Camilla's ability to respond

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The next morning, the knights of Resenburg left Volzard in a hurry.


Until the midpoint between Lastock and Volzard, they were repeatedly attacked by goblins and kobolds and were forced to struggle and lost four horses, but none of them chased after they broke through the Devil's Forest.


Of course, we were going to watch from the shadows along the way and help if it was really dangerous, but it seemed that their fighting skill and judgment were excellent since they were selected as part of the messenger party.


[ Reinhardt, aren't there too many goblins around Volzard? ]


[ That's right, there is a fear that the grain market will skyrocket if it is left as it is. ]


[ Is it possible to think them out to the extent that it doesn't rob the adventurers of their work? ]


[ It's up to you, aoso, the messengers of Resenburg are back, and everyone is a little bored. Let's defeat some of the pack and have them cannibalize them, and collect the magic stones when they become higher species. ]


[ Yeah, that's OK, but ... it feels like we're cultivating goblins. ]


[ Buhahaha, that's certainly true. Let's grow goblins to make money. ]


When Reinhardt gave out instructions, Zae-tachi and Art-tachi were happy to go out.(TN:Tachi = 'The group of, and including, #Name'. I give up, I'll just use tachi instead of '#Name and the others' after this. If it seems weird to you guys, I can maybe change it to '#Name's group' but that sounds awkward.)


Yeah, it feels like they're going to be eradicated.


As the sun set, the knights who left the Devil's Forest galloped their horses towards the drawbridge, slowing down a bit, but not showing any signs of resting.


They make their horses drink water before the drawbridge descends, and advance their horses as soon as the drawbridge descends.


"Hey Paul, why didn't you stay at Volzard for a few days?"


"Well, somehow, Volzard was hit by a goblin maximum outbreak."


"What, is that true?"


"We also want to just laze around. But it's about time the winds change, and the next target is Lastock."


"That's certainly true ... but what should I do?"


"You should be sent instructions soon, keep everyone ready to move."


While Paul is talking to the knights on the drawbridge, the other knights are galloping their horses towards the garrison.


After arriving at the garrison, the party began to act without showing any signs of clearing the dirt off when they got off their horses.


Rondal and Levic headed for Camilla's office.


Rondal looked at the guarding knight and knocked on the door without hesitation.


"Who is it!"


"It's Rondal, I'm back from Volzard!"


Camilla, looking through the papers, stopped and glared at the door when she heard that Rondal was back.


"Come in!"


"Yes! Excuse me."


Camilla's eyes widened as if she was a little surprised at Rondal, who was dressed in dusty armor and looked angry, but had a strong will in his eyes.


"What's wrong, nobody ..."


"No, everyone arrived at Lastock safely."


"So what happened, did you get attacked? Did you deliver the letter safely?"


"Yes! I definitely hadned the letter to Klaus Volzard."


"And what's the reply?"


"Those who escaped have not reached Volzard."


"... That was the answer?"


"No, I don't think they would have been able to reach Volzard."


"Hmm ... what do you mean?"


"Camilla-sama, Volzard was hit by a goblin maximum outbreak."


"What did you say!"


The always calm Camilla hit the desk and stood up.


"How big was it?"


"The area around Volzard was filled with goblins, and even the ground was invisible."


"Fill the ground ... how many?"


"It seems that Volzard doesn't know the exact number, but he said it was in the hundreds of thousands or possibly more than a million."


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"One million ..."


Even for Camilla, it seemed that she hadn't expected the number of one million, and she froze for a moment with wide eyes.




"What ..."


"Before the maximum outbreak of goblins, there were outbreaks of hundreds of rock ogres and orcs."


Camilla involuntarily covered her eyes with her right hand and took a deep breath.


"Is it possible the information was wrong?"


"When we headed to Volzard, goblins and kobolds were moving around at a density we have never experienced before."


"Well, you did well to return safely."


"Yes, I left Volzard early in the morning, so on the way home we were hit harder and lost four horses."


"What, then how did you come back?"


"Yes, Volzard prepared us with twelve horses for our return trip. All of them were hand-picked horses, half of them were riderless horses, and the injured horses were abandoned. And we were able to get through."


"What ... did Volzard give such consideration?"


"Yes, we are knights who protect the people, even though the country is different ..."


After opening her eyes, Camilla slowly closed her eyes again, took a second breath, and then opened her eyes.


"Do you think we can protect Lastock if it is hit by a maximal outbreak of the same scale?"


"No, the amount of water in the river is decreasing due to the dry season, and it seems that it will allow them to cross the river and invade the city."


"Immediately start planning measures!"


 Levic stepped forward at Camilla's words.


