The morning at the livre plantation is early, and the picking process begins before dawn and continues until noon with breakfast in between.

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This is why the work at the livre farm is live-in, and before dawn, the owner of the farm, Bruno-san, comes to wake up the hired people.


[ Kent-sama, Kent-sama, it's about time! ]


"Ummm ... Fugi! Ugaaaaaaa ... Igiii ..."


On the morning of the third day after I started working, I was woken up by Reinhardt-san, and the strange moaning is not because I'm doing something wrong or abnormal. That's right.


I'm just moaning due to sever muscle aches throughout my body.


The livre tastes like a combination of grapes and kiwi, but the shape is like a petit tomato, and the harvesting work is to pick the fruit from the tree by hand.


The work of picking with the basket on the shoulder until it is full and then transferring it to the barrel is repeated.


It's crazy, it's hard! It's really hard.


When I was in Japan, I had never done any physical labor, so I suffered from muscle pain on the first day.


On the morning of the second day, my muscle pain was so sever that I couldn't help but move, and I made strange movements while moaning, it greatly disgusted the other people.


However, I stretched while making use of the privilege of a light attribute mage and self-healing, and escaped from muscle pain hell.


So this morning, I decided to have Reinhardt-san wake me up a little earlier and finish the self-healing stretch.


"Uhh ... ku, gii ... haa ... fuu ..."


Even if I try to suppress it, I will inadvertently moan, but the other people who were hired also seem to be tired from the daily work and do not seem to be waking up.


[ Kent-sama, wasn't it okay to get up with everyone else? ]


[ Yeah, that's no good, I do worse work than the other people, so at least I have to keep up with the start ... ]


Some of the people hired by the farm are of the same ages as me, but I feel they are more physically fit and accustomed to physical labor than I am.


In fact, when I came to be hired, Bruno hesistated to hire me because my body was so poor.


If I were to bring up the setting of having come from a caravan from the west for example, I could get hired out of sympathy, but I don't want to impact their work.


Even so, on the first day, my procedure was worse than other people, and there was a considerable difference in work.


Yesterday I was a lot better, but I'm still lagging behind the others.


Today, I want to work like everyone else, preferably more than everyone else.


This early rising is also to get enthusiastic at the start of the day.


Now that my body is warmed up, I wonder if I can go out and wash my face in the well.


It's mid-September, and it's still hot enough to sweat during the day, but the cool breeze blows in the morning and evening, making it very pleasant and cheerful.


As I was washing my face in the well, I saw Bruno-san coming from the main buliding to wake everyone up.


It's still before sunrise, and Bruno-san uses a light magic tool, but I don't need it. You don't need a light if you have darkness magic.


"Good morning, Bruno-san"


"Oh, Kent, are you up already? It's early."

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"Yes, I'll do my best today, I'll work hard today so that I won't lose to everyone else."


"Oh, you're a reliable guy, I'm counting on you."




When I was in Japan, I wasn't very good at getting up in the morning, so I was always late and falling asleep.


I wasn't staying up late at night, I just wanted to sleep, and I spent every day trying to sleep if I had a chance.


Of course, my school grades were poor, and I was receiving a lot of sermons from my parents and teachers, but since I came here, it's like a lie that I haven't been drowsy.


This may also be due to the darkness magic.


It's the third day of work, and it seems that the other people are getting tired, they all seem to be sleepy, and their movements are not good.


If this is the case, I may be able to work as much as everyone else ... no, more than everyone else.


Besides, I've only been working for three days, but I feel like I've gained some muscle.


Well, that's beside the point, but unlike the other people, I'm relieved of fatigue, so I can still work.


As I was able to pick the most during the time before breakfast, Bruno-san also commented on it.


"Huh, was Kent the best this morning, did you do your best again?"


Bruno-san's father, Dino, who is now retired from the scene, also praised me.


On the first day, I had a pretty bitter face, so I'm happy.


"Yes, I was worried, but now that I've finally got the hang of it, it's okay."


"Oh yeah, yeah, that's reliable ... oh it hurts ..."


"Oh, are you okay?"


"Ah ... no, it's okay, ku, this waist is ..."


Dino fell off the ladder during pruning work two years ago and has been suffering from severe back pain ever since.


"I don't want to get old at all, Kent, weren't you moaning because of muscle pain yesterday morning? Even if they're sick, I can't beat the younger ones ..."


No, in my case, I'm doing a lot of cheating, but even so, it seems to be painful and I can't see it.


"Ah ... Dino-san, I was an apprentice of a healer, so I learned a little massage. If you'd like, can I do a little after lunch?"


"No, Kent is tired too, so you can relax."


"Then, what if I could afford to massage, even just a little?"


"Um ... well, if you say that, would you like to do it for a moment?"


To be honest, if it's my body, it will recover from the internal organs, but I'm not sure if it can heal other people's wounds and pain.


So, I have to think about how to improve Dino-san's waist without making it worse.


Picking work continues until noon with breakfast in between.


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After lunch, there is a long nap time, after which fruit liquor preparation work is waiting until the evening.


During this nap time, I massaged Dino-san's waist.


I asked him to lie down on the chaise lounge where we eat together, and gently placed my hands on Dino-san's waist.


With the image of relieving his muscle pain, I press with my palm and repeat the process.


Unlike my own body, I don't know if it was healed or not, and I was struck by a terrible anxiety, and a cold sweat blew out.


"Oh, it feels warm and I feel good, oh, it feels good ..."


"That's good ... I'll continue a little longer."


"Oh, it feels so good that I'm about to fall asleep ..."


After 20 minutes of massage, Dino-san fell asleep.


