The sun is shining at the cafe in the afternoon, the little guy sitting on a chair, he digs the ice cream in front of him, and looks curiously at the two adults sitting next to him.

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Xu Cinian stirred the coffee cup in front of him again and again, his face was smooth, and he couldn’t see any expression.

On the other hand, Dong Feng, who was sitting across from him, was dressed as a cleaner and had oil stains on his body. He was sitting in the bright and spacious hall, facing the curious eyes around him.

The two have been sitting like this for more than an hour, no one has spoken, the atmosphere is so condensed and embarrassing, when the music in the hall is finished, the atmosphere has dropped to freezing point during the pause.

Xu Cinian looked at Dong Feng on the opposite side, his heart turned back and forth, he opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.

The once high-spirited Dong Feng was already old. Two people of the same age were sitting next to each other, and he was almost like his own uncle. The eyes that were always bright and spirited were already cloudy, the back was slightly curved, the fingers were rough, and there was filth in the gaps between the fingers, and the heroic and vigorousness of the two at the beginning was no longer there. It has been so many years…

Under the eyes of Xu Cinian, Dong Feng felt as uncomfortable as being stabbed by a needle. He didn’t dare to look up at the old man he had loved, hurt, and hurt in front of him.

He once thought that he had finally grasped this unattainable person, but looking back, the two were even more different. Today’s Xu Cinian is still as beautiful, alienated, and far away as when the two first met, and he was already rotting in the mud.

“You… how are you doing these years?” Dong Feng took the lead in breaking the silence and squeezed out a smile.


Xu Cinian was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t expect the first sentence of the two to be like this, he hooked the corner of his mouth and said, “Well, it’s all good, how are you…?”

“Me?” Dong Feng looked at the cup of coffee in front of him that he could afford with half a month’s salary, and smiled bitterly. “Me too, I’m fine.”

“I was released from prison half a year ago. I had nowhere to go, so I could only wander around in society. Working as a cleaner in a shopping mall costs a few hundred yuan a month, enough to eat and drink, which is pretty good.”

After he finished speaking, Xu Cinian didn’t speak.

In his memory, Dong Feng was a person who wanted to save face and had a strong self-esteem. At that time, when he first entered the Xu family, when he was in high spirits, he drove a BMW, went to nightclubs, and spent a lot of money. Who is to blame now that it has fallen to this bleak end.

The two of them were cold again for a while. Dong Feng looked at Xu Cinian, who was a little rich in front of him, and his angular profile. His heart was filled with emotion. When he was young, Xu Cinian’s youthful appearance overlapped with him in front of him. At the same time, his eyes became hot for a while, and he couldn’t help but want to hold Xu Cinian’s hand.

Those rough hands, which seemed to never wash their true colors, were taken away when they were about to touch Xu Cinian. His hands froze in the air and drooped down.

“I’m sorry… I have no other intentions.”

Xu Cinian shook his head. Just as he was about to speak, the phone on the table suddenly rang. The number belonged to Qu Cheng, and both of them saw it.

Dong Feng choked his breath and retracted his arm silently. Xu Cinian answered the phone without even looking at him.

“Peacock, where are you, I’m going to the supermarket, I’ll be picking you up and Wowo later.” Qu Cheng’s low voice with a smile sounded, and it sounded particularly clear between the two of them in a stagnant atmosphere.

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Xu Cinian laughed, “Little bunny is hungry, let’s take him to eat ice cream, I heard Uncle Zhong say that it’s raining at night, so don’t come pick me up, it’s inconvenient.”

“Husband, how can I improve my sense of existence?”


As soon as the words fell, Dong Feng raised his head suddenly, his eyes were complicated and bitter, and at this moment, Qu Cheng’s laughter came from the other end of the phone, and he seemed to be busy picking and choosing. What, “Oh right, WoWo is next to you, right? Let the little bastard answer the phone. I bought fruit candy and potato chips. What flavor does he like?”


WoWo, who heard Qu Cheng’s voice, couldn’t sit still. If it wasn’t for the fact that his father wouldn’t let him mess around in public, the little guy would have climbed up to the dining table. He waved his small clutch to grab the phone. Xu Cinian smiled. Turn on the voice for him.

“Chengcheng~~ I want everything for fruit candy and the potato chips, including Superman BIUBIU, as well as chocolate and juice.”

Qu Cheng heard the baby son’s milky voice over there, and couldn’t bear it. He smirked, “Wowo, you have a lot of requirements. If I buy you snacks. What reward do I get?”

Qu Cheng, who was on the other end of the phone, couldn’t help laughing, “Your dad doesn’t need you to give me a kiss every day, call Dad to come and listen to me, otherwise there will be no potato chips BIUBIU.”

