Expectations of the Teachers

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After watching the audience between the knights of Resenburg and Klaus-san, I went to the garrison's dormitory to discuss negotiations with the teachers.


I had dinner at the garrison's cafeteria, but I'm worried that the chairman isn't doing well.


She says she's okay, but she suddenly has to make a decision, so I can't take her word for it.


It seems that Manon, who is with her in the medical office at the garrison's clinic, is taking care of various things, but there is also a part that seems to be a burden to the chairman.


At times like this, I don't know what to say, and I feel sorry for my inexperienced self.


The gazes on me from the surroundings remain strict.


Since the chairman is a girl who was also the spiritual pillar of everyone while they were in Lastock, it is natural that they direct a cold look at me who makes her feel gloomy.


However, I was worried that it would be a mental burden on the chairman again, so I wonder if harem is impossible for me.


At the meeting after dinner, I met with all the teachers.


They all have the desire to return to Japan as soon as possible, and it seems that they also have a strong desire to help me.


On the sofa in the drawing room of the dormitory, Oda-sensei and I are sitting facing each other, Satou-sensei is sitting next to Oda-sensei, and Katou-sensei is sitting next to me.(TN:Again, it should have been Katou not Kato. Like with Satou/Sato. My bad.)


The other teachers brought in chairs for themselves and are watching from the place of their choice.


First, I talked about today's audience and the knights of Resenburg.


When I talked about how the knights raised the prospect of returning to Resenburg tomorrow, Oda-sensei nodded strongly.


"Well, if the maximum outbreak of monsters happened and their city was in danger, they would have fallen."


"Yes, and in order to get back through the Devil's Forest, they need to act with the same number of people, so they wouldn't be able to split up."


"Even so, in the letter to the Lord, the qualities of a 'Maou' ... I feel like I'm being reminded that I'm in a different world ..."


Not only Oda-sensei, but also the other teachers have a bitter smile.


"Well, there may be some convenience from that, but we can't play around forever. I asked Kokubu to put together a lot of information, but according to that, we were summoned. The ritual seems to be time consuming and costly to prepare. Of course, the ritual to send us back should be expected to cost the same amount of time and money."


When Oda-sensei, the facilitator of the meeting, started talking, the teachers all had a difficult expression.


Among them, Katou-sensei, who is sitting next to me, asked me a question.


Katou-sensei is a man in his forties who is in charge of Health and Physical Education, and his head has hair in stripes like a bar code.(TN:Due to balding.)


"Kokubu, how much time and money does the summoning ritual cost?"


"I'm sorry, I'm investigating summoning, but I don't know the details at all."


Fred has thoroughly examined the materials in Camilla's office at Lastock's garrison, but no remarkable materials have been found.


I even had him read Camilla's diary, but it's unclear when she started preparing and how many people were preparing.


If Fred was a real human being, he would have been able to listen to rumors in the town of Lastock, but it is impossible to do so in the form of a skeleton.


"You don't know about the summoning ritual, but what about the repatriation ritual ...?"


"Yes, at the moment ..."


"Can we go back?"


Katou-sensei nodded back at Oda-sensei.


"We've just talked a bit, but Kokubu is looking into it, but there's no information about a repatriation ritual at this point. I want to just think and prepare to proceed with the negotiations."


The other teachers seem to have no objection.


"And if it takes time to prepare for the repatriation ritual, we want to get started as soon as possible, and to do so, we need to urgently draw from Resenburg the decision to return us to the original world."


"How do we make them take that decision ...?"


This time, Oda-sensei nodded at Katou-sensei's words.

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"In order to negotiate, we need to go to Lastock. When it comes to negotiating, it will be myself and Satou-sensei, it takes a day just to go, so first we will write our request in a letter, and then I would like to decide the date and time of the negotiation."


Oda-sensei, who paused a moment, turned his eyes to me and asked.


"Kokubu, if it's just delivering a letter, can you go right away?"


"Yes, that's okay ..."


"If you ask me, it seems that Resenburg will be busy dealing with monsters. Of course, Camilla will have to take command as the person in charge of the measures. We will take advantage of the confusion."


Oda-sensei's idea was like taking hostages to take measures against the upcoming maximal outbreak of Resenburg.


If she refuses to negotiate with us, he will threaten to prevent the measures against the maximal outbreak.


"Teacher ... but if the measures are delayed, the people in the city ..."


