An explosion in the suburbs which quickly made headlines in the social version, no one expected to watch this scene a seemingly ordinary accident led to two huge transnational drug smuggling gangs.

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After the police received the anonymous email, they attached great importance to it. One team rushed to the scene of the explosion, and the other team quickly contacted the Y City police station. A bloody deal, a joint international operation, eventually brought all the suspects to court for legal execution.

Scar face was finally judged to commit suicide because of fear of crime, and the bones have been handed over to the public security organs. Although Yue Zhao was discovered by the police and sent to the hospital in time, he stopped breathing when he fell downstairs.


Half a month later, Xu Cinian suddenly received a call from Mengshan Prison, saying that Xu Xinnian had died suddenly, and when Qu Cheng accompanied him to the prison to collect his bones, he heard that Xu Xinnian was tortured very badly in the prison. He was already paralyzed and contracted syphilis. In the end, the forced medical treatment was ineffective, leaving only a handful of ashes for Xu Cinian. Of course, these are for later.

After a storm, S City is still full of traffic and bustling.

This spring, the Xu Group of Xu Cinian finally reversed its decline. Not only did it repay all its arrears, but even for three consecutive quarters, its performance continued to rise, and the entire company took on a new look. The old signboard was finally brought back to life in Xu Cinian’s hands.

Qingyuan’s farm is now expanding in size, and it has joined with HaoTing Resort to establish a modern manor integrating leisure, entertainment and economic farming.


Seeing that the manor was making money, many villagers came to learn the scriptures one after another. Xu Cinian accepted it cheerfully, and taught the villagers his scriptures on getting rich without reservation. He took the entire Qingyuan small mountain village out of poverty and became rich, and was even awarded by the government. He gained the title of “Advanced Entrepreneur” and became the youngest unmarried diamond king in the entire S city.

For a while, in magazines, on TV, in restaurants, on the ground… Wherever Xu Cinian might appear, a bunch of girls would appear inexplicably, and he was often harassed by various dating agencies.

This day coincides with the opening of the 100th branch of Zhao’s private kitchen. Everyone knows that once Zhao’s and Xu’s new stores are opened, Boss Xu will be there to show his hand. Therefore, before dawn, there will be a large queue at the entrance of the new restaurant. Long Long, after the firecrackers were set off at 9 o’clock in the morning, a large number of diners poured in. When they saw Xu Cinian in white clothes and white hats, dressed as a chef, many girls couldn’t wait to wave their handkerchiefs immediately.

Xu Cinian stood in the middle of the turntable, surrounded by a circle of people on the inner three floors and the outer three floors. He tapped the menu behind him with his finger and smiled, “What do you want to eat?”


Baked sweet potatoes, hibiscus and minced garlic Phoenix Tail Shrimp, Baked Lamb Shank with Salt Baked,

Chicken Feet Stewed with Ejiao and Rock Sugar



The delicacies came out from the mouths of the diners. Xu Cinian smiled and kneaded the dough in a leisurely manner. He did not forget to simmer the broth in a clay pot on the stove, with various wild mushrooms hanging fresh inside. The taste, sprinkled with bright red fish roe, just smelling the smell will kill everyone, and then look up at the long-armed, long-legged chef in front of him with a meticulous face like a crown jade, and his heart will be even more sullen. To have a handsome man at home who cooks and cooks well is simply beautiful!

“Boss, you are much more handsome than you look in the photos, can you leave a mobile phone number? If you don’t have a mobile phone number, you can give us a Weibo or WeChat address. I’m definitely just watching silently!”

“Boss, I heard that you are not married yet, right? What kind of type do you like, don’t tell me first, I’ll take a small notebook and write it down.”

“Boss, your craftsmanship is so good, and here’s another ‘secret six tricks’, I still want to eat it!”

“By the way, Boss Xu, Why have you been a little fatter than before recently, and even your belly is bulging out, is it that the food you cook is so delicious that you are feeding yourself fat?”


As soon as those words were said, all the girls laughed, even the diners around them. He couldn’t help laughing, but when he looked up, he found that Boss Xu, who was dealing with it very well, suddenly blushed and said with a smile, “Don’t worry about the little girl’s family.” After that, he continued to cook with his head down. No one can pry open his mouth anymore.

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When a table of good dishes is served and the diners are feasting, they no longer able to find him up.

“Hey? Where is Boss Xu?”

Yes, where is Boss Xu now? Of course, he was pulled into the empty back kitchen and pushed against the wall.

“Well… don’t kiss, there are people outside the door…”


A small voice came out of the crack of the door, and then it seemed to be blocked by someone.


Qu Cheng put his arms around Xu Cinian’s waist, and through the white chef’s robe, he stroked his thin and straight back, his lips dipped under his lips, and he bit his teeth finely, “What? Are you afraid of people outside the door? just let them see that our boss Xu has a master, and let those flower girls forget about it as soon as possible.”

Xu Cinian’s wide white robe was lifted up, exposing his entire bulging belly at once, and he heard the hustle and bustle of diners outside, but the boss who was supposed to be in the town, was pressed by Qu Cheng. The hands were up, and the ears were even more red for a while, “What do you care about with those little girls, they have no other meaning, they are very cute when they talk and laugh.”

