“Chapter 214: The Sage of the Volcano”

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The next day, I headed towards the top of Mount Wols as I was instructed.


I had a lot of questions for Ever, but for now, I’m grateful that she made my visit to Wols worth something.


The Sage of the Volcano, Shamsheel.


The fourth sage I’ll meet out of the six. She has to have some useful information for me.


Ever must know that too. Somehow. One way or another, I know she wouldn’t do something like this as a prank.


– If only she could stop getting in debt I could say she’s an amazing grandmaster…


With this in mind, all of us were headed to the top of the mount. Except for Dyke, who had to attend to a family matter.


– The smell here is making my nose twist… (Mike)


I gave Mike a mask to help with the sulfur and other gasses steaming from the ground, but her nose is just too sensitive.


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– Takaya, look at this.


– …A black egg?


– Isn’t it strange? It turns into a boiled egg if you put it in a hot spring. I bought it at the store over there.


– Really? It’s the first time I’ve seen one.


That was technically a lie.


I didn’t know they had Century eggs in this world too. I remember they tasted well with salt.


– End of the path. We reached the summit. I can see the entrance to the crater from over here.


The path actually extends a little bit further, but it has no precautions since it’s off-limits.


I’ll just join the rest of the tourists in looking at the crater.


– So? (Akane)

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– Hmmm… (Takaya)


I looked inside the crater, but the cloud of vapor was obstructing any view.


According to Ever, the sage lives there. Is that even possible?


I guess they’re a sage of a reason.


– Noon…


If what Ever said is true, something should happen soon.


I haven’t told the rest about my meeting with the sage. They might want to go get food soon…


– Takaya, look! (Meirir)


– Hm? Ooh…


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The crater let out a huge cloud of vapor.


For a second I thought it was something bad, but Meirir and the rest of the tourists were cheering.


– Are you the kid Ever talked about?


– What?


Mingled with the cheers I heard a faint voice behind me.


– It’s fine, don’t worry. (Takaya)


– … (Mike/Akane)


The two of them felt the presence way before I did.


– Yes, my name is Takaya. I was told to wait here.


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– I’m Regda. Disciple of the Sage of the Volcano. Similar to you.


A boy around my height with half his skin covered in red scales showed himself.


– You… (Takaya)


– I’m half-lizard. What? Is that weird?


– S-Sorry, I’m not much of a city person.


– Whatever. The Grandmaster is waiting for you. I was ordered to take you to her room. It’s small, so only one of your friends can come.


With the veil of vapor growing stronger, Regda signaled us to follow him down the crater.


– Mike, come with me. Akane, stay with Meirir and the others.


– Alright.


I rode on Mike’s wolf back and dived deep into the crater.

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