Bell looked at the comments.

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Looking at the comments, Bell couldn’t help but blush.

“Host, are you going to watch the aurora lights in the middle of the night?”

“You’re thinking too much. I think the host was probably woken up by hunger.”

“In that case, it seems like he hasn’t eaten for a long time.”

The people in the live-stream spoke one after another.

Bell’s face reddened deeply.

Thinking about it, he had really been woken up by hunger.

Fortunately, the sky was not particularly bright. Although Bell’s face was red, the audience in the live-stream did not notice it.

After warming up beside the fire, Ped and the other man also quickly got up because of the rattling sounds.

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“Are you all rested? Our journey starts again.”

The two of them nodded.

After packing up, the three of them left the cave.

“We need to gather some things now.”

Bell carried the dagger to a pine tree. He cut off some dead branches and tied them to a wooden stick.

He lit the wooden stick with the help of the fire.

“The pine tree contains a lot of pine resin. This is a flammable thing. We don’t have enough vision in the current environment, so we need something to light the way.

This can be called a temporary fire torch.

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Let’s take a look at the traps we set up earlier and see if there are any gains.”

The three of them quickly arrived at the traps they had made.

However, after checking the trap, they were disappointed that they did not find anything.

The trap was still lying there intact, as if it had never been touched.

Fortunately, they had not just set one trap.

Soon, Bell found the second trap.

The torch shone over and the weeds around the trap were trampled. Bell’s eyes lit up.

The three of them quickly walked over.

However, after the few of them walked in, Bell’s excited expression faded.

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“Looks like our luck today is not too good.”

In the live-stream, there was no prey at the place where the trap was set up. Even the trap was missing.

“Looks like our trap did catch the prey.

Look at the footprints on the ground and the traces of weeds being stepped on.

This prey must have struggled here.

Unfortunately, the rope was bitten off by the prey. ”

Bell could only get up and turn to the other trap.

To be honest, Bell was disappointed that he did not succeed in capturing the prey.

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It was the same for Ped and the thin man.

Bell could only focus on the last trap.

With his memory, Bell walked towards the trap.

However, before he could find the trap, he heard a rustling sound in the grass.

Bell’s hope rose again.

This was the sound of the prey struggling.

Bell did not dare to delay and quickly ran over. With the help of the light, he saw a light blue figure swaying in the weeds.

It seemed to be struggling to break free from something, but it did not succeed.

The parachute’s ropes were still very strong.

The trap that Bell had set up would tighten the more the prey struggled.

After struggling for a while, the sound in the grass quickly disappeared.

Bell became more careful.

A light blue figure?

Bell was a little hesitant. He did not remember any mammal being light blue.

Bell knew a lot about creatures with such skin color.

For example, the blue whale, the blue poison dart frog, and the Indo-Pacific blue marlin were all blue, but they were not mammals.

Logically speaking, they should not be here.

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Moreover, this size clearly did not match.

After making a wild guess and failing to guess the identity of this creature, Bell could only raise the torch in his hand and carefully walk forward.

The creature hidden in the grass seemed to sense Bell’s approach and began to struggle violently again.

Sensing the intense struggle, Bell did not dare to act rashly.

This was his only prey. If it bit the parachute and escaped like the other prey, he would really have to go hungry.

Bell did not dare to delay. With the help of the light from the torch, he finally saw what this creature was.

This was actually an Arctic fox, and a young one at that.

Under the light of the torch, its fur was not white, but a faint blue.

Its light blue fur matched the agile eyes of the Arctic fox.

In the night, there seemed to be a trace of mysterious beauty to the fox.

The young Arctic Fox seemed to be very afraid and did not dare to continue struggling.

Bell grabbed the back of its neck and could feel the little guy’s body trembling.

The audience in the live-stream was stunned.

Everyone had seen Arctic foxes on television, but this one seemed to be different from the ones on the TV.

“F*ck, this fox is so beautiful.”

“Why do its eyes look like they can speak?”

“Did Bell encounter a spiritual fox?”

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“Previous poster, don’t talk nonsense. What spiritual fox? This is clearly protein. Its taste is like crispy chicken meat.”

“Ah, this thing is so cute. Can you not kill it?”

“This is the first time I’ve seen a blue Arctic fox.”

Bell also looked at the small Arctic fox curiously.

Although the little guy was cute, it was still his prey. Bell did not let go.

He asked Ped and the other men.

The two of them did not obtain food in their traps either.

Bell returned to the cave with the Arctic Fox.

The three of them sat beside the fire and looked at the little guy in Bell’s arms.

After checking again, Bell finally confirmed that this little guy was definitely an Arctic Fox.

Moreover, looking at its teeth, Bell was sure that this guy was about three months old.

The little guy was trembling in Bell’s arms, as if it knew what its fate was.

It seemed to have accepted its fate.

It lay down obediently and did not struggle much.

This scene was quite surprising.

For a moment, no one could bear to hurt this little guy.

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