Yunxiao looked up and stared at Luo Feng with an incredulous face. The Hunyuan Jindou was connected with her. Naturally, she knew what Luo Feng needed to pay to remove the karmic fire on it. But Luo Feng had promised that he would do it anyway. How could she not have been surprised?

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Yunxiao was stunned! Yang Jian was also stunned!

As a figure in ancient times, Yunxiao’s hands were stained with the blood of many demons. Those demons were a part of the Ancient Land. Killing them contaminated her weapon with more karmic fire than ten thousand humans. As her life-bound weapon, the Hunyuan Jindou was contaminated by an unimaginable amount of karmic fire. Even saints would hesitate to try clearing it. Yet Luo Feng…

Looking at the silent crowd, Luo Feng felt a sense of pride in his heart and shouted, “Fairy Yunxiao, let me borrow the Hunyuan Jindou for a moment.”


The Hunyuan Jindou made a whine of despair. As an intelligent magic treasure, it did not think that Luo Feng could wash away the karmic fire on itself, so why even bother.

Yunxiao hesitated as she saw that the Hunyuan Jindou was reluctant to allow Luo Feng to handle itself.

Luo Feng realized that Yunxiao didn’t seem to believe him, so he put both hands behind his back and said confidently, “Could it be that Fairy Yunxiao doesn’t believe me?”

Yunxiao looked at Luo Feng, then looked at the Hunyuan Jindou that had turned black. She made her decision. “Then thank you in advance, Elder!”

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Although the Hunyuan Jindou was very reluctant, it was still handed to Luo Feng by Yunxiao.

Luo Feng looked at the Hunyuan Jindou in front of him and found that the black fog was gradually growing. He patted the Hunyuan Jindou and laughed: “Even though it can barely maintain itself, it is still throwing a temper like a little kid.”


There was a metallic roar from the Hunyuan Jindou as it resented Luo Feng’s words.

Luo Feng didn’t mind its attitude. No matter what, this Hunyuan Jindou was still a heavenly treasure that deserved to be somewhat arrogant.

Nezha secretly asked Yang Jian, “Brother Yang Jian, I heard that even the Tongtian Sect Leader can’t clear the karmic fire accumulated on the Hunyuan Jindou. Do you really think this elder can do it?”

“This…” Yang Jian hesitated for a moment and replied with some uncertainty. “He should be able to… probably… maybe.”

Yang Chan glanced at Luo Feng, who was occupied with his task, and said with disdain, “Psh! I can believe it if you say he can remove karmic fire from a regular magic treasure. But the karma on the Hunyuan Jindou is not ordinary. I don’t believe he can clear it for a moment!”

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Yang Jian was startled by Yang Chan’s words. He quickly looked in the direction of Luo Feng and found that Luo Feng didn’t seem to be interested in Yang Chan’s words. He immediately warned her with a glare. “Xiao Chan, don’t talk nonsense. Be careful of angering the Elder.”

“But it’s the truth!” Yang Chan was unhappy about her own brother speaking up for an outsider. “You know better than me about the karma on the Hunyuan Jindou. Even the Tongtian Sect Leader can’t do anything about it. How can this guy…”

Yang Jian covered her mouth before Yang Chan could finish speaking. He was afraid that if he let her keep going, he might never be able to enter Ziwei Mountain again.

On the other side, Luo Feng had finished his preparations. Yet, he didn’t immediately begin washing away the karmic fire from the Hunyuan Jindou. “Fairy Yunxiao, if I can remove the karmic fire from the Hunyuan Jindou, it would be a tremendous accomplishment. It would be a shame if such an act went without accompaniment. I heard that Fairy Yunxiao can dance beautifully. Can you dance a tune for me?”

Yunxiao had a noble status. If Luo Feng raised this request at any other time, she would have refused without a pause. But, considering Luo Feng was helping her, she nodded in the end.

“It’s a pity to dance without music. I wonder if any Taoist friend can play a tune for Fairy Yunxiao?”

A handsome young man answered and took out a flute from his arms.

The moment the flute sounded, Yunxiao started dancing. Her wonderful dance moves attracted everyone’s attention.

As Yunxiao danced, Luo Feng started moving as well. He wet a rag he found in a wooden bucket, then touched it to the laundry powder and started scrubbing the Hunyuan Jindou.

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Suddenly, the whole Ziwei Mountain became silent. Their gazes switched between Yunxiao dancing romantically and Luo Feng rubbing the Hunyuan Jindou. They felt… it was really spicy in their eyes!

Could anyone have imagined such a scene?

A fairy with unparalleled beauty danced while a regular looking guy scrubbed the Hunyuan Jindou. Even more, sometimes he would knock on this or that as if he were trying to pick cabbages from the market.

If it weren’t for Luo Feng’s reputation over the last two days, someone would have already dragged him aside to avoid polluting the eyes of so many people.

With Yunxiao’s last movement, the Hunyuan Jindou made a joyous sound. The black fog that had surrounded the Hunyuan Jindou became smoke rising into the sky as it touched the laundry powder.

“Look, the karma from the Black Spirit Bead is quickly dissipating!”

“More than that, the karma originally on the Hunyuan Jindou is also dissipating!”

“Good heavens, the Elder really did it. He actually managed to clear all the karma from the Hunyuan Jindou.”

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Yunxiao stared at Hunyuan Jindou in disbelief. She could feel that the Hunyuan Jindou was in a joyous mood.

Suddenly a living creature exclaimed, “Everyone look up. What is that above our heads?”

Luo Feng looked up and found that the removed black fog gradually turned into smoke, in which countless faces emerged. These faces were no longer as ferocious as they were before, but full of peace and satisfaction.

In the moment of silence, the countless faces burst into smiles. “Lady Yunxiao is merciful.”

“Lady Yunxiao is merciful!”

At the same time, a golden light fell from the sky. The golden light was noble beyond words and gave people a sense of sacredness and inviolability.

“The will of the world is awarding merit!”

“Lady Yunxiao moved the heavens by sending hundreds of thousands of people to reincarnation, for which she is being awarded.”

At that moment, no one minded the spicy scene they had just seen. All they could think about was how Yunxiao had earned a tremendous reward this time.

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