Chapter 149 – Thank You, Clueless Me!...To Other World, Please

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「….You are probably not aware of this but, you are supposed to be dead…」

…I’m shocked.

I wanted to chalk it up to my imagination but…I definitely heard those words.

Who am I?...What am I?

Anyway….I’m supposed to be dead?


Alright, let’s calm down.

Peace of mind…squirrel, thank you.

Let me pat you. Calming.



I’ve heard the story.

Thank you, clueless me.

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Normally, it is impossible for anyone to accept the magical power of four heroes.

In a normal situation, magical power would have gone berserk in my body and I would die.

However, I’m still alive.


The reason I didn’t die is this world.

It seems like I used magical power repeatedly to try and purify the evil eye.

I would still be in danger if I only did that but I created a barrier which calmed down my magical power.

Barrier is an advance magic that constantly uses magical power…I guess I’m capable of using advance magic from the start.

If it was a normal person, he would have run out of magic and died but on the contrary, that stopped the magical power inside me from rampaging, making me escape death.

The former me, good job!


It is said that the hero magical power in me was increased in three stages.

Perhaps it is designed for humans to cope first…at least that’s what I think.

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And I was strengthened thrice…my power is the power of four heroes.

I should have been in danger when I received the second stage but I avoided it because I widened the barrier.

Perhaps that was the time when I widened the barrier to the lake.

The third stage was also avoided because of barrier widening.

….perhaps I should celebrate that everytime I gain additional power, I immediately set up or widen the barrier.

Barrier, you’re the man!


However, that’s still the power of four heroes so it is impossible to calm it down with barrier alone.

It seems like everything I did seemed to consume magical power, a lot of magical power.

In summary:

The purification of evil eye which I repeatedly do several times a day…repeatedly? I don’t remember.

To bestow magic to my companions…when did I ever do that?

Making a large number of golems move at the same time…golem?

Helping the Yggdrasil evolve…evolve?

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Strengthening the yggdrasil’s defense and protecting it…I don’t even know what that Yggdrasil is.

Eliminating the evil eye in the entire forest…that’s what made the whole forest clean.


….in any case, it seems like I’ve done a lot of things by using magic every day.

I’m afraid I don’t remember any of it…I’ve done everything unconsciously.


I wish it’s just a matter of consuming magical power.

However, gradually, my body became accustomed to the magical power of four heroes and it no longer has any problem in holding a huge amount of magic power.

Since it’s too much for a human body, I gradually transformed into something not human.

At the end of the day, god-sama said that he couldn’t predict what would happen to me since I’m something that never happened before.


….the mystery of my body, let’s just leave it like that.

「Are you alright?」

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「….should be desu. There’s nothing I can do about it after all.」


The magical power of four people, the magical power of four heroes.

Am I strong by any chance?

I mean, I’m already using advance magic.

「Right, about those three.」

「….those three?....the three idiots, ehto, I mean those three apprentices?」

「Yes, they did a lot of things like stealing the fruit of the world and stealing the eggs of the divine beasts.」

They did a lot of things alright…is that alright?

「I’ve heard everything about it and to answer your question, no, it’s not. You probably don’t know much about gods but we are not free. We follow rules strictly otherwise, worlds would be destroyed. They acted like they didn’t learn anything. As punishment, it has been decided that they will be stripped of their apprenticeship and their divine powers. Most likely, they will be reincarnated to the lowest level with their memories intact.」

「….they will retain their memories?」

「They were very fixated on becoming gods. That is the best punishment for them. They will fall from the place where they can almost reach it to a place where they will never reach it. Making their memories intact would make them aware that they are being punished and the other gods are furious with what they did.」

「….what kind of existence is at the lowest level? Will they reincarnate in this world?」

「Rest assured. They will not reincarnate here.」


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