Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 815: 815

I held back my laughter and admitted my mistake humbly. “Yes, master. I was wrong. Then, master, can you tell me what kind of illness this person has? Is there any way to save him?”

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Lin Hua’s face turned red. “Nonsense!”

Mr. Li shook his head, and he said to me, “Can’t you tell? He was unknowingly poisoned by someone, and the culprit is an expert. The poison hasn’t been in his body for long, but it’s very effective. It makes him more obedient to the person’s orders.”

This caused us to be shocked.

I hurriedly ran over and looked at Lin Hua’s face. “Really? Was he poisoned by voodoo as I was?”

Mr. Li quickly replied, “That’s right. The worms raised by the Phoenix Blood are so powerful. A normal person would be powerless against them.”

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I nodded and sighed. “That’s true. Using voodoo is the easiest way to bend someone to their will. I wonder if the Lin family has all been poisoned or only this fool.”

“You’re the fool! All of you are fools! None of you even has the bit of an altruistic heart!” Lin Hua was furious.

I was really too shocked!

I rolled up my sleeves and circled around Lin Hua. Since brother Jin was controlling him, he was unable to struggle loose.

“Master, since he’s already here, why don’t we use him to raise more voodoo worms? We can give him to Tong Yan to use as an experiment. What do you think?” I asked Mr. Li with a serious expression.

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Mr. Li had a troubled expression. “Is that a good idea? He’s the young master of the Lin family after all.”

Shock and fear flashed through Lin Hua’s eyes.

“We’re doing this because he’s the Lin Family’s young master. Didn’t you hear Doctor Lin? Each of us should have the readiness to sacrifice ourselves to save the world. If I don’t give them the Phoenix Blood, I’m the world’s biggest sinner. So I’m sure he’ll be glad to be our experiment too. But we need a reasonable front to do this. How about we raise the worms in his body because the worms will help with the research on Phoenix Blood?”

Mr. Li rolled his eyes. “The better reason is that we want to examine the worms currently inside his body. We are trying to save him. Isn’t that the moral thing to do?”

I smiled and nodded. “Yes!”

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I looked at Lin Hua. Lin Hua’s eyes were already red. I knew that it was because the worm felt threatened.

“Master, what should we do? It seems that the Worm is smarter than him and has eavesdropped on our conversation.”

Mr. Li sneered. “What else can it do anyway?”

The silver needle in his hand flashed and pierced into a few vital acupoints on Lin Hua’s head.

Lin Hua immediately stopped moving. Her eyes were blank, and her expression was dull.

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Mr. Li waved his hand to summon Gao Da. Gao Da came, holding a tray. “You must catch it quickly, understand?”

I said, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

Mr. Li glared at me. “Shoo. I’m afraid you’ll be so scared that you’ll throw the worm on the ground.”

I obliged. I had seen the ugly worm before. I might really drop it in disgust.

People like Gao Da and Gao Jing, whose hearts were made of stainless steel, were very suitable to do such terrifying things.

I suddenly stopped Mr. Li. “Say, what if Dr. Lin doesn’t think that he’s sick? Should we still save him?”

Mr. Li sighed. “We should. Human life is always important.”


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