Rolling and crawling up, five floors, ten floors, fifteen floors…

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It’s almost, it’s almost! As long as he grabbed all the confidential documents of the Kun Gang and flew away before Qu Cheng found this gray building, he would definitely survive. At that time, the sky is high and the emperor is far away, as long as he returns to the nest in Y City, he will one day make a comeback!


When climbing to the nineteenth floor, the emergency door next to it suddenly opened, and a black figure ran out and collided with Scarface.

“Aah—!” The figure couldn’t see anything clearly, shouted instinctively in fear, turned around and ran.

When Scarface heard this voice, his entire face was distorted, and he reached out and grabbed abruptly, “Yue Zhao! How the hell are you here!?”

Yue Zhao himself was seriously injured, but he was thrown into the ground, he saw Scar’s face clearly through the green emergency exit sign, and immediately shook, his legs softened, “….Brother Scar, why are you here, I…the people from the QingLong Gang are here! They’re going to kill me, I’m scared to death, can you take me away?!”

He didn’t know that Scar face regarded him as a traitor at this time, eagerly grabbed his sleeve, trying his best to escape from this ghost place.

Scarface kicked him, stretched out his hand, pinched his neck, and slapped him twice, “You bastard, you betrayed me! You and Qu Cheng have been colluding for a long time, and now you’re thinking about it again.


“What the hell! Who lies to you, I will never do that!”

Yue Zhao screamed sharply and kept coughing. At this time, his head was stunned, and he couldn’t understand what was going on. “Brother Scar, I…cough…I didn’t…no!” I was also hurt by Qu… Qu Cheng!

Scarface sneered, gritted his teeth with hatred, and even ignored his own injuries, he kept tightening his hands, “Don’t admit it? Hahaha… Goddamn it, call me today to say that Qu Cheng was arrested It’s not you!? You’re here now, and it’s not you who killed all my brothers!?”

Yue Zhao didn’t know much at all, plus he was seriously injured, he was no match for Scar face at all. Suffocated, his face was blue and purple, and he had already started to roll his eyes, “Uh…uuuu! Let go… let go! Let go!”

He kept struggling, kicking and beating, his knee hit Scar’s face and was destroyed between his legs. The thing, Scarface screamed in pain, and his hands loosened, giving Yue Zhao a chance to breathe out.

Yue Zhao struggled to get up, lifted the trash can next to him and smashed it on Scar’s face, and stumbled downstairs.

It was pitch black all around, and he couldn’t see anything. He stepped on the air and slid down immediately.

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Scarface couldn’t kill Qu Cheng, but when he finally saw Yue Zhao, the traitor, he refused to give up.


The two wounded people were fighting together, one was trying his best to survive, the other was eager to kill for revenge, and then quickly bitten like a madman beast.

At this moment, the sound of neat and fast footsteps came from upstairs, and Scar’s face screamed badly. Knowing that Qu Cheng was chasing after him, his face was twisted, and a fist hit Yue Zhao’s body. He immediately spit out a mouthful of blood.


Yue Zhao didn’t know what was going on. Hearing such a neat pace, he was worried that Ah Si was chasing people, but also that the police were coming. No matter what the outcome was, he would definitely have nothing to eat.


But if he can capture Scar face, whether it is for Qu Cheng or the police, he will be considered a great achievement!

Figured this out, he made a quick decision, and even jumped at scarred face, bit his ear, and forcibly tore off a piece of meat, and then locked his feet on him, trapping him like crazy, kept shouting: “Come here! Scarface is here! The head of the Kun Gang is here!”

Scarface went crazy when he heard this, and ran to the top like crazy.

As long as he get the records and account books, as long as he hold those two things, he is holding the life-saving talisman. Just now Qu Cheng didn’t kill him in time for those two things, and it must be the same now!

However, Yue Zhao seemed to have confirmed it, and firmly grasped the “life-saving straw” of Scar face, expecting him to commit crimes and meritorious deeds for himself, so he did not let go of anything he said, and clung to him.

At this time, Scarface had seen a vigorous and fast figure from the gap of the stairs. He trembled in his heart, but he didn’t know where the infinite strange force was pouring out, and he carried Yue Zhao and rushed to the window next to him.

You must know that this is the eighteenth floor! !


Yue Zhao suddenly understood Scarface’s intention, his whole face turned pale with fright, he grabbed the window frame tightly, saw the brightly lit street lamps like ants downstairs, and screamed frantically, “No! No!”

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But at this time, it was impossible for him to let go of Scar face again. The moment he was holding on to the window frame, Scarface roared loudly, and he almost leaned out of the window, slamming Yue Zhao violently.

The moment Qu Cheng rushed up, he saw this scene, his face changed color immediately, and he slammed on him, trying to grab Yue Zhao’s ankle, but everything happened so fast, He only grabbed a piece of the trouser leg, and only heard a harsh sound of “thorn”, and there was only one piece of fabric left in his hand.


Yue Zhao fell out, still wearing the elegant white suit he wore at the banquet. His slender figure was drowned in the vast night, and behind him were street lamps that were brightly lit like ants. With a shrill scream, his figure disappeared from sight…

Qu Cheng’s head hummed, his whole body was violent, and his face was full of violent storms.

He kicked out fiercely, kicking Scar face, who was trying to run upstairs, for more than a meter, and fell heavily on the ground.

Although he hated Yue Zhao’s heart, he ate inside and out, and even gave him the so-called “poison” that occurred 24 hours a day, but there is no such thing in this world, it’s just because Brother Long doesn’t want Yue Zhao’s life, but now Scarface actually killed him with his own hands!

