“Chapter 213: Grandmaster’s Gratitude”

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– Grandmaster, what are you doing her-!?


– DON’T LOOK! (Meirir)


Ever’s figure was completely overshadowed by vapor, but Meirir covered my eyes before it dissipated.


– Hey, why are you covering his eyes? I’m here to talk with my disciple. We can’t talk like this.


– S-Shut up and get underwater before you poison his brain!


– You’re so loud… Whatever, this is a bath, after all.


This is probably the first time Ever has listened to Meirir. What a good time to do so.


– Why are you- (Takaya)


– here? I heard you the first time. I told you I was going to a hot spring, didn’t I?


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– Right. So why did you neglect any contact for an entire month?


Wols isn’t a place where Akane’s Grosbeak wouldn’t reach.


– Where were you? Why didn’t you help us at the Royal Capital? (Takaya)


– Were you worried about me? (Ever)


– Yes. I was.


As strong as Ever is, there’s no guarantee that a stronger being wouldn’t attack her.


There are other sages in the world, and there’s the crew of the thundercloud boat.


– …Sorry for worrying you.


Ever extended her hand and stroked my hair.


– You’re a good kid. I mean that…

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Her eyes look full of tenderness whenever she does this. It’s as if she was looking at her own child.


– …Grandmaster?


– I went to meet someone.


– “Someone”?


– Yeah. The light one.


Ernika? Didn’t they talk about living with a religious organization back then or something?


– It’s not that big of a deal. I just thought I’d stop by to see how you were doing. I had to repay her for your treatment, too.


– I see.


– She lives in a place protected by a special barrier. Even well-trained familiars can’t locate her.


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That would explain why Grosbeak wasn’t able to find Ever.


– Man, I thought I had it bad with my debt on Shimazu, and now this…


– Stop acting like it doesn’t exist. Make sure to pay Fuji-sama.


– Well, that’s enough talking. I should get back. Takaya, what’s your room? Maybe I’ll take a night trip later.


– Don’t tell me you don’t have a room for yourself.


– Hey, you know I don’t have any money. Come on, let me use your room. I’ll pay you with my body~


– B-B-What are you on about!? (Meirir)


– Could you please stop interrupting us? We’re trying to have a Grandmaster-Disciple moment over here.


– T-Takaya!?


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– Alright, Grandmaster, that’s enough teasing. If you need a room I’ll be happy to pay for one.


– Haha, thank you! Once again you’ve saved me from debt. Here, have a gift.


Ever got close to my ear.


(I have arranged for you to talk with the Sage of the Volcano. You’ll find out more tomorrow at noon)


– Huh?


Laughing, Ever floated away.


– I’m sure you’ll be able to get some good information there.


Enveloped by vapor once again, Ever’s figure disappeared completely.


– Ahh, what’s wrong with that granny?…Takaya?


– Ah, right. Yeah, she’s pretty troublesome.

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