Cheat Magician (Hazure Hantei) Chapter 84

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Royal Capital Aldaros



The biggest difference between Lastock and Volzard is the existence of the river.


In the rainy season, the width of the river is about 50 meters, and you need a boat to cross places other than the drawbridge.


Lastock does not have a wall like Volzard, as this river acts as a natural moat.


For example, even if a group of about 100 monsters tries to cross, you can repel them by lining up the knights along the riverbank and attacking with magic or a bow and arrow.


After all, the attacked opponent can't move very well in the water, so you just aim at it unilaterally.


In addition, the flow of the river will wash away the blood, so there is no need to worry about attracting new monsters.


Probably because the city was built by relying on the river, the houses lined up are also normal.


They're not as sturdy as Dino's house on the Libre Plantation, nor are they equipped with shutters like Volzard's houses.


And it seems that they did not prepare evacuation facilities like in Volzard.


[ Reinhardt, I feel like there is a big difference with Volzard. ]


[ That's true, probably because they prioritized pioneering, they didn't even think about preparing for a maximum outbreak. ]


[ I see ... but that's pretty bad, isn't it? ]


[ Well, if a maximum outbreak occurs in the current state and a swarm of monsters crosses the river, I feel that the residents won't be able to evacuate. ]


The day after Rondal-tachi returned to Lastock, the city of Lastock was literally like the inside of a beehive.


It feels like all the people in the city, regardless of age or sex, are running around to take measures.


However, one thing that surprised me was that even though there were talks about a maximum outbreak ... Lastock might be dangerous ... few people tried to escape from the city.


If it were a similar situation in Japan, there would be traffic jams caused by people who put together their household items and tried to escape.


[ There may be reasons, but one is that the inhabitants of Lastock are those who migrated from the west side of the desertified Resenburg, and the surrounding area is under the sphere of influence of the Second Prince, and there is no place to escape to. ]


For the inhabitants, Lastock is a new world and a bridgehead for the future development of the Devil's Forest.


Losing Lastock also means losing the hope of their comrades, who are suffering from desertification, so they seem to want to protect it at all costs.


[ The other is probably Camilla's desire. ]


Camilla goes out to the city in the morning and gives out instructions one after another while checking the actual situation.


When asked by the residents, she will answer with a smile without hesitation, and will immediately dispel their anxiety.


Because Camilla does not look down at them from above, but looks at things from the same level as the residents, listens to the voices of the residents, and talks about protecting the city together, there are few people who would abandon their prized city and run away.


[ Looking at this situation, I think that if you tell me that by interfering with their measures, they will definitely accept the negotiations, but it feels like I'd be a bad guy. ]


[ But Kent-sama, the other party is that Camilla. If you don't exploit her weaknesses, it's difficult to meet your demands. ]


[ That's right ... ]


Even if I know that we need a way to hold the inhabitants hostage in order to gain an advantage in negotiations with Camilla, I don't feel like it.


It was a difficult situation, but while I was watching the people of Lastock who were running around to take measures without losing hope, I was given a suggestion by Reinhardt.


[ Kent-sama, why don't you take a look at the situation in the royal capital? ]


[ Well, yeah, if Basten is a landmark, I can easily go to the royal capital. ]


[ That's right. In the future, there is no guarantee that negotiations won't be held with the King, the First Prince, and the Second Prince. It's better to visit once. ]


[ Well, I know the situation in Lastock, so let's go once. Fred, is it okay to ask you for this reconnaissance? ]


[ OK ... Leave it to me ... ]


Lastock's reconnaissance was handed to Fred while I headed to the royal capital with Reinhardt.


If I use Basten, who is scouting in the royal capital, as a landmark, I can easily go the distance that would normally take days by horse-drawn carriage, so shadow movement is extremely convenient.


The royal capital, Aldaros, is located slightly east of present-day Resenburg and slightly north of the city, and is a water town where the four-storied water moat also serves as a waterway.


Across the first water moat from the huge royal castle is the aristocratic district, across the water moat from there is the public district where schools, government offices, theaters, etc are lined up, across the third moat is the commercial and industrial district, and across the fourth, outside the moat, is the area comprised of farmland where commoners live.


There is a tall tower in the royal castle, and the view overlooking from there was a masterpiece.


[ Uwaaaaa ... it's amazing, it's the royal capital indeed, it's so wide ... ]


[ Buhahaha, it's originally a place that only the royal family can enter, but thanks to being a member of Kent-sama's genus, I was able to enter. No, it's a superb view! ]


No matter how tall the tower of the royal castle is, it is less than half the height of the skyscrapers in Tokyo.