"I know, I'm not saying that we will actually interfere, but if you suggest it, can Resenburg refuse to negotiate?"


"That's true ..."


"The hordes of monsters we actually saw, if they rushed to Lastock, would cause great damage. And there is no guarantee that the damage will be limited to just Lastock. If so, not only the First Prince group to which Camilla belongs, but also the Second Prince's group will have to cooperate."


"Oh ... well, the eastern side of Resenburg is the sphere of influence of the Seonc Prince, and if there is any damage from the outbreak ... I see ... I understand, I'll deliver it as soon as the letter is ready. I'll be back!"


"Don't panic, things have timing. For example, even if we write a letter and deliver it to Camilla, the effect will be small."


"Eh ... is that so?"


"Obviously, those who will deliver the information about the outbreak are still in Volzard."


"Ah ... that's right."


Unless Rondal and the others, who came to Volzard as messengers, return to Lastock and report, the information on the maximum outbreak will not be transmitted to Camilla.


Unless she feels the danger of the maximum outbreak, the effect of our request is weak.


"Then, when should I deliver the letter?"


"That's right ... they'll be back in Lastock tomorrow evening, right? Then, the day after tomorrow, it's better to actually start taking measures and realize the delay."


Oda-sensei grinned and smiled a bit wickedly.


"Can I have a moment?"


Nakagawa-sensei, who is in charge of English, called out with his right hand raised lightly.


He is a thin man in his mid-thirties, and his slightly sarcastic words are unpopular with his students.


"I feel that the method is quite confusing. Kokubu can use powerful monsters, so if you go against it, he will kill the inhabitants ... isn't that enough?"(TN:Facepalm ...)


Oda-sensei replied after nodding again and again.


"Certainly, as Nakagawa-sensei says, both are negotiations that take the residents hostage, so Camilla may respond. However, according to Kokubu's investigation, the First Prince group to which Camilla belongs seems to be in need of funds."


The First Prince's group is struggling to raise money because their arable land is concentrated in the western part of Resenburg, which is affected by desertification.


So, even when the knights said that they should summon again after we escaped, they have come to the conclusino that it is financially difficult.


The Seonc Prince's group, on the other hand, seems to have abundant funds as it is concentrated on the eastern side of Resenburg, where income has increased due to rising grain prices.


"In that case, we should say to the Second Prince's group that if they go against it, we will kill the inhabitants."


"Well, but the Second Prince's group aren't really in contact with us, and they don't even know how strong we are. If we threaten them, we're a threat. We have to show that."


"Then, you should actually show it off. Are Kokubu and the others free to move?"


"Just a moment please!"


It was Chisaki-sensei of the Social Studies Department who raised her hand to stop Nakagawa-sensei's words.


A slender woman in her late thirties or early forties, she gives off a slightly nervous impression.


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"Isn't that the same as telling Kokubu to do terrorist acts by using the method that Nakagawa-sensei says? I can't order a student to do that ..."


"No, it's not the time to be saying such a naive thing. We have to use any means to return to the original world ..."


"If you use the method that Oda-sensei says, you don't have to actually commit terrorist acts, right? If so, we should adopt that method."


"Is is actually possible to get through to the Princess by saying such a naive thing? In fact, Kokubu was stabbed during the rescue operation. They don't think anything of killing us at all."


"Even so, we will live in peaceful Japan when we return to the original world, and I don't agree with the way of using violence to solve things."


"That's naive, so naive, Chisaki-sensei. It doesn't make sense if you can't go home."


"Umm ... Can I chime in a moment?"


It was Satou-sensei who broke into the dispute between Nakagawa-sensei and Chisaki-sensei.


"Kokubu's power is indispensable for negotiations from now on. We can't go to Lastock without an escort, and the trump card for negotiations is Kokubu's strength. And that Kokubu ... ... you're going to stay in this world, right?"


I answered Satou-sensei's question after nodding once.


"Yes ... there are so many people in Volzard who need me ..."


"Even with the method that Nakagawa-sensei says, if you want to return to the original world, you don't have to worry about your evaluation in this world. The accompanying evaluation will follow later. I am against the method of degrading Kokubu's evaluation."


When Satou-sensei finished speaking, Oda-sensei called out to Nakagawa-sensei.


"Nakagawa-sensei, can we proceed in my way for the time being? If that doesn't work, we will consider hard-line measures."


"Hmm, it can't be helped, it's true that we have to rely on Kokubu ..."