Hearing this, Qu Cheng’s face turned even darker, and he snorted, Biting Xu Cianian’s lips, “I’ve asked you if you are married or not, if you have a partner, and it means nothing else? Their eyes want to snatch you home, so you are so dull.”

Xu Cinian asked playfully he smiled and said, “I’m not married. As an unmarried woman, pursuing unmarried men is only natural and in line with biological instinct, what are you making a fuss about?”


“You still wants to kick me and find a woman?”


He raised his hand and touched the five-month-old DouDou, his face unbalanced, “Do you hear me, after I avenge your father, it’s the same as the set, once used it will be thrown away. You, your father, and I have been born and died so many times, the father and son will be separated before we meet, and the stepmother will take care of you in the future, your life will be difficult, my dear.”

Yes, here it is again… Xu Cinian touched his forehead.

Since this guy eradicated the Kun Gang, he handed over the gang to Ah Si. He was so happy that he became an idler. He came to his shop all day long to eat and drink, really lost an old face.


Knowing that this guy started to eat jealousy again, Xu Cinian had no choice but to offer his lips, and he said with laughter, “Where did I say I was looking for a woman, DouDou and Wowo all my life. It’s all yours, no one can take it away, are you satisfied?”

Qu Cheng shook his head with a smirk, and said to DouDou seriously, “Darling, who do you think is your mother, me and Xu Cinian? Do you agree? Whoever wants to raise his little hoof and kick whoever.”

“Hey, rascal, you fouled, and it’s not in your stomach, so of course I can’t kick you!”


Xu Cinian pinched his ears, and Qu Cheng let out a pretentious cry, then locked him in his arms without anyone noticing, pressed him against the wall and kissed him.

The two people’s lips and teeth were attached to each other, and they were greasy and crooked. Qu Cheng’s laughter overflowed from the gap between his lips.

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At this time, DouDou, who had been obediently still, suddenly became active, and with a hoof, it hit Qu Cheng’s stomach steadily.

Xu Cinian was stunned for a moment, then he couldn’t hold back his laughter, “Did you see, he kicked you, you’re truly my son!”

“Bah, I was accidentally injured, do it again!” Qu Cheng was so mad that he jumped up and nibbled Xu Cinian firmly.

Xu Cinian laughed, raised his head and crooked with him, secretly glanced at the empty ring finger on Qu Cheng’s right hand, his heart seemed to be overflowing with thick foam.

Well…it’s time to get this guy locked up too.


The cold winter has completely disappeared in this city. The streets and alleys of S City are once again full of Huang Yingying’s spring flowers. The branches are green, the earth is reviving, and everything is fighting for spring.

Wowo was wearing a Superman T-shirt with a big S embroidered in red and yellow, holding a bag of glutinous rice balls in his hand, and looked up hard to see Xu Cinian, “Dad, are we going to the hospital to see my brother??”


Xu Cinian wore a coat of the same color as him, covered his stomach with a camel-colored open-body sweater, and carried a small schoolbag in front of him as a cover, hiding his stomach tightly, and passersby looked at him. They all stared at the fat and soft wowo, but he ignored Xu Cinian, which made him very fortunate. At the same time, he couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Holding his son’s hand, he shook his head with a smile, “Yesterday, Chengcheng has been with me. Your uncle Zhao said that your brother is very good, and he will be born in half a year. What’s the matter, do you miss your brother?”

“I think.” Wowo nodded and grinned, “Brother Er Heizi and I have prepared my brother’s clothes, and I will give them to him after we meet.”

Xu Cinian raised his eyebrows in surprise, “What clothes?”

How old is this little bastard, can he make clothes?

WoWo stuffed a glutinous rice dumpling into his mouth, puffing out his chubby cheeks, and then reached out and rubbed something in his small schoolbag.


After a while, he took out a crumpled piece of paper and unfolded it to Xu Cinian to show it, “Dad, look at it, this is what I painted. Brother Er Heizi praised my painting.”

Looking at the drawing, he almost didn’t laugh out loud.

On the crumpled drawing paper, several items that could barely be regarded as “clothes” were spent in a mess. They were painted in a mess with various watercolor pens, and there were even annotations next to them.

[Little pea,●● this is for you]

This little bastard can actually use Hanyu Pinyin (Chinese characters)! ? But who told him what this ●● is?

“Wowo, you wrote this yourself?”


The little guy raised his chest proudly, “No, the words were written by Brother Heizi, he is so powerful that he can actually write.”


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“Then… this black circle is again, what is it?” Xu Cinian was shocked again, Er Heizi was so much smarter than his little bastard.

“Well… it’s my brother and brother. Brother Heizi said he couldn’t write, so he painted it into two black balls, but I know my brother can understand it, because I understand it.”

Xu Cinian: “…..”

Who will tell him how his precious son is so stupid and cute, it’s not your brother who can read, it’s you…


The father and son are chatting like this as they walked forward, they arrived at the door of the jewelry store where he had picked a ring from Qu Cheng last time.