“That’s Superman BIUBIU!”

“Okay, okay, it’s Superman, hurry up and scream.”

“Well… Dad Chengcheng is the best, and it hurts the most!”


The little guy has always had a sweet mouth, holding the phone and nibbled and kissed several times, making a screen of saliva, The amused Qu Cheng kept laughing and kissed back, “Dear son, the snacks are all right, give your dad the phone.”


Xu Cinian couldn’t stand the stickiness, so he just picked up the phone and responded. He said, and before he had time to turn off the speakerphone, Qu Cheng suddenly lowered his voice and asked playfully and evilly, “Peacock, we’re running out of safety (condom), I’ll buy some by the way, do you like strawberry spirals, or mint bumps? Excited?”


Xu Cinian’s ears instantly turned red, and he hung up the phone with a click without saying anything.

“…Sorry, Qu Cheng will be here soon, I have to go, we will meet again when we have a chance.”

Xu Cinian didn’t want to show anything in front of Dong Feng, and there was no need for it at all. Now the two of them are already be a stranger, what Dong Feng thinks in his heart is no longer in his consideration.

This world can only be jealous if he cares. He doesn’t want Dong Feng to feel that he is demonstrating his relationship with Qu Cheng like him, which is tantamount to blaspheming Qu Cheng and himself.

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“Wowo, say goodbye to uncle, we’re leaving.”

Wowo swallowed the last bite of ice cream, waved to Dong Feng obediently, Xu Cinian left the coffee money, picked up the little guy and just wanted to get up, but Dong Feng suddenly spoke.

“Farewell, the ring just now was given to… him?”

He didn’t expect his mouth to be so hoarse, and a few strands of red blood quickly appeared in his eyes.

Xu Cinian paused, turned around with a smile on his lips, and his tone was unprecedentedly firm, “Yes, it is for Qu Cheng, I want to marry him.”

Dong Feng looked up at him, looking at the condescending man. Xu Cinian felt like a piece of his chest had been dug out.

During the six months in prison, he did not ask himself why he chose to cheat and betray Xu Cinian. He didn’t love him, and even in prison, all he was thinking about was Xu Cinian, but if you do something wrong, there is not even a chance of recovery.

Xu Cinian was like a cloud. He once floated into his arms, he pushed it away with his own hands, and now he floated away, to a higher and farther distance.


The vast sky that can’t be touched will never look down at him again.

“Come on, I’m sorry for you… Don’t hate me, it was my fault that we were able to get to this point…”

“Enough, Dong Feng.” Xu Cinian interrupted him. His face was calm, “I don’t hate you, and you don’t need to apologize to me again.”

Hate is a double-edged sword. It seems powerful and scary, but it is always just an obsessive feeling. People have nothing to do with love or hate, even if they lose the strength to hate, it is the real liberation.

“Maybe we’ll meet again in the future, or we won’t in this life. It’s not bad. If I marry Qu Cheng one day, you are very welcome to come and watch the ceremony, um… That’s it. It’s not too early, I really have to go.”

Xu Cinian smiled at him, facing the light, only a pair of bright black pupils remained, such a happy look almost stinged Dong Feng’s eyes.

Holding WoWo’s hand, he got up and walked out of the cafe. At this time, a black car was waiting on the side of the road. A tall and strong man got out of the car, kissed his forehead, and hugged him happily. The little guy got into the car.

The car drove away, Dong Feng sat motionless in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, until the shadow of the car disappeared from sight, he opened his mouth and said “goodbye” hoarsely.


From beginning to end, Xu Cinian didn’t even say “goodbye”, maybe for himself, he would rather not see him in this life.

The coffee in the cup was already cold, and the pain in his chest made him lose his intuition. Dong Feng lowered his head, and a tear fell on the back of his hand, dizzying away the black dirt on it.



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The weather is getting warmer and warmer, Xu Cinian gradually handed over the work to Xiaojun and Ah Si, two capable leaders. Coax Wowo, the days are very happy and comfortable.

During this time, he has been thinking about how to give the ring to Qu Cheng. After all, when this kind of thing is taken out, it symbolizes a certain ceremony and oath. Xu Cinian had never experienced such a thing before. He was very nervous when he thought of sending it out. Like most men in this world, he always wanted to abduct Qu Cheng, the “daughter-in-law” in a romantic way.

Although the “daughter-in-law” doesn’t need to be kidnapped by him now, it has been rushing to post it backwards, and there is a “dowry” of hundreds of millions, but who will give the ring first is the question of who is the head of the family. He will give Qu Cheng a chance.

