t help but praise.

“Death Race?” The three of them were dumbfounded.

“Hold the grass, isn’t it a race?”

“Why was it called Death Race?

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“Eh? Brother Mushroom Man, don’t you know?” The Banana Man was stunned for a moment before explaining.

“This Death Race will last for at most three days!”

“In the first round, it’s  just going around this track. As long as you can hold on for two incense sticks, you’ll be promoted!

“During this time, the contestants can attack and even kill at will! There are no restrictions!” Banana introduced naturally.

“???” The three of them were dumbfounded.

Hold the grass!

This was called a flying car competition?

Why didn’t you call it the Inferno Tank?

“Also, I heard that there were a few competitions in the past, and there were outstanding geniuses from other races who disappeared on the same day after winning the heaven-defying ranking in the first round!

“That’s why the top three of this flying car competition have all been dominated by the four great clans!

“We vegetable and fruit people have never even entered the top ten!

“Today, when I came here, I didn’t plan to return alive!” the Watermelon Man shouted loudly, his face resolute.

“Hold the grass, Bro, it’s too dangerous. Why don’t we quit?” Illusion whispered.

“Yeah, even if we get a good ranking on the first day, we will probably be killed!” Farm Master nodded.

“Don’t panic!” Beef Noodles waved.

“I’m telling you, after I logged off last night, I specifically searched for Drifter and asked for guidance on driving skills. This rould is definitely steady!” Beef Noodles spoke proudly.


No matter how good his driving skills were, it was useless.

Illusion and the Farm Master were speechless.

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“Gentlemen, I have an idea!” Illusion looked at Banana and Melon Skin and suddenly had a plan.

If they were to compete like this.

There was no doubt that they would lose.

The absolute difference in horsepower was too great.

“What idea?” Beef Noodles asked curiously.

“Banana, Melon Skin, do you want to win? Want to clear the name for vegetable and fruit people?” Illusion asked seriously.

“Of course we do! We are not even afraid of death, just to gain a reputation for us vegetable and fruit people! Tell the other races that we are not trash!” Banana and Melon Skin answered loudly.

“Okay! Then come over and get on our car. Dismantle your formation plates and add them to our car!

“Spread out, we will lose!

“Being together is the only chance!”

Illusion spoke directly.

“!” Banana and Melon Skin were both stunned. They hesitated for a moment before finally making a decision…

A moment later.

“Welcome to this year’s flying car competition!” An old man from the four-eyed race stood above the platform and spoke slowly.

After a brief explanation of the rules, the Four-Eyed elder announced that the competition would begin.

Boom boom boom!

In an instant, the thousands of war chariots let out a roar and rushed out!

“Charge! Charge! Why didn’t the car move?” Beef Noodles crazily controlled the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator, only to find that it did not move at all.

“Brother Noodles, let’s start the formation first!” Illusion covered his face. You didn’t even activate the formation, how could the car move?

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“Oh, I understand!” Only then did Beef Noodles react. After that, Hongguang slowly accelerated.

Naturally, this scene was witnessed by countless viewers.

“Hahaha, a bunch of vegetable people want to win too? They’ll make us laugh to death!”

“A vegetable and fruit man is nothing but trash! What are they thinking?”

“Not bad! You’re just a bunch of trash, how can you dream of winning the championship of the flying car competition?”

The audience members of the Hundred Races sat in comfortable seats, mocking them without restraint.

Standing in the distance, the vegetable and fruit people with the largest number of people were feeling extremely aggrieved. They dared to be angry but did not dare to say anything. However, when they saw the tanks with Beef Noodles activated, they all waved their hands.

“Come on, Banana, Melon Skin, and three Giant Mushroom warriors! You must win!” All the vegetable and fruit people put their hopes on these five!

“Hmm?” Beef Noodles looked around and saw this scene.

“Vegetables and fruit people, are they so excluded in the Hundred Races?” Beef Noodles could vaguely feel that there was a chance!

But now, let’s drive first.

With the power of three arrays, Wuling Hongguang quickly caught up to the last few tanks.

“Hahaha, it’s coming, I’m waiting for this moment!” A crocodile began to laugh. It controlled the eight-meter-long giant tank to slow down on purpose and approached Hongguang.

This crocodile, nicknamed the rookie killer, liked to deliberately fall behind and slaughter those rookie drivers.

“Come on, hit it!” Rookie Killer Crocodile deliberately blocked his car in front of beef noodles and the others.

Next, the crocodile intended to slow down after getting close enough!

He directly used the back of his car to smash the little car.

“Bro, this guy is blocking our way! What to do?” Illusion quickly asked.

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Beef Noodles smiled.

“What do we do if we encounter a stupid idiot blocking the way?

“Kill him!!!”

The three of them were instantly connected!

As a result, not only did Hongguang not slow down, it started to speed up crazily. However, the body gradually turned black.

“Hahaha, poor rookie idiots!” Seeing Hongguang speeding up, the crocodile laughed cruelly and slowed down naturally.

The next moment, the eight-meter-long war chariot collided with the small van, Hongguang.

“Hahaha, the Vegetable People are finished!” Many of the hundreds of spectators laughed.

“No!” Vegetables and fruits people started crying in despair.

Kacha Kacha!

In front of everyone’s eyes, an unbelievable scene happened!

Like a bullet, Wuling Hongguang directly crushed the eight-meter-long war chariot and rushed towards the crocodile. Under the crocodile’s shocked gaze, the wheels directly crushed the crocodile’s head.

“Four formation discs! Not bad!” Illusion raised his hand and used Wood Technique. He turned into a large wooden vine hand and removed the four formation discs from the crocodile tank. He quickly modified them and installed them on the Wuling Hongguang.

This formation used a technique that used spirit stones as the core and provided power through the formation.

Therefore, theoretically, it could be stacked indefinitely.


When the four plates were installed, the speed of Hongguang had doubled!

Bang bang bang!

Hongguang was like a cannonball as it crashed into several chariots. It shot forward like an arrow.

“This… Was this a vegetable?” The audience of the Hundred Races were all dumbfounded!.

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