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However, since there are no tall buildings around, you can enjoy a 360-degree view.


The outermost moat is approximately where the Yamanote line would be.


[ Four to five times as large as Volzard ... No, the town extends outside the moat, so is it about ten times as large? ]


[ The royal capital draws water from a lake in the northeast, which is also used as domestic water. ]


It seems that there is a magic tool for purification in this world, and domestic wastewater is also purified before being returned, so the water in the moat is clear and fish are swimming.


The moat also serves as a canal, and a waterway connecting the moat is also created.


Of course, such channels are equipped with locks to block them in an emergency.


[ So Basten, how are things in the royal capital? ]


[ Yes, the King instructed the Chancellor to dispatch reinforcements, the First Prince instructed his faction to prepare to send reinforcements at any time, and the Second Prince was scouting the other camps, and both camps took measures. I think it's in the process of being worked out. ]


[ Then, at least the reinforcements from the King will be dispatched soon, right? ]


[ No Kent-sama, it's still in flux. ]


[ Why, didn't the King order the dispatch? ]


[ Yes, but it seems to be stagnating at the Chancellor's end. ]


[ Well ... is he stopping it? ]


[ That's right ... ]


According to Basten, the Chancellor is looking at the situation of the two Princes.


In Resenburg, the Chancellor is appointed by the King to take charge of the country's business.


The work of the Chancellor is diverse, and it is said that a talented Chancellor may remain at the post even if the King changes.


To put it the other way around, an incompetent Chancellor is a waste of money if the King changes.


[ Then, isn't it all the more necessary to dispatch reinforcements quickly? ]


[ If you think about it normally, that's right, but dispatching may benefit either Prince, and of course it costs money, so if there is no maximum outbreak, it will be a waste of money. The money spent is, so to speak, the property inherited by the next King, so if you waste it ... ]


[ Uwaaaa ... so annoying. Why are they thinking such troublesome things? Even while doing this, it wouldn't be strange if a maximum outbreak is heading for Lastock. ]


[ Kent-sama, this is the creature called an aristocrat. ]


Camilla is so irritating that I want to make her cry someday, but I feel a little sympathetic to her in this situation.


No, not that. If I am sympathizing, it's with the Lastock residents.


[ But if it takes so long to decide one thing, it wouldn't be strange if the country continually collapsed. ]


[ For general events, if they follow the guidelines, there will be no particular problems. ]


[ But desertification is progressing ... oh, it's not a general thing ... ]


[ Still, as a countermeasure against desertification, about 15 years ago, it seems that the western residents were relocated to the east side and carried out a large-scale reclamation project, adn the city that was created at that time was Lastock. ]


[ For the time being, they have taken measures. ]


[ That's right, but it seems that no action has been taken since then. I think that desertification of the cultivated area on the west side would not have been as problematic as it is now if they had a soil-type mage and a water-type mage working together to take countermeasures. ]


[ Does that mean that the decision to take countermeasures has not yet been made? ]


[ Probably ... ]


Resenburg when Basten was alive, and the current Resenburg, have different territories, and may be strictly different countries.


However, if you trace the origin, if the country you lived in is in the current situation, it is no wonder that Basten has a reluctant face.


[ Hey, what kind of person is the King? I want to see him for a moment. ]


[ Would you like to see him? ]


[ Well, can I not see him? ]


[ No, it's not bad ... I understand, I'll show you. ]


Somehow, I was guided crisply by Basten and in no time, went to take a look into the King's room.


[ Hmm ... it's no wonder Basten is hesitant. ]


[ I'm very sorry. ]


The current King, Alexis Resenburg, was in the bathroom.

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He is perhaps in his mid-fifties, he is plump and has a double chin.


His complexion was strangely reddish-black and looked unhealthy, and he had young women serving him and was drinking alcohol in the middle of the day.


[ This is the King? ]


[ Yes, it is. ]


[ Isn't Resenburg no good anymore? ]


Both Basten and Reinhardt are holding their heads without words.


When I think that Camilla was born from such a man, I feel life is mysterious.


[ Well, are the First and Second Princes similar? ]


[ No, it's not so bad. ]


[ Up to this point ... I'm stuck, can you guide me? ]


[ Understood. ]


With Basten's guidance, I first took a peek at the First Prince.


Surprisingly, Alphonse, the First Prince, was thinking about how to deal with the maximum outbreak with the man in charge.


After seeing that parent, I felt it was unexpected, but if I think about it, it's natural.


"Torvil, what time is it good to depart? Will Bernst let us through?"(TN:For some reason author changed it to Bernst from Bernhardt from the previous chapter.)