When he came to this place again, the waitresses in the store had already known WoWo, and when he saw the father and son walking in wearing parent-child clothes, her heart trembled.

“Wowo is here again!”

“Little Superman’s T-shirt is so cute!”


“Dad is also handsome, father and son are dressed up!”


If it wasn’t for work, a group of waiters would really like to go up and pinch Wowo’s fleshy cheeks, the little guy is not afraid, seeing the beautiful sister greeting him, waving his little paws and giggling, “Hello, uncle and aunt~”

A group of girls with bright eyes quietly took out a handful of snacks and began to stuff them into Wowo’s small schoolbag.

“Why didn’t Mr. Xu come to the last appointment?” The waiter opposite looked back at the realization of Wowo, and asked Xu Cinian with a familiar smile.

Mentioning this, Xu Cinian paused, remembered a series of incidents caused by Yue Zhao and Scarface, and raised his mouth to say, “Some things were delayed at work before, and I didn’t have time to come. The pair of rings I ordered changed. Are you alright?”

“Well, I have already asked the designer to change it, so I don’t know if I can satisfy Mr. Xu.” The waiter turned around and took out a blue velvet box from the cabinet, opened it and show to Xu Cinian .

The moment the box was opened, Wowo next to him saw the shiny color, and exclaimed “Wow”, “It’s so beautiful!”


On the black velvet cushion were two silver-white rings with a small ring on them. Diamonds are streamlined as a whole. It’s not unusual to see one alone, it’s just a very ordinary men’s ring, but two together can completely spell out a hollow heart.


On the back of the ring a string of letters engraved, one is Hold your hand, the other is Till death do we part the simplest and most vulgar sentence “hold your hand, till death do we part”.

Xu Cinian picked up the ring and looked at it, the smile on the corner of his mouth kept rising, his long and narrow eyes softened and sparkled.

“This sentence is really the finishing touch. No wonder you have to take it back and revise it. After engraving the words, even I can’t help but want a ring like this for my lover.”

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The waiter next to him said with a smile, Xu Cinian felt a little embarrassed.

He thought that he would never experience the feeling of ‘you can’t live without anyone’ in his life, until he met Qu Cheng, and until he went through so many trials and tribulations with him, and looking back, he realized that there is really one person in this world who can make you can’t let go and forget it, hide it in your heart, and engrave it on your bones. Even if you used to feel disgusting, you can still laugh like a fool.

It’s all the fault of that bastard, making him do such a disgusting thing is simply hopeless.

“Dad, what are you laughing at?”


A soft voice sounded, pulling back Xu Cinian’s thoughts, pointing to himself and asking, “It’s…obvious?

“Just like the husky dog ​​at home, Uncle Luo said it’s called falling in love.” Wowo smiled and stuffed a rice ball into his mouth.



Xu Cinian, whose mind was pierced by his son, couldn’t hang on his face immediately, and raised his hand to knock on his little head, “What a mess, you can’t learn well at a young age.”

Wowo covered her big face, and fled everywhere like a bunny, Xu Cinian hurried to chase, “Little bunny, don’t run so fast! Be careful of falling!”

Xu Cinian took the ring and pushed open the door of the jewelry store. He grabbed the collar of Wowo all of a sudden, the little guy was lifted up in the air with a sound of “oooo”, and his little boots were thrown into a bucket next to him. It happened that a cleaner was cleaning at this time, and the water splashed on his clothes.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault that I didn’t take good care. Are your clothes all right?” Xu Cinian held down Wowo’s head and quickly apologized to the cleaner.


The man wore a shopping mall uniform hat, covering half of his face, when he heard Xu Cinian’s voice, he froze for a while, and hurriedly shook his head, but knocked off the mop beside him.

“I’m sorry uncle, I didn’t mean to.” Wowo also knew that he was in trouble, and apologized repeatedly, puffing out his little butt to help the cleaner pick up the mop.

The man shook his head again, but he didn’t even look at Xu Cinian and Wowo, he raised the bucket and turned around in a panic.

At this moment, the duty manager of the shopping mall waved at him from a distance, “Dong Feng, there is a customer who spilled Coke here, come and clean it up!”

Hearing the word “Dong Feng”, Xu Cinian was stunned. After a moment, the cleaner’s entire back was stiff, and he even raised his legs and ran regardless.

Only at this time did Xu Cinian suddenly realize that this person’s back was so familiar, and he quickly called out, “Dong Feng!”

The man stopped suddenly, Xu Cinian held Wowo’s hand, walked over quickly, stared at him. This man opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say, but in the end he just said, “It’s you, right? Take off the hat and let me see.” He raised his head to reveal the face that was supposed to be handsome, but was now unshaven and weathered.

It’s really Dong Feng… Xu Cinian opened his eyes in surprise.


Dong Feng raised his head and looked at Xu Cinian, his mouth moved as if he wanted to squeeze out a smile, but when he saw the diamond ring box in Xu Cinian’s hand, his eyes instantly dimmed, and he shouted bitterly,

“… Cinian.

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