Chapter 113: World Fact! Lin Yi’s true strength! Battle of the Castle! A bumper harvest!

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Because no Castle Lord would want to become a follower of another Castle Lord and thus lose his freedom, life, and death out of his control.

This kind of forced dissemination of faith would definitely be resisted.

In time, countless Castle Lords would regard Lin Yi as their enemy.

He wanted to use this method to retaliate against Lin Yi.

To avenge the destruction of his castle!

Unfortunately, the middle-aged man was still overthinking things.

As soon as he finished speaking, a little angel charged at him, and then she said angrily, “A heretic, who doesn’t know how to repent, actually dares to call my Lord by his real name! Only death can redeem your soul.”


A bloody light appeared!

The middle-aged man’s expression stiffened as he gradually twisted.

Then, he fell into a pool of blood with a painful expression.

Did he die at the hands of Lin Yi’s Angel?

He couldn’t believe it!

The middle-aged man turned his head in fear.

He looked at the Angel of Death who had appeared behind him.

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“Fallen Angel?”

“Lin Yi, there is actually a Fallen Angel……”

When the shocked voice fell, the middle-aged man lost his life.

He was still regretting his death.

He regretted not transmitting the news of ‘Lin Yi was spreading his faith’ to the World Chat Channel as soon as possible, making Lin Yi a public enemy.

There was a rumble.

The heart of the Castle was destroyed by the little angels. The middle-aged man’s Castle, military buildings, warehouses, and even the surrounding [walls], [arrow towers], and other buildings all collapsed and turned into ruins.

A large amount of food, wood, stone, iron, and other materials appeared out of nowhere in an empty space.

These materials were originally stored in the warehouse of the castle.

When the middle-aged man’s castle was destroyed, the supplies in the warehouse also fell out at the same time, becoming the treasure of Angel Castle.

“Clean up the battlefield!”

“Ceil, Victor, you will lead a team to return the supplies to the Castle.”

“As for us…”

The Six-Winged Angel Katherine said to the Angel of Love Nina, the Six-Winged Archangel Shirley, and the other upper angels, “Attack the other castle marked by Lord!”

“After clearing that castle, within twenty kilometers of the castle, there will be no other castle forces!”

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The angels nodded.

Following that, the Angel Battle Team split into two waves.

A wave of two-winged angels swept the battlefield and collected supplies.

A wave of Six-Winged Angels and Four-Winged Angels flew towards the castle several kilometers away.

Lin Yi was visiting this war fortress dedicated to the angel race in the sky city.

It was ten kilometers long and wide, and its four walls were 150 meters tall. Each wall was loaded with a large number of Divine Magic Cannons, as well as large, medium, and small magic cannons.

The full force of the cannon fire was enough to kill a True God!

Sky City was a war weapon used by the Angel Clan to attack lower planes and dimensional worlds.

It was not only equipped with terrifying artillery fire and it could not only sweep through a world but it could also carry millions of angels.

It was equivalent.

Sky City was both a transport warship and a battleship.

Lin Yi wandered around the entire Sky City.

He walked past the towering city walls, touched the dozens of meters long Divine Magic Cannons, and saw the holy altar of faith (which required a blueprint to activate), the glorious City Lord’s mansion, and the solemn angel army camp…

Everything in Sky City shocked him.

He did not doubt that [Sky City] had the strength to attack the local empire in the central region.

As long as it was given enough energy.

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It was the big killer on the battlefield; the gods block and kill the gods.

At this moment, a message suddenly appeared.

[Congratulations, Castle Lord, your army has destroyed the enemy’s castle heart, the enemy’s castle has disappeared, and you have won the battle of the castle!] [You destroyed the enemy castle, additional energy stone +300] [You have obtained the material reserves of the enemy’s Castle Warehouse.] [1,399 Energy stones, 8 crystals, 28,000 units of food, 54,860 units of wood, 41,000 units of stone, 7,650 units of refined iron, and some monster materials.] [You defeated a castle force!] [Your Angel Castle’s influence and reputation on the Endless Continent has increased!]

“It’s a great harvest!”

Lin Yi had to admit it.

The rewards of the battle at the castle far exceeded the rewards of hunting wild monsters.

In the battle of the castle, just the energy stones alone, he had collected nearly 1,700 pieces in total. In addition, there were 8 more crystals, and the other resources had exceeded 100,000 units.

How many wild monsters did he have to hunt in order to have such a harvest?

The most important thing was that the battle at the castle was too simple for his Angel Battle Team.

There was no need to put in much effort to win the war.

A bumper harvest!

“Attacking the castle forces and the local forces is a shortcut to the rapid development of the castle!”

“Not just my Angel Castle……”

“Other Castle Lords are also fighting each other.”

“Especially those Castle Lords with top-ranked soldiers won’t let go of the fat meat around them.”

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“The war between the castles had already begun when the novice protective cover disappeared!”

As for the death of the middle-aged man Lin Yi did not take it to heart. This was a war game.

The battle for the Castle forces was even crueler than the Beast Tide.

If they didn’t want to become a dead soul on the battlefield, then they should change to the ranger as soon as possible.

Since they chose to join the battle of the castle, there was no need to pity them if they died.

“There’s another castle force!”

With the panoramic view of the tower, Lin Yi could clearly see the high-ranked castle standing in the Dark Forest.

In the sky above the castle, a large number of golden griffins were circling.

On the back of one of the Golden Gryphons, a young man was sitting with all the equipment.

“Are you preparing to run?”

Lin Yi pondered for a moment.

Following that, he ordered the Angel Battle Team to speed up and surround it.

If he wanted to run, the resources of the castle would be left!

Under Lin Yi’s gaze, white figures flew over the Dark Forest.

He flew straight to Gryphon Castle!

The young man on the back of the Gryphon seemed to have noticed something. He shouted desperately and ordered the Golden Gryphon under his command, “Let’s go! The group of angels charged over!!”

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