On my first day at the boarding house, I was busy cleaning up the room and checking what I could use.

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I couldn't expect the room to be sunny, but instead there was a clothesline where I lightly dried the futon and beat the dust.


I expected it, but it smelled a little musty, and when I hit it, a lot of dust fluttered.


In the box, there was a change of clothes for the person who was boarding before, but he seemed to be a fairly well-built person, and I couldn't wear it because it was too big.


The box that was by the bed also contained souvenirs from successive boarders, and there were obvious women's underwear, but I can't wear them either.


No, I won't wear it, because I don't have such a hobby.


After everything, I put the change of clothes I got from the carriage that I had put in the shadow storage in the cupboard.


It's okay if I say I found it in the box.


The light in the room was a magic tool for lighting.


The magic tool has arrived--!


It seems that the light emitting part is made of a material taken from a monster, and it has a light technique engraved on it, and it glows when a magic stone is placed on it.


It's certainly bright when you close the room, darken it, and turn on the light.


It feels like a lantern that lights up with a magic stone battery.


However, even if the light is turned off, it looks normal, probably because of the privilege of a dark attribute mage, so the magic tool is not required.


Amanda-san's food is delicious because she runs a dining room, and if you can eat this every day, you will notice that the room is a little small.


Her daughter, Meisa-chan is helping her, but Amanda-san seems to be running the cafeteria alone, and she doesn't have a husband.


In such a case, I think there is a good reason, so I won't touch on it.


Yeah, I'm a caring guy ... rather, the truth is I didn't care to hear it, yes.


After dinner, I returned to my room saying that I woudl take a rest early because I was still tired.


When I was cleaning up the room, Meisa-chan came to peep at me, so I couldn't be alone.


For what it's worth, I'm sure she's curious about the new co-resident.


I locked the door of the room and finally had time for myself, so I can talk with Reinhardt-san and the others about the future.


However, since the room is small, it is impossible for three people to come out, so I will ask them to wait in the shadow space as it is.


It's from this story that I have to talk about first.


"Hey, it's not the Kingdom of Resenburg ..."


[ No, Kent-sama, I'm surprised, no way, I didn't expect this to happen ... ]


"Hey ... Reinhardt-san and the others are surprised, but what's next?"


The wicked princess, Camilla, told me to appear at the barracks of the city beyond the forest, but it doesn't make sense to appear in the barracks of another country.


Rather than saying that, there is no doubt that it will be troublesome if you get there, so she thought it was impossible, that is, she thought that I would be eaten by monsters and die.


I was actually eaten by a goblin and revived, but I'm angry just thinking about it, this villainous princess, I'll make you cry someday, I'll make you cry on the bed.

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[ Kent-sama, if this is a different country, the princess' aim may not be to usurp the throne. ]


"They might attack Volzard ...?"


[ Yes, that's possible, because it was originally our country. ]


"Hey ..."


According to Reinhardt-san and the others, it is usually unthinkable for monsters to attack beyond the Devil's Forest.


However, if you can use the classmates who were summoned in large numbers as soldiers and all of them can use magic to break through the Devil's Forest, it may not be impossible.


I only walked from the station to the guild and the boarding house, but Kartz-san, Otto-san, and Amanda-san are all kind people, I would hate and invasion of this city.


"What about this city, as Basten-san and Fred-san saw?"


[ It's much more prosperous that it was when we were alive. ]


[ There were no slums ... wonderful ... ]


According to the two scounts, Volzard was better maintained than it used to be, it seemed to be safer, and the people in the city looked brighter.


The training of the garrison was also a sharp movement, and I got the impression that they were well trained.


[ When we were alive, Volzard was prosperous, but I had the impression that it was more rough, it was just like a city where adventurers were aiming for a lot of money. ]


"Then, does the person who governs this city now have good politics?"


[ It's not clear yet, but maybe ... ]


"Hmm ... what's wrong ..."