This side was struggling with how to send the ring, but Qu Cheng suddenly disappeared for more than half a month, as if he was making a new ghost idea.

Xu Cinian can be shrewd. When he sees him like this, he knows that there is something to hide from him. He is attacking, coercing and enticing, but he has not been able to open Qu Cheng’s mouth. What an unspeakable secret.

Qu Cheng’s hook attractive ability. He is very clear. He had only met Xu Cinian once, which made his good brother feel unbearable. Later, a handsome Yue Zhao appeared and returned. Given that the black history in the past is so innumerable, Xu Cinian couldn’t sit still.

One day, he caught Ah Si and asked, “Brother Cheng, is there anything else besides Yue Zhao’s little lover?”

Ah Si heard this, and quickly shook his head, “Brother Xu, How can you, brother Cheng’s heart is about to break into four pieces and hang on you, where can he still have the energy to find someone else.”

“He doesn’t look for others, but it doesn’t mean that others don’t look for him. Recently, some people are rushing to go there. Is he on him?”

“Brother Cheng’s peach blossoms are frightening, and when he goes out, he can run into girls and boys who put cell phone numbers on his car door, can I say this?”

Ah Si forced his face to look up at the sky, coughed twice and firmly supported the boss, “Brother Cheng has become such a virtuous person, who can look at him without long eyes, Brother Xu, don’t worry too much.”


“…..” He raised his hand and knocked him twice at the stinky boy, who do you think doesn’t have eyes! ?

After a few days, Qu Cheng was still away from home, and the little unconscionable Wowo lived in Er Heizi’s house. He completely forgot about his father, and the little bean in his stomach didn’t worry about it. He started eating and drinking recently. Jumping up and down, with a fist on the left and a kick on the right, Xu Cinian really missed the time when Qu Cheng rubbed his stomach every night.

Unable to bear it any longer, he sent a text message to Qu Cheng while approving documents in the office, [Idiot, you have to go home tonight.]

The text message was lost in the sea, and it took a long time for Qucheng’s reply to come over, [My dear baby, I really can’t go back today, and I will accept the organization when I’m done.]


The emoji are cute, foul!

The fingertips jumped, and a message was quickly typed, [You want money but no money, and if there’s gang matter, there are no gangs, so you are busy? Don’t think I’ll forgive you for using emoji to show cuteness.]

[Can’t your husband expand the second spring of his career? In fact, my heart is like an arrow, you don’t believe it, look at my sincere eyes QAQ]


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Damn… it, you’re cute! !


Xu Cinian laughed angrily, threw the phone aside and decided to ignore this guy, pulled out the diamond ring and glanced at it, suddenly thought of a marriage proposal, such a sassy thing, he was not good at it, but there was someone who was good at it, how could he put this things forgotten.

Thinking of this, he dialed Luo Xiaomao’s phone without hesitation.

“Xiao Mao, are you free tomorrow, come to my house, I have something to tell you.”


The other end of the phone was noisy, accompanied by a deafening dynamic dance music, and Luo Xiaomao shouted, “What? I can’t hear, louder!”

“I told you to come to my house tomorrow!”

“Oh no, I’m going to dance with a few sisters recently, and I’m busy. If you have anything, just talk to me on the phone, I’ll come when I have time, Linda, do you call this a split? Your ass doesn’t go down! What did you just say Cinian?”


Cinian was speechless, “It’s okay, you can take your time.”

He hang up the phone, he couldn’t help baring his teeth.

As a result, he called Uncle Zhong, Zhao Rui, and Xiao Jun. They were all so busy that they couldn’t make time for one more second. Even the little bastard Wowo was busy learning arithmetic with Er Heizi. Don’t care about his dad at all.

This group of people really turned the world upside down!

Xu Cinian took out the ring and poked it hard, taking it as Qu Cheng’s face.

In this way, a group of people was in a hurry and didn’t know what they were doing. After half a month, Xu Cinian slept at home, and the big little bean was lying on his stomach and spitting bubbles leisurely with his father.

At this time, the phone rang, and when he picked it up, he saw that it was a text message from Qu Cheng, [Peacock, I’ll be waiting for you in the small courtyard.]

Xu Cinian sat up and stared at the screen for a long time, but he was still at a loss. What did he say? In the courtyard?

He called again, but no one answered. Xu Cinian thought for a moment, thinking about Qu Cheng’s recent strange behavior, his heart suddenly jumped wildly, and then without thinking, he put on a piece of clothes and walked out of the door.

His heart was pounding, as if he had guessed something.

Qucheng, Qucheng! I am coming!

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