Although Li Qingyan’s comprehension value was extremely high, because her dual-spirit physique had not been activated, her innate bone value was not particularly outstanding.

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However, Li Qingyan had already reached the eighth-level of the true essence realm, and she had already met the activation conditions for the dual-spirit physique. However, in order to fully unleash the potential of the dual-spirit physique, she had to successfully refine her first pill.

Only after Li Qingyan had truly become an alchemist would her innate bone value undergo a qualitative change.

Yue had already activated her Sword Jade physique, so her innate bone value had increased by a large margin. However, this was not the limit of the Sword Jade physique. As the physique gradually evolved, her innate bone value would continue to rise!

“Li Qingyan’s dual-spirit physique should be on the same level as Yue’s Sword Jade physique. However, it is indeed quite difficult to turn her into an alchemist within five days!”

“Forget it. I’d better refine Dark Glacial Frost and Mountain Chalcedony First!”

Ye Xuan thought for a moment and made up his mind.

Why is Teacher not speaking? Why is he just staring at us?

Yue and Li Qingyan did not dare to look at Ye Xuan. After sensing his gaze, they lowered their heads with blushing faces and would only sneak glances at Ye Xuan from time to time.

However, whenever they saw their teacher’s incomparably handsome face, their hearts began to beat uncontrollably.

“Take out the Dark Glacial Frost and the Mountain Chalcedony. I will help you refine them now!”

“Ah… Okay, Teacher!”

Ye Xuan naturally did not know what was going through their minds. His words directly interrupted their thoughts.

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Yue and Li Qingyan immediately took out the Dark Glacial Frost and the Mountain Chalcedony.

These were the treasures that Ye Xuan had given them. They could increase a cultivator’s innate bone value.

Then, the two women sat cross-legged!

Ye Xuan reached out and grabbed the Dark Glacial Frost in one hand, and the Mountain Chalcedony in the other hand.

With his current cultivation, he could easily multitask and refine the two treasures at an extremely fast speed.

Soon, the surging spiritual power in Ye Xuan’s body gushed out, and the Dark Glacial Frost and the Mountain Chalcedony in his hands y began to gradually liquefy.

Soon, the impurities within the two treasures were removed and transformed into extremely pure mystical power.

Then, Ye Xuan placed his palms on the backs of Li Qingyan and Yue respectively.

Under the control of his powerful spiritual sense, these two mysterious forces slowly poured into the bodies of the two disciples. He also helped them to absorb the power.

Thanks to the assistance of his surging golden core power, Yue and Li Qingyan quickly finished absorbing the power perfectly.

“Ding! As the host has helped his disciple increase her innate bone value by eight points, the host has received a randomized 3x critical reward. Congratulations, the host has received a 24-point increase in the host’s innate bone value!”

“Ding! As the host has helped his disciple increase her innate bone value by 25 points, the host has received a randomized 2x critical reward. Congratulations, the host has received a 50-point increase in the host’s innate bone value!”

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At the same time, the sound of the system notifications rang out in Ye Xuan’s mind.

“As expected, obtaining these rare treasures was worth it!”

Seeing this, Ye Xuan was delighted.

He had guessed before that, as long as it was given to his disciple by him personally, he would be able to obtain a reward from the system.

In addition, he had also participated in the whole process of refining the spiritual treasures.

The facts proved his guess to be correct.

Previously, when he had given the Dark Glacial Frost to Yue, he had received the Mountain Chalcedony from the system.

Now that he had helped Yue refine the Dark Glacial Frost, he had also gained a system reward for helping her to increase her innate bone value.

In other words, he had earned rewards twice from just the Dark Glacial Frost. The first time, he had gained the Mountain Chalcedony, and the second time, he gained the increase in his own innate bone value.

“It’s a pity that the randomized critical reward was not high, or my innate bone value would have increased by leaps and bounds!”

Thinking this, Ye Xuan could not help but feel a hint of regret.

If he had gotten wildly lucky and earned a randomized critical reward that was hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of times, would he not have hit the innate bone value cap immediately?

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Ye Xuan did not know what the upper limit of a cultivator’s comprehension and innate bone values were. Moreover, he had once wondered if a cultivator’s comprehension value reached the upper limit, would they be able to create a martial technique or learn a martial technique in an instant?

To verify his guess, he had to find more heavenly treasures that could increase his comprehension value.

If his comprehension value reached a certain level, and his sword intent could increase by one level every day, would that not be awesome?

If he maxed out his innate bone value, would he not be able to absorb all of the spiritual energy of the Great Qian Dynasty in an instant?

“Ahem, I shouldn’t get distracted!”

Ye Xuan smiled awkwardly, and then quickly collected his thoughts. His gaze then fell on Yue and Li Qingyan.

The next second, a line of virtual text suddenly appeared in his mind.


Comprehension value: 234

Innate bone value: 337

Li Qingyan

Comprehension value: 299

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Innate bone value: 104

“Alright! Not bad!” Ye Xuan nodded, and then closed his eyes and pulled up his own attribute page.

Ye Xuan

Comprehension value: 394

Innate bone value: 519

Whether it was in terms of comprehension value or innate bone value, his disciples were completely crushed.

However, when Ye Xuan saw his innate bone value, he was slightly surprised. He had not expected it to exceed 500!

Originally, his innate bone value was extremely heaven-defying. After the awakening of the Sword Overlord physique, it had received a huge increase. Now that he had received another 74 points worth of innate bone value, the total exceeded 500.

Moreover, it seemed that whether it was comprehension value or innate bone value, the true dividing line was the figure of 500!

After exceeding 500 points, one would find it even more difficult to increase one’s comprehension value and innate bone value.

Similarly, the effects of spiritual items and heavenly treasures that could increase the comprehension value and innate bone value would also be greatly reduced!

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