[ Kent-sama, you're worried, but you don't have to rush to a conclusion, things won't move so quickly. ]


"Well, is that so?"


[ If you are the same age as Kent-sama, no matter how much magic you can use, it usually takes three years to become a soldier, and no matter how urgent it still takes two years. ]


"Well ... that's right."


I've always been a kid since I was in Japan, but even my classmates can't suddenly be a soldier.


It takes years to become a soldier who will fight for another country.


Because, killing each other between humans is impossible for us who grew up in Japan with a peaceful life.


If you find that you have time, you have to collect more information.


In the first place, I don't know if that villainous princess will really attack, and even in the city of Volzard, I just arrived yesterday and I don't know anything, so I don't have enough information to decide my path.


"Fred-san, can you go scouting to the Kingdom of Resenburg?"


[ Leave it to me ... I can go immediately with shadow movement ... ]


"Well, you do have that option ..."


When moving using shadows, if you have been to a place in the past, you can connect to the shadows and move in an instant.

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Even in places you have never been to, you can move by following the shadows in the visible range, so you can move without appearing outside.


"But do you know where everyone is?"


[ It shouldn't be far from the summoning place ... it's okay ... ]


"Then, I ask for a little reconnaissance, Basten-san will continue to investigate Volzard, and Reinhardt-san remain with me."


[ Then, I'll entrust Kent-sama to you, branch leader. ]


[ Leave it to me, don't worry. ]


Even so, the skeleton hidden in the shadow is too much of a cheat.


If you use the shadow space, you can go in and out anywhere, and you can see the outside from the shadow, so you can spy on anything as much as you want.


If you think about it, I myself am free to go in and out of the shadow space, so if necessary, I could go to Resenburg for reconnaissance.


[ So what about Kent-sama? ]


"I ... for the time being, will look for a job in the guild and see the situation of Volzard while working ..."


[ If so, it would be convenient if Kent-sama could also talk in a telepathic way. ]


"Well, if I were the only one talking, people would think I was a strange guy, so let's practice a little."


Reinhardt-san and the others seem to have a magical link with me, and with a little practice, I can now convey my will without speaking out.


Yeah, this doesn't make you think I'm a weird guy with a lot of soliloquy.


Basten-san checked it out, and it seems that today is the 74th year of the new calendar, the 833rd year of the lunar calendar, the 14th day of the 9th month, and the day of light.


It seems that this new calendar is after independence from the Kingdom of Resenburg.


In this world, one year is twelve months, 386 days.


One month is thirty-two days, adding two days for New Year's Eve.


There are eight days in a week, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Dark, Light, Star, and Rest, literally the last day of the week is a holiday.


The holidays are one day a week, but the total of ten days, including the two days of the year and the first week of the first month, and the hottest sixteen days of the second and third weeks of the eight month, It seems that it will be a long vacation.


It's the ninth month now, so long vacations are a long way off.


The currency used to be Burg and is now Helt, but 1 Burg is 1 Helt and it is still in circulation.


Probably because trade is still going on.


The treasure collected in the forest is about 1.7 million Burgs of gold and silver coins, and it seems the total of magic stones exceeds 2 million Burgs.


Besides, there are also cloths and carpets ... Uho, I, Rich Man, all of them are gifts.


Considering the boarding house fee, I don't have to worry if I don't work for the time being, but I will try to work to get to know the inside of Volzard.


I mean, getting a request from the guild, doing the job, and getting a reward, this is the real thrill of another world.


The next day, I ate breakfast, then left the boarding house immediately, and came to the guild, but it was quite crowded.


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In front of the bulletin board where the request was posted, there was a large crowd, and it seems unlikely that we would get close to it.


Uo, I'm working on something.


It's an overwhelming sight, but it feels like a promised sight, and it's exciting.


[ Kent-sama, let's see what kind of work they have. ]


[ Yeah, okay, I'll look at it after it calms down a little ... I also want to see what kind of people are coming and going. ]


[ I see, Kent-sama ... ]


The results of practicing telepathy last night are immediately useful.


