When the beggar’s chicken was done, the film crew had just returned. The director adjusted the camera and said,

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In the shot, su ran was lying lazily on a bamboo chair in the yard. He sniffed the fragrance in the air and smiled with his peach-shaped eyes.”Movie queen Wen’s acting skills need to be improved, but her cooking skills are not bad.”

Wen LAN didn’t take su ran’s words to heart. She walked over and patiently peeled off the Lotus leaves on the beggar’s chicken, revealing the Golden Chicken meat inside.

In just an instant, that fresh and fragrant smell made su ranxiang’s eyes go wide.

“Try it.” Wen LAN smiled at su ran gently.”Haven’t you always wanted to eat it?”

When he heard Wen Lan’s words, su ran raised his head and looked at her.

At that moment, both of them knew how long Wen LAN had meant by “always.”

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It had been about ten years.

Su ran and Wen LAN had grown up together in an orphanage. They had cried together in the orphanage when they were still babies.

Su ran was a few months older than Wen LAN. He usually took care of her the most and Wen LAN trusted him the most.

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Just like that, the two of them snuggled up to each other as they slowly grew up. One night when they were ten years old, the orphanage had a blackout. He and Wen LAN were taken away in the dark.

When they opened their eyes again, the two of them had already become members of a training team of some organization.

It was a mysterious underground organization. If they could not advance from the monthly training competition, what awaited them was death.

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In the training team, su ran and Wen LAN were also teammates. The two of them left each other’s backs to each other. They were undefeatable legends on the battlefield.

Later on, su ran went on a mission alone for a long time. It was almost a year.

By the time su ran returned, he received news that Wen LAN had already defected and entered the entertainment industry in China. She had been completely removed from the organization.

Wen LAN was very famous and had close connections with all the major powers. The organization wanted to find out what Wen Lan’s purpose in returning to China was.

So, su ran volunteered to come here.

However, all these years had passed and Wen LAN and su ran had become the top existences in the entertainment industry. Su ran had never seen through Wen LAN.

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“Yeah.” Su ran pulled away all the thoughts in his mind. He looked at Wen LAN with a faint smile.”I’ve wanted to eat it for a long time.”

As he spoke, su ran picked up the chicken wing and tasted it. “It’s delicious. This time, there’s nothing to criticize movie queen Wen.”

Wen LAN was about to get up and pour a glass of water for su ran when su ran patted her on the arm.

She turned around and saw su ran holding a Chubby Chicken leg in his hand.

He was still the same as many years ago, the corners of his eyes raised slightly and he smiled at her.”Movie queen Wen, why aren’t you eating after working so hard to cook??”

Wen Lan’s gaze lingered on su ran’s hand for a moment before she finally sat down and ate with him.

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[Did you guys notice that su ran only ate a small wing tip?] He had left the chicken leg for Wen LAN. Did su ran really hate Wen LAN? [Why do I feel like something’s not right?]

[Can Wen Lan’s fans stop putting gold on their own faces???] Our su ran never liked to eat big fish and big meat, do you know that? he doesn’t like to eat chicken legs, so what’s wrong with leaving the things he doesn’t like to eat for Wen LAN? [You guys are so unlucky.]

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[This is so annoying. I can tell from the comments that the fans are fighting. Maybe you guys are fighting to the death here. Your main character is in love with each other. Hahaha. I’m so angry.]

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