Chapter 13 – Seed Planted

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Yunxiao received a huge reward! Yet, Luo Feng became depressed!

If the heavens were reasonable, then I should have received some reward for sending ten thousand souls to reincarnation as well, right? Why doesn’t the will of the world give me merit? If I got some, then I wouldn’t have to wash stuff every day… no, I mean, clear bad karma.

Unfortunately, the will of the world was not human. It was useless to reason with it, so Luo Feng could only give up the idea.

It seemed that Yunxiao had received some other benefits as well. She meditated with her eyes closed. When she opened them again, her eyes shone with a special light that brightened Ziwei Mountain.

“What a surprise! Lady Yunxiao improved her cultivation after this battle!”

“It’s impossible! At her level, it’s more difficult to improve cultivation than ascending to heaven!”

“What’s impossible? Haven’t you guys seen that there’s even someone living in this Ziwei Mountain that can clear karmic fire?”

Those last words reminded everyone present of Luo Feng. They all sneaked glances at him.

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Luo Feng found them looking at him and tried to show an unfathomable smile on his face. “Today’s three places have been used up. Please come early tomorrow.”

As he said this, Luo Feng turned around to return to the convenience store. There were many functions of the Ancient Land System waiting to be activated. Luo Feng didn’t have the free time to chat with these guys.

Just as Luo Feng turned, Yunxiao called out to him.

Facing Luo Feng’s puzzled eyes, Yunxiao slowly walked over and bowed deeply. “Everything was thanks to the Elder today. Yunxiao owes everything to you. Please let me thank Elder with the merit I received.”

Right after, Yunxiao pushed a ball of light toward Luo Feng. He immediately received a system notification that he received 5000 merits from Fairy Yunxiao.

“She is truly worthy of being the top disciple of the Tongtian Sect Leader. So generous!” thought Luo Feng to himself as he smiled brilliantly. 

“Is this the Ancient Land Convenience Store?” asked Yunxiao curiously as she checked out the store behind Luo Feng.

It was a decrepit building. The sign was hanging in the air. All of it seemed to be closer to nature as if everything was returning to their origin.

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If Luo Feng knew what Yunxiao was thinking, he would have cursed out loud. What everything returning to their origin. I just didn’t have time to fix it.

Luo Feng saw Yunxiao not wanting to leave, but was instead checking out his store. His heart wavered and he gave an invite. “Fairy Yunxiao, if you are interested, please follow me inside the store.”

Yunxiao had been wanting to have a tour of this so-called “Ancient Land Convenience Store.” She was just too shy to ask. Now that Luo Feng was inviting her, of course she didn’t hesitate to accept.

In fact, Yang Jian was also fascinated by the Ancient Land Convenience Store. He just wasn’t sure about Luo Feng’s temper. He didn’t want to anger Luo Feng by asking out of nowhere. But now that he saw Luo Feng inviting Yunxiao, he quickly stepped forward to ask. “Elder, I have held the Ancient Land Convenience Store in high esteem. I wonder if I could…”

Before Yang Jian could finish, Luo Feng had already refused without hesitation, “No!”

Yang Chan wasn’t thinking. When she saw Luo Feng treating Yunxiao with such favor, yet ignoring herself, she felt a wave of fire rolling in her heart. Now that she saw Luo Feng denying her second brother’s request, she exploded. “How can you act like this while being an Elder? Why is it that martial aunt Yunxiao can enter your store, but my second brother can’t?”

Luo Feng casually glanced at Yang Chan and quickly lost interest. “The Ancient Land Convenience Store denies admittance to people that have nothing to do with it.”

“Isn’t martial aunt Yunxiao… Wuwu!”

Yunxiao could only make a few muffled sounds at the end of her sentence. Yang Jian wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. He said in a grave voice, “Elder, my sister was acting without thinking. Please understand. Since Elder has rejected my request, Yang Jian will take his leave.”

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Seeing Luo Feng wave a hand at him, Yang Jian motioned to Nezha with his eyes. They quickly grabbed Yang Chan and left Ziwei Mountain. But right before they left, Yang Chan could be heard yelling, “You there, Elder. I will be back!”

You will be back? You think you’re the big bad wolf?

Luo Feng sneered to himself and turned to gesture Yunxiao inside.

A bed, a chair, and several shelves that she had never seen before. Was this the entirety of the Ancient Land Convenience Store?

Yunxiao’s fingers slid over the commodities rack and found that it was covered with dust. She murmured to herself, “The Great Dao is simple. Could living as a mortal be another path to enlightenment?”

Because Yunxiao spoke too quietly, Luo Feng didn’t make out what she said. He couldn’t help but ask, “What did you say?”

Yunxiao smiled and shook her head. She didn’t want to continue the topic. “Elder always stays at Ziwei Mountain without leaving. Don’t you feel bored?”

Of course it’s boring. But what can I do!? I can’t help being weak. The moment I step out of the protection field, my life will be at risk!

“This won’t do. I must improve my strength as quickly as possible.” Thought Luo Feng to himself. But, he acted as if he were a venerable expert, “Even a blade of grass on Ziwei Mountain changes everyday. There are countless things happening around me. What is there to be bored of? If you want to talk about being bored, then it is only one’s heart.”

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Luo Feng’s inexplicable words, coupled with his unfathomable appearance, made him seem like a true expert!

What Luo Feng didn’t expect was that Yunxiao actually believed him.

“Things change everyday. It’s only one’s heart that feels boredom.” Yunxiao repeated these words a few times and suddenly raised her head. “Elder, thank you for the lesson!”

A lesson?

Luo Feng looked at Yunxiao with a confused face. He really wanted to know what Yunxiao had learned.

Unfortunately, Yunxiao seemed to want to avoid this topic. After looking around a bit more and finding nothing special, she bid Luo Feng goodbye.

Luo Feng felt that there’s nothing in the store that could attract Yunxiao’s attention, so he didn’t try to keep her. 

He showed a weird expression as he watched Yunxiao leave. The seed had been planted. He just had to wait to reap the fruit!

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