Chapter 112: World Fact! Lin Yi’s true strength! Battle of the Castle! A bumper harvest!

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[If you are afraid of war, then hurry and destroy your castle’s heart. Change your class to a ranger! Since you are a Castle Lord, you have to be prepared to be attacked by the other Castle Lords!] [It isn’t just Lin Yi. Many top-ranked Castle Lords are attacking the castle forces nearby.] [No matter what, I have already escaped from the Twin Mountains overnight!] [Me too!]

Many of the Castle Lords around the Twin Mountains escaped like a frightened bird, they gathered the resources of the castle gathered the soldiers under them, and ran away.

They had no destination.

All Gods Alliance –

[King Ranked? Is Lin Yi’s angel taking any kind of medicine?] [It’s impossible to understand!] [A few days before the beginner stage, Lin Yi led us and attacked the local forces. Goblin Tribe, Two-Headed Demon tribe…… After a series of battles, the Angels under his command had definitely improved greatly.] [Plus the battle between the Castle guards and the Beast Tide……] [Who knows how many Commander-ranked and Lord-ranked monsters those angels killed?] [Now, we only realize that Lin Yi’s reality is so strong! More than sixty Angels, that is simply crazy! We had to admit that there is no one in the Endless Continent that could defeat Lin Yi.] [In our Alliance, we also can’t find a single one who can fight the angel castle alone!] [So what? We are an Alliance, we can still be able to beat Lin Yi’s [Angel Castle]! This is the power of the Alliance!] [No matter how strong a person is, he will not be a match for an Alliance!] [As long as our Alliance is united, even if Lin Yi builds the Angel Corps, he will be swept by our Alliance Army!] [Therefore, there is no need to be overly afraid of Lin Yi!] [Speaking of which, does anyone in our Alliance have a Castle near Twin Mountain] [No, it should be.] [… ] [Old Zhou, where the hell are you? I remember that your Castle is in the Dark Forest. Don’t scare me!] [… ] [Old Zhou spoke! Don’t play dumb with us!] [Shit! Shit! I am already gathering my troops!] [What’s going on? Is your Castle near the Twin Mountains? Speaking of which, Old Zhou, even if that is the case, don’t be rash. Fighting with Lin Yi’s angel is not a blow to you. Your Golden Gryphon is strong as compared to Lin Yi’s Angels!]

Golden Gryphon was one of the top-ranked soldier types.

However, out of all the top ranks, the Golden Gryphon was ranked at the bottom, and the highest-ranked was the dragon army.

[I’m having a little fight. I’m running for my life!] [Uh… There was no need to exaggerate, right?] [What do you know?] [I sent a Golden Gryphon to look out, and he came back with a message. It is less than eight kilometers away from my castle, and an angel was attacking a castle force!] [? ?? ] [Shit! My Golden Gryphon found a building in the vicinity [Watchtower]. It must have been built by Lin Yi! He already found my castle location. If I don’t run for my life right away, Lin Yi’s angel will definitely come!] [Hiss, stop chatting, hurry and run!] [There are so many supplies in my castle, but most of them cannot be taken away. What a loss!] [I’ll return it to you after you escape.] [What if I die?] [I’m gonna pray that you will survive!] [Shit!!]

A high-ranked castle was trembling in the Dark Forest.

Inside and outside the castle, there were Giant Demon corpses everywhere.

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Giant Demons were one of the advanced soldiers.

The dead trolls belonged to this castle.

Now, the soldiers of the castle had been slaughtered by Lin Yi’s Angel Battle Team.

“Don’t kill me!”

“I surrender!”

In the courtyard of the castle.

A middle-aged man’s face was pale as he screamed in fear.

In less than five minutes, all the high-ranked soldiers under him had been slaughtered.

The difference in battle strength was so great that his scalp felt numb.

Lin Yi’s Angel Battle Team was too terrifying!

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His Castle’s [Wall], [Arrow Tower], and other defensive equipment were useless while facing the Angel Battle Team.

As for the high-ranked military giant under his command, it was extremely weak.

He saw it with his own eyes.

In Lin Yi’s Angel Battle Team, a Six-Winged Angel was wielding a scepter. She waved the scepter in her hand and rain of golden lights poured out.

In an instant, more than half of his troll army was dead.

In terms of castle strength, his castle was not in the same rank as compared to Angel Battle Team!

He had to surrender!

Otherwise, he would have been killed.

He did not want to die!

He would rather give up his status as the Castle Lord and change his position to a ranger than die.

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The Six-Winged Power Angel Katherine moved slightly.

She looked at Nina, the Angel of Love.

Nina nodded slightly and said to the middle-aged man, “Have you understood?”

“What a beautiful angel!”

The middle-aged man was instantly attracted by the beautiful figure of the Eight-Winged Angel.

She had three pairs of snow-white Angel Wings and a pair of wings of light condensed from Divine power.

She was beautiful to the extreme!

Suddenly, the middle-aged man woke up, as if he had seen the killing intent of the angel.

He didn’t think too much and asked, “What should I know?”

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The Angel of Love Nina said, “Understand the Lord’s faith, the Lord’s glory! This world has fallen into darkness. Only the Almighty can redeem you! Faith in the Lord will give you eternal life!”

“Belief in Lin Yi?”

A holy light flew out of the Eight-Winged Angel’s hand and enveloped him.

The middle-aged man’s face turned green.

He did not want to believe in Lin Yi.

After all, Lin Yi was also the Castle Lord.

“No! I don’t want to believe in Lin Yi!”

The middle-aged man shouted and hurriedly avoided the Holy Light.

He decided that as long as he escaped the Dark Forest alive, he would spread the news of Lin Yi’s angel, forcefully spreading his faith to him.

At that time, Lin Yi would become the enemy of all the Castle Lords.

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