"Ken, it's okay, go rest, you'll be working in the afternoon."


"Yes, then ..."


When Bruno-san told me that I also decided to go back to the dormitory and take a nap.


I have about two hours to take a nap in the time of Japan, so I can take a good rest.


It is said that the three months of the seventh month, the eighth month, and the ninth month people have a nap time to avoid the heat.


Even if I take a nap later than everyone else, I don't have to worry about oversleeping because there is a vicious skeleton alamr clock.


[ Reinhardt-san, wake me up a little early in the afternoon. ]


[ OK, take a rest slowly. ]


After taking a nap, I was awakened by Reinhardt-san and was preparing for work in the afternoon, and Dino-san, who was lively, ran.


Dino-san, is it okay to run so much?


"Kent, Ken, Kent! You're amazing, Kent!"


"Hey, Dino-san, if you run so much ..."


"Nothing happens, the hips that hurt so much, see, see!"


Dino-san, shook his hips with a big smile and started dancing.


Ah, it seems that the first treatment went well.


"It was good, I'm sure it was a good match for Dino-san's body."


"Well, I was surprised since I couldn't go to Volzard's healing clinic anymore, but it would be so good with just one massage."


"No, no ... it just happened ..."


Oh ... I wonder if I've done too much, I wonder if I'm suspicious ...


"Kent, I'm sorry, but before work in the afternoon, could you massage my wife's knees ..."


"Ah ... yeah, yeah, that's fine, but I don't know if it will be as dramatic as Dino-san."

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"Oh, I know that, but I hope it can get somewhat better."


"Well, then I'll give it a try."


Dino-san's wife, Maya-san, said she had hurt her knee when she fell last year, and while she was holding her left knee, she hurt her right knee.


Now she's walking with canes.


I visited the main house of Bruno-san's family and massaged Maya-san's knees in the living room.


The method was the same as that of Dino-san, wrapping her knees with both hands and lightly pressing and releasing.


I tried to massage for 15 minutes on each leg and 30 minutes on both legs, but I still can't feel the effect.


"Ah ... how's that ..."


When I asked after the massage, Maya-san got up from the chair, bent and stretched her knees on the spot, and then burst into tears.


"Well ... I'm sorry, didn't it work?"


"Yeah, it's different, it doesn't hurt at all, I'm happy, I'm happy ... Look, I don't need a cane!"


"Oh! Maya!"




Looking at Dino-san and Maya-san, who are happily hugging each other and jumping, makes me so happy.


[ As expected, Kent-sama seems to have outstanding skills as a healer. ]


[ Yeah, it worked this time, but I don't relly feel it at all, and I don't know if it will work in the future. ]


[ Don't be so humble, it's easy for Kent-sama to become the best healer in the country. ]


[ Hmm ... even so, I still have a lot of worries. ]


[ That's right, the princess' case, my classmates' case, and cleaning up. ]


If you're so happy, I think being a healer would be good, but I have to make the villainous princess cry.


"Then I'll go back to work."


"Kent! You don't have to work any more today, take your time here."


"No, that's not the case, it's no good because it will put a burden on everyone if I leave."


"Well ... but I hope you'll be so good ..."


"Why don't you help us for the first time in a long time?"


"Oh, yeah, yeah, my waist has improved."


"Yes, my knees have improved ..."


"Then, we will show them our skills even though they are young ... Kent, let's go."


"Yes, thank you."

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The afternoon preparation work continued in a lively manner with the participation of Dino-san and Maya-san.


Dino-san was full of humor, and Bruno-san had a suspicious look at first, but when he realized that his back pain had really healed, he changed to a relieved expression.


The preparation work is to take out the seeds while crushing the livre fruit, squeeze the juice with a squeezing machine, transfer it to a large barrel, add yeast and ferment it initially.


After that, the scum is removed and the barrels are packed and left to stand for about three years before it is ready to drink.


The work of removing seeds while crushing the livre requires grip strength, and the work of transferring juice is dependent on the legs.


Dino-san gave me some tips, so I feel that I was able to work quite efficiently, unlike yesterday.


The others seemed to see and hear me being taught on the side, and today's work was done earlier than usual.


After work, bathe, sweat, and have a long-awaited supper.


Meals are eaten at a large table in a corner of the warehouse.


One of the pleasures is to have a meal with more than 20 people hired by the Bruno family to help with the harvest.


I was beckoned to and called over by Dino-san.


"Hello, Kent, here, sit here."


"Yes, just eat, I'll be working tomorrow ..."


"Yes, I will!"


Supper is a standard menu of stewed vegetables and meat, bread, cheese, boiled potatoes and corn, but it tastes very good because everyone eats together.


Tonight, in addition to that, Dino-san and Maya-san entertained me with a big smile, so I felt it was even more delicious.


After work, Bruno-san asked me to treat his stiff shoulder, Bruno-san's wife's stiff shoulders, the back pain and muscle pain of my colleages were also treated.


I was very grateful to everyone, as for me it's like having a healing experiment, so I'd like to thank you all.


At the end of the day, I went to sleep in the bed in the large room again for tomorrow.


[ Kent-sama, thank you for your hard work today. ]


[ Thank you, Reinhardt-san ... Did you get tired? ]


[ I don't feel tired after getting this body. ]


[ Is that a good thing? Or is it bad? ]


[ It's good for work, but if you say it's dull, it may be a little dull. ]


[ Well, oh ... I'm a little tired today ... ]


[ Please take a rest slowly. ]


[ Yeah, wake me up tomorrow morning, then take a rest. ]


[ Good night. ]


It may not be bad to practice healing while working in this way.


I feel like I'm getting more familiar with this world every day.

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