When I was escorted by Kartz-san and stepped into the city of Volzard, I realized that I was indeed in a different world.

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The scale of the castle wall, which is about 7 or 8 meters high, is large, and it seems that one side is 500 m or more.


"It's pretty wide, isn't it?"


"Ah, but that wall is the wall of the old town, so the wall of the new town is three times as large as that."


"Well, why is it so wide?"


According to Kartz-san, expansion work was repeated many times in the form of building a new all around the old wall.


The buildings in the city are made of wooden pillars and beams on a stone base, and the walls that are hardened like concrete it's hard to think it's a clay wall.


The color of the wall is pastel, it's a gentle color and it feels like a rural town in Europe.


The width of the road is wide enough for carriages to pass each other with plenty of room, and it is paved tightly, and if you look closely, it seems that there is also a sewer ditch.


Even if it's just the atmosphere, it's definitely a different world, and it feels like something is going on.


Well, it's better than smelling or being dirty.


"It seems that the city is well maintained."


"You understand? This is the farthest city facing the Devil's Forest, but we won't lose to the inland cities."


"Is this kind of road maintenance done by magic?"


"That's right, if it weren't magic, it wouldn't be so beautiful."


Kartz-san has a face of what are you saying, so it seems like a world where magic is commonly used.


I really want to see the contrustion site using earth attribute magic.


On the contrary, it would be surprising to say that in Japan, a city that is more advanced than this is created without magic.


The first thing that caught my eye when I went out into the city was the color of people's hair.


Blue, light blue, green, yellow-green, pink, red ... The roots of the hair are the same color, so it doesn't seem to be dyed.


Besides, the person who seems to be a beastman is also there ... Those ears are real, aren't they?


Old men don't wear fake animal ears, especially in the middle of the day.


Various shops are lined up on the central street of the city, and textiles of colors that are not seen in Japan and tools of unknown use are placed around, various odors drift through the air, I wonder whether they are spices.


It looks like a bazaar in Morocco.


After all, a different world must be like this, or the feeling of exploration won't be exciting.


The guild was about 15 minutes walk from the gate closest to the forest towards the center of the city.


Volzard's job listings are all gathered here, from hiring officials to helping with moving.


It's not a concrete-like wall, but a magnificient stone building that could be described as 'simple and strong', and looks like a four-story building from the outside.


"Oh, the guild has a sign that crosses a sword and a hammer."


"Adventurer's symbol and craftsmanship ... isn't it?"


"That's right, well, there are some simple tasks, so don't worry."


"Yes, it seems impossible to do a difficult job suddenly, so I will do it steadily."

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While talking with Kartz-san, I am excited about the next development.


Speaking of guilds, it's a promise to have a beautiful receptionist.


While the beautiful onee-san takes care of my work, it develops into a good relationship ... It's a classic of a different world, isn't it?


However, the person at the window where I was taken for new registration was a tired old man named Otto, hmm ...


What's more, there's also the thing I didn't want to see again.


"Then, put your hand on this ..."


"Oh, this is ..."


"Yeah? You don't know 'Evil Eye Crystal'? This is a magic tool that looks at attributes and magical power."


"Hah ..."


Of course, I don't know why, but I put my hand on it with a faint expectation that it might be a different result because I used magic hard in the woods, of course there is no reaction, this bastard.


"Ah ... it's rare, this time ... ah ... it's good, F rank."


"that, F rank is ..."


"Yeah, it's the lowest rank, well, if you can't use magic, you'll die if you enter the Devil's Forest."


"Hah ..."


As I expected, I want to throw away the sarcastic crystal ball.


However, Otto-san continued by saying something unexpected.


"Don't get me wrong, no matter how strong your magical power is, if you don't have any achievements, you will stop at E rank."


"Well, is that so?"


"Of course, even if you can use some magic, you will die if you enter the Devil's Forest without any experience."


After the judgment, I wrote down the necessary information on the form and he made a guild registration card.


It's polite, big, and engraved with F.


Well, if there's no magical power shown in the measurement, and you have no work experience, it's natural to have F rank.


"By the way, do you have a place to live?"


"No, the caravan I was with was wiped out ..."


"How did you survive in the Devil's Forest?"


"Hmm ... well."


"Wow, you can't use magic, and you escaped alive, you, that's praiseworthy.


Yes, It's because I have three vicious skeletons.


"That ... the matter of the inn ..."


"Oh, that's right, there is a cheap boarding house, but did you want to use it?"


"There is a boarding house?"


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"Anyway, this is the farthest city, manpower is precious, so there are housing acommodations so that new manpower doesn't go away."


"Is there a meal?"


"It depends on the negotiations with the landlord, but it usually comes with it."


"Then, please introduce me."


"Hmm, there's a vacancy ... If it's Amanda's, you'll have a good meal."


Though he's businesslike, he registered me promptly and introduced me to a boarding house. Otto-san, he's really a good person, I'm sorry to think that he's a tired old man.


When I said that I was almost penniless, he also told me about the loan system.


I headed to the boarding house with the map written by Otto-san.


It seems Kartz-san will come with me to the boarding house, he is also a really good person.


Before heading to the boarding house, I decided to borrow money using the guild's loan system.


Shadow storage has enough money to play and live for the time being, but if you suddenly use it, you will be suspicious.


Members of the guild who registered for the first time will be able to borrow up to 10,000 helts for one year without interest.


Even if it's said to be 10,000 helts, it is a problem because I don't know how much it is worth.


On the way to the boarding house, I asked Kartz-san.


"Kartz-san, how many months can you live with the prices here with 10,000 helts?"


"Well, it's been over a month since I stayed at a cheap hotel."