A dog bites a dog, there is no good thing, he doesn’t feel that Yue Zhao’s end is miserable, as a traitor, he has deserved it for killing so many people, but Scarface, he can’t forgive him!


He picked up the collar of Scarface, kicked him hard, and threw him downstairs like a dead dog.

Scarface screamed in pain and fled like crazy, but his bones were all broken and he couldn’t get up at all.

Qu Cheng walked over condescendingly, his black leather boots suddenly exerted force, kicked the kneecap of Scarface’s face with one foot, and then slammed it violently, only to hear a crisp “click”, and the inside of the knee had become shattered.

A large number of brothers from the QingLong Gang rushed up, all guns pointed at Scar’s face, and at this moment he was unable to run.

“Forgive me… spare my life, Brother Cheng, I know I’m wrong, I’m not human, I’m a son of a bitch… I really know I’m wrong, leave me a dog’s life, please! Please… I kowtow to you…”


He kowtow, the ground rang out, he vomited blood constantly, and when he spoke, he choked on the blood.

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The whole person knelt on the ground like mud, and the blood-stained palm tried to grab the leg of Qu Cheng’s trousers, but was avoided at once.

Qu Cheng’s face was gloomy and cold. He looked down at the scarred face like a dead dog, and suddenly showed a savage smile. He took off the blood-stained gloves on his hands, and the person beside him handed over another pair, pure white and spotless, exuding a terrifying sheen in the dark corridor.

At this moment, a sharp siren pierced the sky, and from a high altitude looking down, you could see dozens of police cars flashing red and blue lights appearing not far away, Ah Si hurriedly ran downstairs like he saluted respectfully without seeing the kneeling scar face at all, “Brother Cheng, all the evidence of the crime of the Kun Gang, including their leader Li’s drug trafficking records and money laundering transactions in Y City with Laos and Myanmar, have all been anonymous. I sent it to the police. I have already reported the case just now.”

Qu Cheng nodded and raised his lips lightly, “Well done, my lover was kidnapped by the underworld, of course I have to ask the police comrades for help.”

He turned his head and said, Looking at Scar’s face slumped on the ground, he said, “Do you know why I didn’t kill you just now?”


“Brother Cheng…I really know I’m wrong, you spare me…you let me have three knives and six holes no matter what. Okay, please give me a life…”

Scar’s face was frightened long ago, he seemed to understand something at this moment, and he felt that he had fallen into the ice cave. An anesthetic slammed into his neck.

“What you did to Cinian, I will definitely make up for it. You probably feel good after this injection.”

Scarface wanted to struggle, but the potion was even stronger than what Xu Cinian gave him just now, for a moment, he has been immobile like a dead man.

A few people wearing gloves carried him to the top-floor office, and put him on the leather boss chair, and on the computer across the table were all the criminal records of the Kun Gang.

Qu Cheng snorted coldly, and slowly took out the pistol he had snatched from Scarface, “You haven’t answered my question just now, but it doesn’t matter, I didn’t kill you before because of practical reasons. No, now the police I’ve been waiting for are here, and I can finally take you on your way.”

With his gloved hand, he opened the right palm of the scarred face, and stuffed his pistol into his hand. Then it landed on his temple.


Scarface understood everything in an instant, trembling with fright, his whole body trembling, but he couldn’t move, “So you…you actually want to wash yourself clean!?”

Qu Cheng chuckled, “This, how can it be called whitewashing?”

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“I am a good citizen who abides by the law. Of course I can’t do murder and arson, so in front of Cinian just now, I can’t kill you, because I want to lead you to the Kun Gang headquarters. Let you reunite with your brother.


Besides, I won’t let my brother kill you because it would be bad if the bullets from the QingLong Gang appeared at the scene of your suicide, right?” “Do you think the police are all fools? Who would believe, to commit suicide for no reason!?”


Qu Cheng adjusted the posture of his right hand again, and smiled with satisfaction, “This is just a gang feud, Yue Zhao happened to struggle caused a big scuffle within the gang, and the two sides suffered heavy casualties. In a fit of rage, Yue Zhao revealed all the criminal records of the Kun Gang to the police. You were so embarrassed that you pushed him down and threw him out of the window, only to see the police coming. Now, knowing that there is no way to go, there is a lot of sin, so you shoot yourself, what a wonderful story, I think comrades in the police will like it.”


As soon as he finished speaking, he pulled the trigger, and the warm blood spurted out like an explosion. Coming out, Scarface’s arms drooped down, holding a gun with only his own fingerprints in his hand.

The alarm bell rang outside the window, and the QingLong Gang quickly evacuated and hid in every corner of the city. They changed their blood clothes and hid their pistols.

There was an inconspicuous black car standing far away from the gray building. At this time, Xu Cinian was leaning on the cushion and yawning.

Hiding in the dark, Qu Cheng slowly got into the car, hugged Xu Cinian and kissed him twice.

Xu Cinian was already sleepy, rubbed his eyes, his eyes were extremely soft, and he didn’t mention the fate of his scarred face, and he didn’t ask what happened just now.

He yawned a lot, stretched his waist, lay on Qu Cheng’s lap and said, “I miss Wowo, Xiaomao and Uncle Zhong.”

Qu Cheng smiled softly and stroked his soft hair, “Let’s go, let’s go home.”


As the car moved forward, dust rolled up, and a gray building not far behind suddenly exploded and raged in flames, the police car came galloping, the red and blue light illuminated the world.

After a while, the black fell asleep, the sky was gradually polished, and a new day finally came!

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