"Let's decide the date and time of departure after checking the movement of Prince Bernst. It doesn't make sense to be ready if he doesn't let us pass."


"That's right ... it doesn't make sense if he doesn't let us pass ..."


The First Prince, Alphonse Resenburg, is as thin as a crane in contrast to his father, the current King, and his skin color looks morbidly white.


From a while ago, a man named Torvil, who is a staff member, walks around the room like a bear in a zoo, and is much more calm.


"But, but, I think it's a big deal because Camilla informed me so quickly."


"As I can guess from the contents of the letter I saw, there is a part where Camilla-sama is swallowing Volzard's story. Besides, there is a river between Lastock and the Devil's Forest. Even if a maximum outbreak occured. By the way, it won't be easily exceeded."


"That's right, it's okay because there is a river."


"Yes, and the most troublesome thing about crossing the river is Prince Bernst. While Camilla-sama is using the river to stop them, Bernst-sama should cheer them on."


"That's right, Bernst is more troubled than me."


"Yes, that's right."


Still, Prince Alphonse continues to walk around the room.


This may be normal for him, not because of anxiety.


Torvil, the Chief of Staff, stared at Prince Alphonse, but after nodding twice as if he made up his mind, he called out.




"Wh, what is it, Torvil."


"If the Prince makes a decision, take this opportunity to think of Bernst-sama ..."


Alphonse stopped, quivered, and turned his gaze to Torvil.


"To, To, Torvil, th, think of that person ..."


"Unless the desertification in the west stops or Camilla-sama's development goes well, our inferiority will continue. Once we survive this maximal outbreak, Prince Bernst's dominance will remain unwavering."


"Th, that's ... You mean I can't be King?"


"I'm not saying that's true, but I wonder if that possibility will gradually increase ..."


"Th, that's no good. I'm supposed to be the next King, not my brother."


"If so, make a decision ..."


"D, decision ... saying that so suddenly ..."


Alphonse's indecision seemed to be the usual thing, Torvil didn't seem disappointed and started talking.


"It's definitely a difficult decision, so why not make a bet?"


"Bet? A bet, what in the world am I going to bet?"


"Even if you do an operation, it will be difficult to get enough troops unless a maximum outbreak occurs."


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"That's right, but it's impossible because Bernst is cautious ..."


"No, if there is a maximal outbreak, even Bernst-sama will not be able to choose the means. Thus, the bet. If a maximum outbreak does not occur, it will be finished as a wait-and-see. Conversely, if a maximum oubreak does occur ..."


Torvil casts a decisive gaze at Alphonse.


"B, but ..."


"You ... Don't you want to be the King?"


"I want to be ... rather, I am the one who will be King."


"In that case ..."


"I, I understand. If a maximum outbreak occurs ... I will kill Bernst."


"That's more like it First Prince ... no, the future King."


"Torvil, I'll leave the arrangements to you."


"I respectfully obey."


Torvil grinned with a black smile, while bowing his head reverently


Meanwhile, Prince Alphonse began to roam the room again, biting his thumb nails.


[ Reinhardt, isn't this dangerous? If a civil war begins when the maximum outbreak occurs, won't the country really be destroyed? ]


[ Indeed. As it is now, Lastock's response will not be sufficient. If a maximum outbreak occurs in this state, the tsunami of monsters will extend inland. ]


[ Basten, is the Second Prince taking measures to protect the inhabitants? ]


[ Not at the moment ... ]


Looking at Basten's expression, it's obvious that no measures have been taken.


Yeah, it's a skeleton, but I can see the expression perfectly.


[ I want to see what the Second Prince is like. ]


[ I will guide you. ]


The royal castle is divided into several buildings, and it seems that factions are formed in each area.


The area where the Second Prince stays gives a rough impression compared to the other places.


The Second Prince, Bernst Resenburg, is a fat man who, at first glance, can be understood as the son of the current King.


However, although they are not twins, there are two similar men.


[ Basten, which is the Second Prince? ]


[ Yes, the Second Prince Bernst is the one with reddish hair that is facing us, and the other one with the greenish hair is the Third Prince Christoph. ]


[ It's not strange they're similar since they're brothers, but they're very similar. ]


[ Yes, these two are the sons of the Second Queen, Terencia. ]


[ That means that the First Prince is the son of the First Queen? ]


[ That's right. There are currently three Queens in the royal family, the First Queen Marguerite, the Second Queen Terencia, and the Third Queen Maylene, also, Camilla is the Third Queen's daughter. ]


[ Then, is it like the First and Third Queens are joining hands against the Second Queen? ]


[ It's not as simple as that. ]


According to Basten's investigation, the First and Third Queens do not always seem to have a good relationship.


