Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 816: 816

I pursed my lips. “It’s really unfair. If they were in our shoes, they wouldn’t have saved us.”

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Mr. Li glared at me. “Do you want to be someone like them?”

I stuck out my tongue. I liked Mr. Li like this. He always scolded me when I was being cheeky.

Mr. Li took out a specially made medicinal powder and took Lin Hua’s blood.

I stood far away. If possible, I didn’t want to see another voodoo worm for the rest of my life.

Jing Tian pulled me into his arms.

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Lin Hua let out an inhuman scream before he collapsed.

I curiously poked my head out of Jing Tian’s arms and saw that Lin Hua had already fallen to the ground. Mr. Li swiftly packed his things, stood up, and walked out. He said to the crowd, “Don’t touch him. Just keep an eye on him.”

We stood up in a circle around Lin Hua. Jing Tian extended his hand to block me from behind, so I could only poke my head out to take a look.

“Ma Ji is dead. Who is still powerful enough to cast a voodoo spell?” I muttered to myself.

Jing Tian said indifferently, “There are many capable people with extraordinary abilities. With great rewards, people will easily abandon their morality.”

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That made sense.

Lin Hua’s face was pale.

I sighed. “Why would such a well-established medical family get involved in this mess? Tong Zhuo is truly a talented person. He can drag anyone down to work for him.”

“The reason why the Lin family is like this is that they don’t have a good heart. No matter how good their medical skills are, they will lose everything if they don’t place their patients but their own benefits first. It’s a pity that their decades of foundation might be destroyed overnight. Tong Zhuo has sided with the devil, and there is no cure for him.” Cousin Mo’s voice had a hint of sadness.

He was quite a sentimental person now. Love would indeed make people soft.

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I pointed at the man on the ground. “There’s nothing to see anymore. I’m going to look for my sisters.”

Jing Ni and Mai Qi were sleeping quietly. They were poisoned by the Lin family and were cured by Mr. Li. Jing Ni’s injuries were heavier than Mai Qi’s. Ye Qian sat on the sofa and read a book.

I walked in quietly. Ye Qian glanced at the two people on the bed and put down the book. She said softly, “Doctor Lin brought the nurse over to take a look. There won’t be any problems when they wake up. They will only need time to heal. Jing Ni’s whip injury won’t leave a scar because he gave her a special ointment.”

I nodded and supported my chin with my hand as I sighed. “Do you think I’m a jinx? I’m always so unlucky, and I even drag my friends down with me. Every time, Jing Ni is the one who gets the most serious injuries. It’s like she’s taking the hits for me.”

I couldn’t help but be moved. In my previous life, Jing Ni had already jumped off a building and died. In this life, I saved her. Could fate be making her pay for evading death?

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I shook off the thoughts in my head.

Ye Qian smiled. “I’m sure Jing Ni doesn’t mind.”

I was a little embarrassed as I muttered, “All of you are so good to me.”

Ye Qian covered her mouth as she smiled. “What happened today? Why are you so sentimental? In this life, what is more important than having friends and lovers who would take care of you? It’s much better than living in a world of constant struggle, needing to watch your every move. That’s a waste of a life… just like my previous life.”

Ye Qian looked at me calmly. Her eyes flashed.

There were some things that didn’t need to be said too clearly.

I extended my hand and shook Ye Qian’s hand gently. I said softly, “Opportunities for a new life are hard to come by. Cherish it.”

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