The cultivation system in this world was very complicated. There were all kinds of cultivation systems.

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It was said that on some planets, the sloth race only needed to hang on trees and sleep to cultivate. Of course, such a cultivation method took much longer than other systems, and the talent and skills awakened were also relatively simple. They had a problem of insufficient potential development.

Since there were light magicians, there were naturally dark magicians. However, these cultivation systems rarely had any cultivators.

On one hand, it was because the initial requirements for cultivators were more stringent. On the other hand, its inheritance was not known to the public. Chu Feng did not expect to run into light magicians on his trip, three of them at that.

After around of transactions like adults, Lila performed the manifestation of life. In an instant, the three light magicians returned to their best fighting state.

Two people had been at the side, guessing when they would die. With that, their eyes widened in shock.

“They’re… Alive?”

“Just now, their bodies had been full of injuries and emitting dark energy…”

“Even a true God would find it hard to treat such injuries, right? How could it be removed so quickly? !”

“F*ck, Tyrant’s Mythical Tree is actually so strong? It’s practically a god-level support!”

The commotion attracted a lot of attention. Chu Feng did not care about the rest of the people and signed a contract with the magicians led by Santana.

After some communication, he learned that their magic inheritance had stopped at the true God level. Their master had died at the hands of a demon king, so they were no different from unaffiliated cultivators.

“Alright, we’ll talk about other things later. We’ll see how the battle goes later,” Chu Feng waved his hand and told them to take a rest.

At the same time, three white holy lotuses were thrown into the arms of Santana and the other two. Chu Feng’s casual gestures made it seem as if the white holy lotuses were nothing more than ordinary things.

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The puppeteer had a complicated expression on his face as he cast a strange gaze at them. They were about to start a war. He did not expect Chu Feng to still have the heart to save others.

A few minutes passed very quickly, and the pagoda spirit spoke again.

[The time is up, the evil spirits have awakened.]


In an instant, Heaven and Earth reversed, and countless dark energies filled with a violent and murderous aura suddenly exploded in the Bloody Pagoda!

All those who entered the pagoda felt their bodies become incomparably heavy, especially those at the immortal level. As the position of their heads and feet reversed, they were crushed by their own weight. A few whose body attributes were weak were crushed into meat paste!

It was as if an unbearable gravity field was suddenly pressing down on them. The vast majority of those who entered the pagoda could not help but breathe heavily, making sounds that sounded like their lungs were punctured.

Even though they couldn’t see anything, the survivors all came to the same conclusion: Something had descended!

Before they could get used to the strange pressure, several screams were heard.




Looking towards the source of the screams, they saw several immortals turn into nothingness in an instant, as if they were swallowed by something. Only the chilling sounds of chewing could be heard, “Crack, crack, crack..”

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With this, the survivors of those who had entered the pagoda were all terrified.

“What exactly is it?”

“Why can’t I sense its exact location? Could it be that this monster is really above the God King realm?!”

“It wasn’t easy to cultivate to the God General realm, I don’t want to die!”

“Get lost! Damn monster!!”


While the people were panicking, another person vanished. Even the true Gods couldn’t resist the attack of the mysterious being.

The unknown was the scariest. Many were so scared that they started to talk nonsense.

“The evil spirits have awakened. We can’t live anymore!”

“Death. Death is where all living things belong. Don’t struggle anymore…”

At this moment, a pressure far more terrifying than the gravity field from before suddenly came pressing down. It was as if an invisible mountain was falling rapidly from the sky! Someone shouted in panic, “Run!”

Chu Feng and his beasts were in the center of the chaos. They wanted to use teleportation to escape, but they realized that there seemed to be a restriction placed on this space. Whether it was him, the Mirage Butterfly, or the others, none of them could use teleportation!

“No, we can’t escape!” Everyone panicked.

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The figures of the Wild Bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragon expanded. In just two short moments, they had expanded to become incomparably huge, bombarding fiercely toward the direction above their heads!

The Wild Bear roared toward the sky, the holy bloodline in his body, along with the desolate god and demon god bloodline, were simultaneously activated. The maxed-out divine skill, control, was passively unleashed. The attributes of the Wild Bear’s body increased explosively as it stood between Heaven and Earth like an ancient war god.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon turned into a dragon god. Its huge body covered the sky and the Sun. Its body was covered with two maxed-out battle armors, dragon god’s body and battle divine body. As soon as the holy blood bathing dragon was used, the killing intent of the god of war surged unrivaled.

One used pure physical strength, while the other used the power of elements and dragons. Several explosions sounded in everyone’s ears.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Wild Bear unleashed the power of the demon god sky splitter, while the Dark-sky Azure Dragon gathered an incomparably huge ball of chaos energy and shot it straight up!


In the sky, something invisible suddenly exploded. The people who were taking the opportunity to escape from the suppression field were then engulfed by something invisible in less than two seconds.

“What the hell is this sticky thing?”

“F*ck! It feels like something is trying to bite my leg… Help!”

“It’s so hot, I feel like I’m melting!”

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“Ah, it hurts!”


The scene was too chaotic. At this moment, even Chu Feng was confused. However, this situation was actually not too bad.

He first put all of his beasts back into the beast world, then released the cage constructed from multiple mythical domains.

Chu Feng was at the center of the cage, constantly expanding this space outwards. In the blink of an eye, a space equivalent to one-fifth of the Bloody Pagoda was constructed, binding all living creatures.

The beasts shuttled through the cage, quickly exterminating all living creatures except those who entered the pagoda. Chu Feng casually caught two invisible monsters and fell into deep thought.

He thought for a moment and opened a hole in the monster’s body. Then, he took out the blood soul flower and the white holy lotus and stuffed them into the wound.

The one who had been stuffed with the blood soul flower seemed to have become more ferocious. It turned around and regained its vitality, biting people. As for the one who came in contact with the white holy lotus, it suddenly let out a shrill cry and revealed itself.

The monster that Chu Feng held in his right hand looked a little like a transparent slime. However, there were several openings on its body, and all of them were lined with fine shark teeth. Even the new wound quickly turned into a “mouth”.

Chu Feng crushed the two monsters in his hand and caught a few more to study. In general, these monsters had different forms. Some could expand to the size of a human and swallow them whole. Some had sharp blades, ice, lava, and other digestive juices in their stomachs. Some had semi-solidified bodies that looked like golden honey, some were monsters with long thorns that could stab people into a sieve…

Even if these little monsters were caught, they would turn into mist and disperse in two breaths. If one did not consume the white holy lotus, even a true God would not be able to detect their whereabouts!

In addition, some light magic spells were also useful. The little monsters were almost wiped out, so Chu Feng put away the cage.

Suddenly, the world reversed again!

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