On the contrary, the First Queen seems to think that they are using it as a cover, and when the Second Prince wins the battle, she thinks that the Fourth Prince would be cut off.(TN:Not a typo, he's not introduced yet, but there is a Fourth Prince as well.)


[ But, Camilla belongs to the First Prince faction, right? ]


[ It seems that is it more about preventing the Second Prince from getting out of control, rather than actively supporting him. ]


What is unfolding in front of me is a banquet by the Second and Third Princes and their entourage.


What is different from with the King is that there is no woman serving them, and the map of Resenburg is spread out on the table, and there is something of a noisy discussion.


"So what will you do, brother? Will you send reinforcements?"


"We'll send reinforcements ... or pretend to."


"Just pretend to? Then we're not sending them?"


"Yes, listen to me. This is a big trap that the First Prince faction's Torvil thought about."


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At once the Second Prince, Bernst, drank the liquor in a breath, wiped his mouth roughly with his cuffs, and began to speak with a grin and a dull laugh.


"They have no choice but to send troops through our territory, but they're in trouble if there is no excuse for doing so, thus they made up the story of a maximal outbreak."


"Why lie about the maximal outbreak? Brother."


"No, it may be true that Volzard was hit by a maximal outbreak, but there is a river between us and the Devil's Forest. It's not really a big deal."


"I see ... So they think they can send troops through with the excuse of a maximum outbreak ..."


"That's right, Christoph. In other words, if they inadvertently try to send soldiers through ..."


"Damn, hasn't that weak, overly skinny person realize that he's not fit to be a King yet?"


The liquor splattered as the Third Prince, Christoph, placed down his cup roughly.


"Kukuku, so rough Christoph."


"But brother, we can't let that guy's tricks go unnoticed forever ..."


"That's right, so we'll make use of their strategy."


"Use ...?"


"Pretend to cheer on Camilla, while the main force hides near the road they are heading to."


"I see, pretend to be caught by their strategy and on the contrary, ambushing them, as expected of brother."


Christoph lifts his hips off the sofa and exaggeratedly honors Bernst.


"Christoph, it's going to be a big deal, maybe this time that Alphonse guy will be there too."


"What, then brother ..."


"Yes, this time I'll hold my breath. I'll think about the reason later. The important thing is to make sure to take him down."


"But brother, what about dealing with Camilla?"


"That's why, pretend to send reinforcements and have a holding force against them."


"Won't that disperse the soldiers?"


"The army that will hit Camilla, is just soldiers for buying time. All we have to do is pretend that there are many soldiers. That woman's favorite is her brother Diethelm. A fierce battle that loses power for Alphonse, she won't do it."


"As expected of brother, I didn't think that far ..."


"Once we've killed Alphonse, all we have to do is crush Diethelm. Of course, that fucking cheeky Camilla will receive a lot of love ..."


"Brother, can I join you?"


"Naturally, we'll give her love until she breaks."


"Hyahaha, I'm looking forward to what kind of voice that amateur will cry out."


I may not be qualified to say it, but these guys are too bad.


Camilla has a younger brother whose mother is the same Third Queen, who is hiding under the patronage of the First Prince until Diethelm is empowered, and when the time is right, it seems that she wants to let her brother take over the throne.


[ Somehow, it's messy, but is being a King really such a good thing? ]


[ Well, I don't know, but it's a good thing because you can live a good life with a body like that, isn't it? ]


[ Hmm ... Is it just me that feels the difference is like between heaven and earth compared to Klaus-san's household? ]


[ No, Kent-sama, it's really disgusting investigating this royal family. It's sad and annoying to think that these guys are the descendents of the Resenburg that we once tried to protect ... ]


Basten, who speaks eloquently, seems to be terribly indignant.


From Reinhardt and Basten, the desire to protect the people comes straight to my heart.


Reinhardt doesn't mention it, but he seems to be disappointed and angry at the appearance of such a royal family.


Then I have decided what to do.


[ We put Volzard's safety first, but when the maximal outbreak occurs and Lastock is attacked. I will move to protect Lastock. ]


[ Kent-sama, are you sure? ]


[ If there is a great deal of damage to Resenburg, the repatriation of my classmates is likely to be adversely affected, and ... Although the country is different, the job of a knight is to protect the people, right? ]


[ Kent-sama ... ]


Reinhardt and Basten together give me a knight's salute.


Yeah, my genus are really cool.


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