At the foot of Ziwei Mountain, a distressed old man suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky. All he could hear were the three decrees of Luo Feng.

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“From now on, the Ancient Land Convenience Store will no longer handle magic treasures created for evil.”

“From now on, the Ancient Land Convenience Store will no longer serve those who had wronged humans.”

“From now on, the Ancient Land Convenience Store will no longer tolerate heinous criminals.”

The old man became ferocious as the three decrees echoed. “Damn it. I came all the way to Ziwei Mountain to get rid of the karma on the magic weapon I just refined. Who could have expected that bitch to play such a hand.”

Suddenly, a dark cloud gathered under the old man’s feet and rose up to cover him. A snort came within the dark cloud and it flew away in a stream of light..

At the same time, many others who had killed countless humans left reluctantly.

On Ziwei Mountain, Luo Feng’s eyes swept the living creatures present one by one. He said in a cold voice, “All those who have committed massacres must leave immediately.”

Hearing this, some creatures with guilt slowly retreated from the crowd and left Ziwei Mountain.

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Nezha signaled to Yang Jian with his eyes. Yang Jian quickly understood and went to Luo Feng. With great respect, Yang Jian said, “Elder, unlike Ancestor Heijiao, the karmic fire on our weapons was not a result of killing humans. Please believe us!”

“Please believe us!”

For a moment, there was a startling cry resounding on Ziwei mountain.

Although Luo Feng was angry with Heijiao’s behavior, he still had to continue his business. He waved to Yang Jian. “Naturally, I know you wouldn’t do the same as Ancestor Heijiao. The rules will stay the same. Those who offer a higher price will be rewarded!”

Since Ancestor Heijiao left, Yang Jian successfully obtained the third place. After washing karmic fire from the three magic treasures, Luo Feng was about to ask everyone to leave when an explosive sound came from the northeast.


A huge tremor shook Ziwei Mountain. Although it was sudden, it stopped quickly. Within a moment, Ziwei Mountain resumed its calm.

Luo Feng glanced at the source of the sound. A glimmer of light flashed in his eyes. If he remembered correctly, that direction was the direction in which Yunxiao and Heijiao had left.

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Suddenly, a bright light rushed to Ziwei Mountain and landed directly in front of Luo Feng. Luo Feng’s heart beat faster when he saw Yunxiao bathed in light.

Ignoring the surprised eyes of the crowd, Yunxiao walked slowly to Luo Feng and bowed. “I have killed Ancestor Heijiao. I thank you on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of people who died in vain!”

If Luo Feng had not acknowledged Yunxiao and insisted on cleaning Ancestor Heijiao’s weapon, Ancestor Heijiao could have left freely. It would have been nearly impossible to kill him.

Luo Feng moved slightly to avoid this bow. As he was about to speak, he found Yunxiao staggering and her face pale.

Luo Feng watched as Yunxiao steadied herself and asked in a voice full of concern, “Are you okay, Fairy Yunxiao?”

Yunxiao smiled bitterly as she responded, “There was a little problem when fighting with Ancestor Heijiao just now. It’s fine!”

Luo Feng stared at Yunxiao. If it really were just a small injury, she wouldn’t look so terrible.

Could she be hiding something?

Luo Feng raised his chest and asked seriously, “Fairy Yunxiao, if you ever have trouble, just let me know and I will do my best to help.”

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As a modern man, Luo Feng certainly knew how much effort Yunxiao had spent helping the human race. Luo Feng approved of her more than the “Mother Goddess,” Nuwa.

Yunxiao smiled bitterly as she said, “Thank you for your concern, Elder. Unfortunately, I don’t think you will be able to help. Not even my teacher, the Primeval Lord of Heaven, can help.” 

Since Yunxiao had posed such a challenge, Luo Feng was immediately interested in solving it. To think that there were still challenges that even saints couldn’t accomplish. With Luo Feng’s patient questioning, Yunxiao finally explained her problems.

As they fought, Heijiao realized that he was no match for Yunxiao. So before he died, he blew up the Black Evil Bead. It was common to explode one’s magic treasure in this era, but don’t forget that there were hundreds of thousands of vengeful souls in the bead. The explosion was equivalent to destroying any hope of reincarnation for hundreds of thousands of human beings. Yunxiao naturally couldn’t let that happen, so she absorbed these hundreds of thousands of souls into her own magic treasure, the Hunyuan Jindou and faced Heijiao’s self-explosion face-on. It was no wonder that she appeared so weak. (tl: Hunyuan Jindou translates to ~Primordial Gold Bucket.)

Accepting the vengeful souls was equivalent to taking the karmic fire contaminating the Black Evil Bead. As long as karmic fire accumulated to a certain extent, it would inevitably affect the spirit of the magic weapon, and the Hunyuan Jindou was no exception.

Luo Feng couldn’t help but take a sharp breath as Yunxiao took out the Hunyuan Jindou.

The Hunyuan Jindou was wrapped by a black fog and emitted sounds of despair. Vaguely, there were also sounds of screaming in the black fog, which seemed to oscillate between pain and joy. Altogether, it gave everyone an eerie feeling.

Yunxiao was struggling to hold the Hunyuan Jindou, let alone use it. Luo Feng couldn’t help sighing. “Is this still the Hunyuan Jindou that could hold heaven and earth and all its treasures?”

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Yunxiao saw the shock on Luo Feng’s face and shook her head with a smile; but, her smile contained an unspeakable sadness. “This Hunyuan Jindou has been with us three sisters for many years. It’s truly horrible that it has come to such an end.”

As if to confirm Yunxiao’s words, the Hunyuan Jindou made a sound of mourning. Perhaps because of this, Yunxiao recalled countless memories of the Hunyuan Jindou and couldn’t help crying.

Pearl-like tears fell continuously from Yunxiao’s eyes. At this moment, all the creatures present were moved. If only Yunxiao had ignored the hundreds of thousands of human souls, the Hunyuan Jindou would have been fine. But Yunxiao couldn’t bear the souls becoming ghosts in the wild. Her actions were of true kindness!

“Empress Yunxiao is merciful!”

“Empress Yunxiao is merciful!”

Within a moment, all the humans on Ziwei Mountain knelt down. They did not kneel for Yunxiao, but for the Hunyun Jindou.

The Hunyuan Jindou seemed to know that it had reached its end and began to tremble slightly.

The air filled with sadness!

At dusk, Luo Feng raised his head, stared at the pale sky, tightened his fist, and yelled angrily, “Don’t cry. I will clear these thousands of karma!”

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