Having said that, it seems that Nakagawa-sensei is not very convinced.


Suddenly a hand was placed on my shoulder and I was surprised when I turned around, to find Katou-sensei staring at me.


"Kokubu, do you really not have to go back to Japan? Aren't your parents worried?"


"Um ..."


Explaining my family situation, not only Katou-sensei but also the other teachers had complicated expressions.


"Well, so it was such a situation ... But Kokubu, there is a bond between parents and children, so if you we can return to Japan and you still feel that you will remain, write a letter. Write in the letter the gratitude you have for being raised and the honest feelings you have in mind. I will definitely deliver it to your parents ..."


"Yes, thank you for that time."


Well, if I want to stay in this world, I have to tell them why I chose it and the feelings I have had so far.


Also, if the chairman chooses me and stays with me, I have to write a letter to the chairman's parents.


But what should I write about? Give me your daughter ... a greeting? Wow ... I'm really embarrassed.


"Are you okay? Kokubu ..."


"Huh? Uh ... oh, it's okay, just a little upset ..."


Oops ... I entered my own little world and was holding my head. It's a little bad.


Oda-sensei looked a little suspicious, but resumed the meeting.


"The basic flow of negotiations is like this, and the next thing we request is, instead of compromising from the beginning, we should start with a strong request."


Oda-sensei's request for Resenburg is actually the same as what I wase talking about with the first five people I rescued.


Repatriation of all of us to the original world, apology for mistreatment, and compensation for inconvenience.


"The currency Helt seems to be about 10 yen based on the prices I looked around when shopping for daily necessities. What we demand from Resenburg is compensation for the bereaved family of Funayama who died, and to us. The former is 30 million Helts, the latter is 200,000 Helts per person, and the total is 70 million Helts."


Since one Helt is calculated as 10 yen, it means 700 million yen.


Oda-sensei presented specific numbers, but it seems that the other teachers don't agree on the point because of the large amount of money.


"Teacher, I think it will be a considerable amount of money when it comes to 70 million Helts, but will Camilla pay?"


"Kokubu, as I said earlier, this is the starting point. Of course, Resenburg should refuse to pay or ask for a reduction. For me personally, even if there is no inconvenience fee, I don't mind as long as I can return to Japan, but I would like to withdraw compensation for Funayama's bereaved family at all costs."


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The words from Oda-sensei made me feel a strong determination.


The other teachers are also tightening their facial expressions, and at the same time they feel guilty about Funayama, who was killed because they couldn't do anything, and at the same time, they may feel resentment towards Resenburg.


"We will use this amount as the starting point to proceed with negotiations while making concessions, but there are some problems that need to be resolved. One of them is how to determine whether the repatriation magic exists."


The existence of the repatriation magic is doubtful, but there is a concern that Camilla will deceive us and we will fall into a trap when she repatriates us.


Gather us on the magic circle where a large-scale explosion occurs and get rid of us all at ocne ... If it's someone like Camilla, it may well be done.


Of course, we can't detect magical traps, so it seems that we have to hire someone from this world.


"Kokubu, could you introduce someone who is familiar with such things, or ask in the guild?"


"Yes, I'll ask about it tomorrow."


Oda-sensei nodded and then continued.


"One more thing, compensation and nuisance fees are meaningless to receive in this currency, so I'm planning to have them pay in precious metals that are also valuable in Japan. It's better to receive them in pure gold, considering common sense. I think, but the question is how to check the truth."


Oda-sensei turned his eyes to the teacher who had been like air from the beginning of the meeting.


"Furudate-sensei, can you appraise gold?"


"Is it me?"


Oda-sensei nodded silently.


Furudate-sensei is the youngest teacher in his twenties and is a Science teacher who feels a little airy.


"Well ... gold is the heaviest metal ... oh, the specific density varies depending on the purity, but if you measure the specific density to some extent ... the rest is a very stable metal, so if you have nitric acid I wonder if I can confirm the authenticity ... Oh, it doesn't stick to magnets."


"Is it possible to check if you are prepared?"


"Well, well ... that's what I've heard, but I've never done it, and it's a considerable amount of money, isn't it? I'm a little unsure ..."


It feels a little pitiful, but it's a lot of pressure to check for 700 million yen worth of money, isn't it?


"That, Oda-sensei ..."


"What is it Kokubu, do you have a good idea?"