"That's right ... I wonder if it's a problem ... How much does a boarding house cost? Oh, I should have asked ..."


It's a hassle to go back to the guild again, so I'll ask at the boarding house, if it's not enough.


The boarding house was about two rows behind the road that passed through the center of the city.


I was told that the first floor has a cafeteria, but since the daytime has already passed, it seems to be closed in the afternoon.


However, when I pulled the door with the tag in preparation lowered, it was unlocked.


"Well, hello ... is this Amanda-san's shop?"


"Sorry, the daytime business is over, please come again in the evening."


When I called out from the entrance of the store, a cheerful voice came back from the kitchen.


"No, I was the one who was introduced to this boarding house by the guild..."


"Ah, wait a minute ... put this here ... Hey, I made you wait, I'm Amanda, are you with the garrison person?"


Amanda-san, who showed up while wiping her wet hands with her apron, is a woman with the appearance of a spirited mother.


Her height is a little less than 170 cm, and the volume of the width is great, and the three sizes are 120, 140, 130.


It feels like a beer barrel, but are you pregnant?


But if it's different, I don't know, so I can't ask?


Her reddish brown hair is tied together in the back, and her eyes are crisp.


"No, I'm an attendant, it's this Kent who needs the boarding house."

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"I'm Kent, nice to meet you."


"Well, it's a very delicate boy ..."


"Kent is the only survivor of a caravan that was attacked by monsters on the way through the woods."


"Ah, what the heck, it must have been painful ..."


"Yeah, that's ... Muga ..."


I was hugged by Amanda-san who heard the situation.


Is this the smell of a Volzard mother, which is a mixture of sweat and spices?


Teka, suffocating ...


"Muga ... Moga ... Puha ..."


"Oh, excuse me, so you were Kent, do you have any money? Do you have nay jobs in your hands?"


"Yes, I borrowed money from the guild, I was helping my healer master, but it was just doing chorse, so I can't really call it a job ..."


"That's right ... Well, this month we have only half of it left, so it's okay to have it with next month's rent. That's all."


"Thank you, then with meals, pay in advance for two months ..."


"What are you talking about, the rent is find at the end of every month."


"Is that so? But I would like to pay at some point ..."


"Well, if you want to pay, that's fine, but ... then I'll give you this month's food expenses, he's a rare child ..."


As I learned later, it seems that postpayment is basically normal in this world, and even for requests at the guild, after receiving half the money and the rest being fulfilled ... It seems that everything will be paid when the work is finished.


Instead, it seems that it is a serious violation of etiquette to not pay or discount when the work is finished, and even if the guild won't let you ask again, you can't complain.


In that case, the story that the wicked princess said that she could return to the original world may not be a lie.


After paying two months' rent and trying to show me to the room, my stomach rumbled loudly.


I feel like I get hungrier since I started using magic.


"Oh, you didn't eat lunch, so let's have lunch together, how about the garrison person?"


"If it's okay, then it will be a treat ..."


"Oh, sit at this table, Meisa! Lunch is for four!"


"Aah, why did it suddenly become four people ..."


The girl who popped out of the kitchen was two or three years younger than me, and her hair color was similar to Amanda's, but her appearance was thin and crisp with green eyes.


"Who? This person ..."


"Kent is boarding from today ... Look, say hello."


"Aah, isn't he just going to die again anyway?"


"Idiot! Why would you say that, it's not auspicious ..."


"Ah ... maybe the former boarder ..."

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Amanda talked to me after showing a bitter expression at my question.


"Anyway, you'll understand it sooner or later, yes, the child who was before you dived into the dungeon within a few minutes of boarding, and that was the end ..."


"Oh, do you have a dungeon?"


"There is, but don't dive, it's not a good place!"




When I glanced at Kartz-san, he nodded.


"I can't recommend dungeons even to experienced adventurers, let alone F-rank Kent."


"But if it's a shallow place ..."


"That's ridiculous, what are you talking about, if you enter the dungeon with such a light feeling, you'll just be food for monsters, okay, if you're boarding here, while my eyes are black I won't let you dive into a dungeon, so if you don't like it, get out!"


"Wow, I understand, I understand, I won't dive, or I can't dive now, so it's okay."


Pushed by Amanda-san's sharp words, I promised not to dive, but after all, speaking of a different world, if it's a dungeon, I want to dive.


I was having lunch and started thinking about how to dive into the dungeon.


The room of the boarding house that I was guided to after that was just a room just beside the stairs, and it was about 3 tatami mats in size with a bed, a cupboard, and a table.


There is a small window on the wall at the end, but you can't expect the sun ...


I mean, the beds, cupboards, and tables are just lined up with some wooden boxes.


The bed is made up of five wooden boxes arranged in two rows, and the futon is placed on it. The cupboard is made up of four boxes sideways, and the table is made up of two boxes. That's it.


"Ah, there are still things from the children who were here before you in the box, so you can make use of whatever you can use."


"Oh ... I understand."


Hmm, am I being made fun of, is it unexpectedly a furniture storage?


But Amanda-san freely says that the child who was here before me died in the dungeon.


Well, the things in the shadow storage are also the ones that came from the carriage attacked by the monsters, so I can't be picky.


In this world, it seems that it is basic to use what can be used without waste.


The thing is, I was summoned and then abandoned ... it's too harsh.


I will part with Kartz-san of the garrison here.


"Then, Kent, if anything happens, you can always come to me for consultation."


"Thank you very much for all your help."


"Well, this is my job, so don't overdo it, be well."


"Yes, I'll go report when I've settled down."


I shook hands firmly and strongly and we promised to meet again.


Kartz-san was so kind to me that it made me feel uncomfortable to hide various things.


I'll have to go thank him again later.


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