I told Reinhardt-san that reason, but I really just want to enjoy this atmosphere a little more.


Looking around, there are people who look like adventurers, people who look like merchants, and people who look like crafstmen.


There seems to be a difference in the bulletin boards that each one looks at.


I wonder if it depends on the rank and the type of work.


When I was watching the guild scene in the morning, I was called out to.


"I haven't seen you before, are you a newcomer?"


"Well, yes, yes, I just came the day before yesterday."


The one who called out was a woman who looked a little older than me, with her pink hair tied behind her head, a little drooping and a feeling of relief.


She has triangular ears springing out, and the butt of her loose trousers like cargo pants has a thick cat-like tail swaying.


Oh, cat ears have arrived--!


She's about 160 cm tall, but my eyes are drawn to the sharp style.


"What are you staring at? Aah?"


When I glanced towards the voice, turning away from looking at the woman's head, a stern looking onii-san was glaring at me.


This one has gray hair and triangular ears, but the shape of the tail looks like a dog.


You don't have to come, dog ears have arrived--!


He seems to be about 180 cm tall, and he also wears cargo pants, lace-up boots, and a cloak that looks like a shortened poncho.


I apologize reflexively.


"Well ... that ... I'm sorry ..."


"Jeez, Gilik why are you so quick to poke at others ... sorry, I'm Muell, and you?"


"Oh, I'm Kent."


"Hey, black hair is rare, where did you come from?"


The hair of people you see in the city was really colorful, but you may not have seen black hair.


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"Well, I've been following a caravan from the west all this time, but we were attacked by monsters in the Devil's Forest ..."


"Eeh! Was it okay?"


"I managed to ... but the others ... Mugu ..."


"Oh, that's ... sorry ... you did your best ..."


If you look down a little and pretend it's painful, you will be hugged tightly and your face will be wrapped in a soft touch ... It's a bit of a pinch.


"Mugu ... Breath ... Fugu ..."


"Yeah ... it tickles, you can't talk there ..."


"How long will this bastard hug Myu-ane! Get away, shoo!"


"Fugu ... ha, ha, I thought I'd die ..."


Do the women of this world have a habit of hugging like Amanda-san?


I really thought I would suffocate.


"Gilik, you can't be violent!"


"No, I wonder if Myu-ane was endangering his life."


"Eh? Is that so?"


Wow, I didn't think I would see 'Tehepero' even tho I came to another world, of course, Muell-san is cute, so I'll forgive you.


Muell-san is said to be a D-rank adventurer who wants to be a pharmacist, and in addition to a large knife, a number of leather bags are hung on the belt wrapped around her waist.


Gilik, who is uselessly big like Funayama, is also a D-rank adventurer and carries a sword on his back.(TN: No honorifics with Gilik, he mustn't like him much.)


Both of them are really adventurers.


"Kent is a freshly registered F rank, so if it's this time of year, it might be better to pick the livre farm."


"Well, it suits a little boy like you."


Livre is a fruit that grows during this period and is used as a raw material for sake.


"Okay, I'll go for a moment, thank you very much."


I was worried about what kind of work I should do, so I decided to try the farm work recommended by Muell-san.


Looking at the bulletin board where the number of people has finally decreased, a request from the livre farm is posted.


Perhaps the farm is large, because the number of people recruited seems to be large.


It is written that there is no limit to the rank to receive the request, and it seems that I can also receive orders for F rank.


When I peeled off a piece of the request paper and took it to the reception desk, the beautiful onee-san was absent, and the older onee-san took care of me in a clerical manner and taught me the way to the farm.


I was looking forward to the guild receptionist onee-san ... Well, I got to know Muell-san, so let's say it's good.


The livre picking work starts from the beginning of the week, the reward is 400 Helts a day, and it is said that a week's live-in includes meals.


For the time being, I decided to look at what kind of place it was by walking.

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