[Urgent Mission: Save the 17th generation descendants of the Nicholas family, Dick and Ron.]

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Upon hearing the alarm, Romo was stunned. Why is it coming again?!

Thinking of the two Divine Magi earlier, he had a bad feeling. Could it be…

Frowning, he continued to stare at the visitation scene.

In the sky above the Red Rose Sea, in the Sacred Mist Ferry.

After escaping from the encirclement of the nearly 100 Great Archmagi who had gone berserk earlier, the flying ferry sped up. Just when it had covered a distance…


The flying ferry seemed to have hit some invisible barrier and suddenly stopped!

The magic protective formation on the Sacred Mist Ferry flickered repeatedly and even trembled a little, as if it would shatter in the next second!

The expressions of everyone on the flying ferry changed drastically. They were exceptionally frightened.

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A terrifying pressure as heavy as a mountain pressed down on them, immobilizing them. Those with low cultivation bases were even pressed to the ground… The threat of death filled their hearts.

All of them, including the entire flying ferry, had been locked onto!

Ron gritted his teeth and looked up. He saw an old man hovering in the air in front of him, looking at the flying ferry coldly as if he was looking at an ant.

Ron turned his head and met Dick’s gaze. Bitterness flashed in both their eyes.

What is happening today?

They had actually… run into three Divine Magi in a row!!

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Wasn’t it said that a Divine Mage was a rare sight? In such a short period of time, they had already seen the third one!

Moreover, this third one… was even stronger. He was even stronger than the one whom the Old Ancestor had killed with a raise of his hand!

Most importantly, all these three had come with ill intentions!

It seemed that the “fame” of the ruins of the Divine Mage had already spread far and wide.

Around the flying ferry which had been locked on by the Divine Mage, there was also a group of Magi who had been staring at the flying ferry in fear earlier. However, they were no longer frightened now. Or rather, they were frightened and also gloating…

A mixture of fear and panic was spreading. No one knew where the Divine Mage who had appeared earlier had gone for the time being. Now, there was another who was far stronger than the one before!

Of course, if a Divine Mage had come to snatch the treasures, they would probably not even get anything now… However, it was good that they were still alive. It was better than being targeted by a Divine Mage.

As they were far away and the Divine Mage could not be bothered with the others, although the pressure on this group of Magi was also heavy, they could still withstand it.

The group of people started whispering to each other.

“…Who is this?”

“He looks much stronger than Old Man Pale Face earlier!”

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“… It’s Venerable Wind Punisher from the Gale Wind Island!”

“Even the Divine Mage from the Gale Wind Island… has come?!”

As everyone discussed, they quickly figured out the identity of this new Divine Mage.

Summer Wind Punisher was known as Venerable Wind Punisher. He was a Divine Mage on the Gale Wind Island, one of the four great factions of the Sebastian Kingdom. He was a level-6 Divine Mage!

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Even the four most powerful factions had come… The value of the divine-tier ruins must have far surpassed everyone’s expectations! There might even be a divine-tier inheritance!

The group of Magi had mixed feelings… Their treasures would probably be all taken away by the Venerable Wind Punisher…

In the sky, the Venerable Wind Punisher looked down at the flying ferry below and said coldly, “Hand over everything from the mystic realm, or die.”

Such a calm and composed attitude was also displayed on the face of Old Man Pale Face previously.

On the flying ferry, the few Magi, who could not stand, were sitting on the deck with pale faces. They did not dare to look up at the Divine Mage.

They even glanced at the two of them from time to time. They were burning with anxiety. Why were they still hesitating?!

That was a Divine Mage with strength far beyond that of Old Man Pale Face!

At this moment, there was only one choice—Hand over the treasures in order to live!!

However… the other two seemed to think differently from them. The three of them looked at the two of them in shock; the latter were actually hesitating!

How is this possible… Could it be that these two still want to disobey the orders of the Divine Mage?

They are… courting death!

Ron and Dick were indeed hesitating at this moment. They were not hesitating whether to hand over the treasures to save their lives, but whether they could still fight!

Dick gave Ron a wry smile.

Currently, he could no longer fight, unless… he forcefully erupted with the third transformation of the Skyfiend Three Transformations.

However, after using it, their bodies and souls would definitely be injured, and it would be irreversible… Even if they had to pay such a price and forcefully use that platinum fire cloud move, they would probably not be able to injure the Divine Mage in the sky.

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After all, this person’s magical power realm far surpassed that of Old Man Pale Face earlier!

…Should they really wait for the Old Ancestor to appear?

However, the Old Ancestor had once said that such a move could not be used casually. They really did not know if the Old Ancestor could still use it…

Just as Ron and Dick were hesitating, they suddenly heard something.


The magic protective formation of the Sacred Mist Ferry was vibrating violently. As the golden light flashed, the defensive barrier became transparent in an instant! It was about to shatter!!

Ron and Dick looked at each other with determined eyes. The magical power in their bodies had already faintly erupted…

“Wait… wait a minute!!”

The onlookers looked in the direction of the sudden exclamation and saw a flying ferry cutting through the sky and flying toward the flying ferry.

The person who had exclaimed was a young girl. Everyone on the flying ferry looked nervous and solemn.

It was Norlis, Quinn and the others!

When the other flying ferry was hundreds of meters away from the flying ferry, it suddenly stopped. Norlis was about to say something, but the old woman beside her pulled her over and stopped her from saying anything.

Quinn took two steps forward and bowed to Venerable Wind Punisher in the sky with an extremely respectful attitude.

“Junior Quinn and my younger sister, Norlis, greet the Venerable!”

Upon hearing this, the onlookers were surprised and started discussing spiritedly. “Why have the Prince of the Sebastian Kingdom, the Seventh Prince, and the Ninth Princess also come?!”

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In the sky, Venerable Wind Punisher’s gaze shifted slightly, and his voice was calm. “What are you doing?”

Quinn felt bitter in his heart. He gritted his teeth and said, “The few people on the flying ferry have just saved our lives. On account of the royal family of the Sebastian Kingdom… I hope you can show mercy.”

Venerable Wind Punisher’s gaze drifted for a moment, and then he looked indifferently at the few people on the flying ferry.

“I repeat. Hand over everything or die.”

He repeated his command to give face to the royal family of the Sebastian Kingdom.

A hint of bitterness flashed in the eyes of Prince VII, Quinn. Sigh… Indeed, in front of the Divine Mage of the Gale Wind Island, the Prince and Princess were nothing.

Even if his father had come to plead for mercy, it would probably not be much different from the current situation.

A Divine Mage was an existence that even the royal family had to look up to!

Faced with the threat of a Divine Mage, Ron and Dick moved, and the magical power in their bodies erupted!

“Are they crazy?!” The onlookers were shocked.

In the sky, seeing that the little insects were actually unwilling to hand over the treasures obediently, Venerable Wind Punisher’s murderous voice sounded. “You’re courting death!”

A burst of magical power swept out faintly, and as his fingers curled slightly, it gathered into a…

“How dare you want to kill the Nicholas family? I’ll bury the entire Gale Wind Island!”

A cold female voice suddenly sounded.

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