"How about receiving it in this currency and having it exchanged for gold in the Volzard Guild?"


"Hmm, that's right, that's more reliable and credible."


Knowing that he wouldn't have to act as a gold appraiser, Furudate-sensei took a deep breath and relaxed his shoulders.


"I think that other than that we just have to decide on negotiations at this point ... but, is there anything else?"


"Umm teacher ... about the repatriation ceremony ..."


I talked with Yagi and the others before, and I was told that if we were to be repatriated to our original location, we could fall from the height of the third floor above the ground to the rubble or to the construction site under construction.


"Well ... yes, I didn't think about that ..."


"But we can't be sure what's going on at school right now."


"Is the repatriation magic something that sends us back by specifying coordinates?"


"No, I have no idea even if you ask me ..."


Even if Oda-sensei looks around, it seems that the other teachers also have no idea.


"Why were we chosen in the first place?"


When Oda-sensei asked, everyone wracked their brains and thought about it all at once.


"Coordinates ... it's hard to think of ..."


Surprisingly, Furudate-sensei was the first to open his mouth.


"Even if you turn the globe and throw darts, it doesn't always stick to the place where people are. Let alone from another world, it would be impossible to summon the person you want by specifying the coordinates."

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Certainly, as Furudate-sensei says, the probability is too bad if you pinpoint the selection from the infinite possibilities.


You don't spend a lot of time and money on perparations that will do such an inefficient thing.


"If so, does it mean that it has to meet some conditions?"


"Maybe that's more likely. They said they summoned soldiers instead of heroes. Maybe it's the number, age, or degree of culture."


Unlike when he was about to be given the role of a gold appraiser, Furudate-sensei arranged his words in a coherent manner.


"Wait a minute ..."


"What's wrong, Chisaki-sensei?"


"If we were summoned because we met the conditions, not the coordinates, can they identify the original location to send us back?"


Chisaki-sensei's words may be the words that everyone here couldn't say even though they thought them.


"Then, is Chisaki-sensei saying that there is no repatriation magic?"


"I don't know, Princess Camilla can't do it unless the summoning magic is a set with the repatriation magic ... I think she said it was something like that ..."


Although Chisaki-sensei answered Nakagawa-sensei's question, she still feels only half-confident.


"At that time, I thought she was saying that summoning and repatriation were a set because it would be a problem if an unexpected thing came out, but if they could only send us back immediately after summoning ..."


"Does Furudate-sensei also thing there is no repatriation magic?"


"No, that's ..."


When asked by Nakagawa-sensei in a strong tone, Furudate-sensei looked down at once, but raised his face with a slightly determined look.


"Well, I think it's more likely that there is no repatriation magic."


"You, such an irresponsible thing ..."


"So, is Nakagawa-sensei convinced that there is repatriation magic? Is there any basis?"


"No, the basis ... I would be in trouble if there was no way to go home in the first place."


"Hmm ... how about, if we could withdraw money from Resenburg for a lifetime, it wouldn't be so troublesome ..."


"What are you talking about, what are the students going to do!"


"Isn't it possible to survive if we can withdraw compensation from Resenburg? This world is scientifically behind, but the level of life such as hygiene is not low, and I think it's interesting to create a new culture ..."


"Don't joke around! I have a wife and children. I have a family I have to go home to!"


"But even if you tell me that, I can't do anything about it."


"You ..."


"That's enough!"


It seems that both Nakagawa-sensei and Furudate-sensei regained their senses with the powerful voice of Kato-sensei.


"Nakagawa-sensei, I also have a family and I can understand your anxiety, but even if we fight, things will not improve. Let's keep calm. Furudate-sensei, it's necessary to change, but please have a little more consideration. There must be many students who are worried."


"I'm sorry ... I got a bit carried away, because I'm anxious."


"I'm sorry ... I was a little lacking in consideration."


Katou-sensei looked at him, and Oda-sensei took over.


"I don't know anything about repatriation magic yet, so don't be pessimistic. If you have nothing else to worry about, I'd like to leave it at this today, is that okay?"


None of the teachers disagreed with Oda-sensei's statement.


Katou-sensei and Oda-sensei seem to be calm, but I think they still feel uneasy in their hearts.


I'm thinking of staying in this world, and yet, while I think it's easy in a sense, I wanted to send everyone back to Japan.


Oh, by the way, Ayako-sensei wasn't here, but ... Does she not think she's a teacher?

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