"Camilla-sama, here is a draft that we thought of while we were in Volzard. Please consider measures based on this."


"You ... well done, that's why you're a Knight of Resenburg."


Camilla was in a good mood and loosened her mouth, and then she began to read the documents she was handed.


However, as she read several of them, deep wrinkles were carved between Camilla's eyebrows.


"Rondal, Levic, do you think we'll be in time?"


"To be honest, we don't think we can make it in time."


"Camilla-sama, I think it would be better if you asked for help from His Majesty the King."


"Well, ok, I approve all of this plan. Get started right away with people, materials, money, and get it done in time!"




Rondal and Levic rushed out of Camilla's office, as if they had forgotten their exhaustion of traversing the Devil's Forest.


Camilla who remained, cleaned up the documents she had spread out and began to reconfirm the drafts that Rondal and his colleagues had come up with.


After confirming, Camilla wrote on three sheets of paper while holding a pen and matching the numbers.


Finally, after checking the numbers again, Camilla then wrote three letters.


She attached the paper with the numbers written on them to each letter, put them in three envelopes, and sealed them with wax.


They are addressed to Alexis, her father. The First Prince Alphonse, and the Second Prince Bernhardt.


Camilla seems to be determined to repel the disaster that will break out in Lastock, even if it requires the help of the Second Prince Bernhardt, with whom she continues to be hostile.


"Bacchus, take a swift horse to the royal castle!"




Bacchus, who was handed the letters, rushed out of the office.


[ Basten, take some kobolds, can you explore the situation of the royal castle? ]


[ Understood, I'll take six of them for contact purposes. ]


Basten-tachi immediately chased after Bacchus.


Camilla instructed her secretary to deliver the letters and began to scrutinize the contents of the draft.


It seems that the items written in the draft are prioritized and written out, and the parts that seem to be excessive or deficient are corrected.


Her figure is that of a normal officer who is familiar with the business, and it is far from the normal image of a Princess.


[ What do you think? Reinhardt. ]


[ Frankly, she is a talented general. She doesn't hesitate to ask her political opponents for help when she sees a national danger. ]


[ That's right ... I mean, I was just looking at the dark battle between the First and Second Princes, and I forgot that the current King is still alive. ]

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[ According to Basten's research, the current King Alexis Resenburg seems to be opportunistic and not very well respected by the public. ]


[ Will there be any effect for Camilla to have written a letter? ]


[ Kent-sama, he's the current King, so it's okay to just ask the Second Prince for help and not report to the King. ]


[ Yes, that's right. ]


While I was talking to Reinhardt, Camilla continued to work with tremendous concentration.


She assigns the people who will be in charge of the measures that have been prioritized and written out.


However, the pen stopped halfway, and the fingertips of her left hand began to hit the desk steadily in an irritated manner.


[ Maybe there aren't enough people. ]


[ Well, is that so? You can see it well. ]


[ Buhahaha, I wasn't the Branch Leader for no reason. There may be an intention to avoid conflict with the Second Prince, but the personnel at this garrison are not enough. ]


Camilla's troops at Lastock's garrison are just under 120, not enough troops for everything.


[ It seems that she asked the First Prince for reinforcements, but will they come? ]


[ Well, because Camilla is in the First Prince's faction, right? Speaking of countermeasures for the maximum outbreak, reinforcements will come soon, right? ]


[ I wonder if the Second Prince will let them through ... ]


[ Because it's a national crisis. In the event of a maximal outbreak, the first to suffer will be the eastern part of Resenburg, where the Second Prince's faction is gathering. ]


[ That's right, but will the Second Prince really trust Camilla's words. ]


[ But Camilla is also requesting support from the Second Prince. Won't he trust her? ]


[ How could he? He's too dazzled by the throne. ]


Reinhardt predicts that even if the First Prince's reinforcements come, it will be after the Second Prince's forces have entered Lastock and confirmed that measures are actually being taken to counter the maximal outbreak.


Camilla seems to have rushed a messenger to the royal capital on a fast horse, so each of them will be informed tomorrow morning.


After that, they will have to consider whether to send reinforcements, and Reinhardt predicts that the Second Prince will move the day after tomorrow.


[ No, no, isn't that too late? It's a maximum outbreak, it's a national crisis. ]


[ Kent-sama hasn't seen any aristocrats other than Klaus-dono and Camilla, so you might think so, but I think it's still early. ]


If it's a talented aristocrat, they will respond immediately to the news, but if it's an ordinary aristocrat, they will start by checking the facts.


After confirming that the news is true, they will finally discuss countermeasures and take action.


