Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 814: 814

Actually, I didn’t want to spell out these things, but the more I talked about it, the more agitated I was. This was a complicated matter, but as I analyzed it, I pieced it all together. I really wanted to applaud myself!

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Moreover, I discovered that the men in my family didn’t say anything. Their expressions were extremely grave. It appeared that they approved of my actions.

Only Lin Hua appeared uncomfortable. He stood up and gave me a slight bow. “I’m sorry. No matter how much I explain, I won’t be able to make you believe me. In that case, I’ll leave.”

As he spoke, he turned around and walked out.

“Gao Jing!” My little uncle suddenly called out loudly to the people outside the door.

“Yes!” Gao Jing answered and entered, blocking Lin Hua.

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“Dragon Gate does not treat our guests so rudely!” His little uncle’s voice was cold.

Gao Jing immediately grabbed Lin Hua.

Lin Hua was a scholar, so how could he be a match for an assassin? He immediately cried out in pain.

My little uncle slowly walked over, and he grabbed Lin Hua’s collar. “I really didn’t think that the Lin family would be so spineless that they would even be willing to be puppets. Tell me, what benefits did Tong Zhuo give you for you to be willing to sacrifice a hundred years of foundation to do such a shameless thing?”

Lin Hua gritted his teeth and did not say a word.

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Little Uncle let go of his hand and said indifferently, “For those who study medicine, if their intentions are not right, then it will be the sorrow of the patient.”

Lin Hua had an arrogant look on his face. “The Lin family has been helping the world and will definitely not do anything harmful to others. However, there are pros and cons to everything. If one or two people’s lives can be sacrificed to save thousands of people, then why not? You are the selfish one, but you’re saying our Lin Family has bad intentions?! No matter. Since I’ve fallen into your hands, I will not plead. I will sacrifice my life for the betterment of the world.”

I couldn’t help but rub my forehead with my hand. This was the first time I had met such a hooligan. How could he turn everything upside down? Even after what he had done, he still had a moral high point.

My little uncle was not as sharp-tongued as Lin Hua. He was stumped.

“Doctor Lin, you are not wrong!” A slow voice interrupted.

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Mr. Li, who was sitting behind me, slowly got up and walked to my little uncle’s side. “Tong Le, go and sit down. When is it your turn to speak to someone with such brilliant medical skills? Let me.”

Tong Le glared fiercely at Lin Hua and retreated to his own seat.

Lin Hua looked at Mr. Li in front of him with surprise. He was probably surprised why Tong Le would listen to Mr. Li. After all, Tong Le was the infamous Master Si.

Mr. Li walked around Lin Hua, and Gao Jing used his eyes to ask Mr. Li if he should let Lin Hua go.

Mr. Li shook his head. “It’s better to tie him up a little. I don’t have any strength. What if he attacks me?”

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Gao Jing had a poker face, but the rest of us was trying hard not to laugh.

Mr. Li reached out and touched Lin Hua’s pulse. Then, he reached out and looked at Lin Hua’s eyelids.

Lin Hua struggled and said angrily, “What are you doing? Is there something wrong? Are you crazy?”

Mr. Li nodded. “Yes, there’s something wrong. I’m glad that you know there’s something wrong with you.”

I really couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Mr. Li turned around and glared at me, and he said helplessly, “Nanxing, how many times have I taught you? In front of a patient, you can’t lose your composure. No matter how ridiculous his illness is, you can’t reveal anything. This will affect the patient’s emotions. What if he can’t accept the truth and commits suicide?”

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