[ Eh ... does it take that much time? ]


[ It takes time to confirm the facts and discuss countermeasures, they have to explore the situation of other powers before taking action, so it's no wonder it takes more time. ]


Appearance, face, power struggle ... It seems that the aristocrats cannot move unless they take into account the gaze of others, the power relations inside the faction, and the steps that do not go down.


[ But the Second Prince is a sharp and able person, and there is a possibility that support will come soon, right? ]


[ The information gathered by Basten makes it seem unlikely. If they're out of luck in the first place, they'll be more proactive in taking advantage of the fact that the First Prince's faction is exhausted by the effects of desertification. ]


[ Hmm ... Is it better to wait for a while to request negotiations with us? ]


[ Well, if you want to pull out the Second Prince and get funding, it's better to wait until they have a sense of crisis. ]


[ But if a maximum outbreak occurs while we wait for it, and if there is a great deal of damage, there will no longer be a ritual for compensation or repatriation. ]


[ That's right, it's quite difficult to set up. ]


If a maximal outbreak occurs before the countermeasures are completed, it may be necessary to have all my genus play an active role in order to curb the damage to Resenburg.


[ Reinhardt, the only way to protect Lastock is to use the river, right? ]


[ That's right. It has a big role as a natural water moat. ]


[ In Volzard, the dead goblins gathered under the walls and it was a dangerous situation, but Lastock is in a similar situation, isn't it? ]


[ Well, if the corpses make the river shallow, there is a danger of crossing the river all at once. ]


[ Well ... hmm ... ]


[ What do you want to do? ]


In Volzard, the goblin corpses were dropped into the shadow space and cleaned up, but if I try to do the same thing in the river, a lot of water is likely to flow in.


I was able to leave the corpses of the Salamanders and goblins there temporarily, so I feel that the capacity is okay, but if the river water flows into the shadow space, the amount of water downstream will decrease and it will have an adverse effect.


[ Is it better to think of another method? ]


[ That's right, in this case, it's okay if it's partially scraped. ]


[ Partially ... ? ]


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[ If you cut it partially, the river will wash it away. ]


[ Oh, yeah ... the flow of the river? ]


[ To put it differently, you should aim at the part that is obstructing the flow and cut it. ]


At the walls of Volzard, I was the only one to clean up the corpses no matter how long I waited.


However, in the case of Lastock, if the river flows normally, the monsters cannot cross.


[ By the way, Kent-sama, I feel that our role was to interfere with the measures against the maximum outbreak when the negotiations with Resenburg broke down ... ]


[ Yeall, well, in negotiations it seems like it's a bargain, but to be honest, I don't want to get in the way. It's a lot of damage to the citizens ... ]


[ Maybe ... In Kent-sama's case. However, if you do not make some kind of demonstration, you may not be able to bring it into the negotiations. ]


[ That's right ... During the rescue operation, I focused on avoiding bloodshed and putting them to sleep, so only two people, Gert and Paul, actually experienced the power of Reinhardt-tachi. ]


[ Then, will this me and the rest go into their camp and rampage? ]


[ Hmm ... isn't that just what Reinhardt wants to do? ]


[ Well, that's not the case. Yes, it's just a demonstration. ]


Occasionally, my thoughts seem to leak to Reinhardt and the rest, but now I understand that Reinhardt's feelings can be picked up.


[ Hmm ... But ... ]


[ Don't worry, I'll take care of it. ]


[ Well, if there is an injury that seems to be dangerous, I wonder if I should treat it ... ]


[ We, well then ... ]


[ I'll handle it if such a situation happens. ]


Somehow Reinhardt looks like a large dog waiting for a walk.


After issuing the messenger, Camilla seems to concentrate on planning countermeasures, and since there seems to be no movement today, I decided to return to Volzard.


[ Then Fred, please monitor Camilla. ]


[ Leave it to me ... ]


I returned to Volzard and told Oda-sensei what Camilla-tachi were like.


Oda-sensei was also surprised at the slow movement of Resenburg.


"Is it really that time consuming?"


"Since it's the words of Reinhardt, who was the former knight's Branch Leader, I think it is unquestionable, but what will happen in reality ..."


"I see ... I'm writing a draft of the letter to be sent to Resenburg. I'm planning to finish it in the afternoon with the other teachers tomorrow morning. The timing to send the letter is tomorrow. I want to decide by looking at the state of Lastock. Will you scout for another day?"


"Yes, I'm also exploring the situation at the royal capital, so I think I can deliver that information as well."


After nodding sharply, Oda-sensei turned his gaze upwards to think a little and then started talking.


"After that, there is a part that depends on the other party's appearance, but when it comes to negotiations, it is necessary to move to Lastock. Is there a good method?"


"Well, I wonder if the plan of pulling a small carriage with my genus is the most reliable ... When the date and time are decided, I will try to rent a carriage or talk to the garrison."


"I'm sorry, I rely on Kokubu for everything."


"No, I think it's a time for everyone to use what they can."


The one-horse carriage in the garrison warehouse would be a reasonable size.


By the time the meeting with Oda-sensei was over, it was completely dark.


Amanda-san's shop is about to settle down, so when I left the garrison's dormitory to go back to my boarding house and have dinner, I was stopped by a boy from another class.


"Kokubu, do you have a minute?"


"Yeah, it's okay ..."


Because our classes are different, the boy whose name I don't know is the type who looks like an adult wearing glasses.


Prompted to follow him, I went to the pathway between the dormitories, and several boys were waiting.


There are no street lights around, only the light leaking from the rooms on the second floor, so it's probably dim, but I have good night vision and I can see their moody expressions.


"Um ... what's the matter?"


"Bastard, aren't you getting a bit carried away?"


"Stop it! You promised to talk calmly."


One boy tried to poke in, but another stopped him.


There are a total of seven boys, including the boy who first called out to me, but all of them are the non-athletic type.


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Perhaps he was the coordinator, a tall lanky boy broached the subject as their representative.


"Probably, I think you know it a bit, our talk is about Asakawa-san."


"Yeah, so ...?"


"Frankly, we want Asakawa-san to be free. We don't want to see Asakawa-san suffering."


As if the words of the representative were the spark, the other boys also opened their mouths.


"Because of you, yesterday and today, she's been trying hard the whole time."


"I'm grateful for your help, but it is terrible to force such a decision."


"I know you want to stay. If you can use that much magic, but Asakawa-san should be free."


"It's not the same as getting married in Japan, you'll never see your family again."


"Asakawa-san may like you too, but to make her choose between her family and you ... it's terrible."


"Isn't it too greedy to take Asakawa-san when you already have two other cute girls?"


"Abandon your family, but there are two other women ... isn't that too cruel?"


As the chairman who supported everyone at Lastock, it is natural that there is such a reaction, and I think that everyone is correct.


Sure, in Japan you can meet your family even if you get married, but if she chooses to stay in Volzard, she won't be able to meet them again.


When asked if I currently have the right to force her to make that choice, my heart is shaken.


"We are outsiders, so I know we don't have the right to say this. I know, but I can't see Asakawa-san like that."


"Shouldn't you withdraw for Asakawa-san?"


"You probably like Asakawa-san, so let her be free."


"That would be the best choice for Asakawa-san."


If they're swearing at me, I might be repulsed and make fun of them, but if they calmly persuade me, I can't find words to return.


"Uwa, gross!"


When everyone looked up at the words that suddenly came down, there was a person looking down from the window on the second floor.


"Who is it!"


The boys surrounding me don't seem to be able to see her face because she's backed by the lights in the room, but the one looking down is Kizawa Sumika.


"What, it's for Asakawa-san? Isn't it because you want to kick down Kokubu so you can take over his position?"


"What did you say, who are you! Are you on Kokubu's side!"


"Uwaaa, what an idiot. I'm hostile to Kokubu myself, just confess your intention is to aim at Asakawa."


"D, don't joke around! We from the bottom of our hearts want for Asakawa-san ..."


"Disgusting! It was so disgusting I got goosebumps! For Asakawa-san's sake ... Gross, your stalker's constitution is showing."


"You ... S, stalker ... don't screw with me!"


The boys who surrounded me screamed, and several people looked down while opening other windows to see what happened.


"See, the number of spectators has increased, and if you think you're in the right, keep going."


"What, what, what are you talking about?"


"Hey, we can't see what you're talking about ..."


The classmates who appeared are curious at the words of Kizawa Sumika and are watching over the situation.


"D, damnit, I'll remember this ..."


"Uwaa, your small-fry feeling is exposed, or rather, you don't have the guts to confess your feelings, you trash."


The boys who surrounded me broke away.


"Thank you, Kizawa-san, I'm saved."


"Haa? Don't be stupid, who would help you, you trash!"


"Eeeh ..."


"If you drive away the cockroaches that flock to the trash, the trash will still be trash, so don't get me wrong! You trash!"(TN:Tsundere is saying that trash is better than cockroaches.)


"Eeeh ..."


Kizawa Sumika just said what she wanted to say, then withdrew her face and closed the window.


The classmates who were looking out the other windows also closed their windows one after another, feeling that the commotion was over.


I feel a little tired when left alone in the dark.


Let's dive into the shadows and go back to the boarding house.

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