Chapter 150 – I’m Me!...It Will Never Change

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As usual, I woke up after being attacked by a one eye.

….someday, I’ll wake up before it attacks me!


As I went down to the first floor for breakfast, I saw the children through the window.

They seem to be helping the farming corps.

Did they get permission to go to the field?

….are they better than me…No, I should feel depressed when thinking about the field.

I’ll leave everything to the farming corps.


God came yesterday and a lot happened in the afternoon.

There were too many.

Even for me.

I thought about those last night, but…so, what have I become?


Does it matter if I’m no longer human? I’m still me.

I’ve heard that my actions have made this world a better place. So what?

It's not like I’ll do more since everything’s over.

In other words, I’ve realized that nothing will change.

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The only thing I have to keep in mind is that my magic is strong.


「Good morning! Let’s eat!」

「Good morning!」

However, there was one thing I regretted last night.

When I thought about it, I fainted in agony. How can I forget it!


Since he was a god, he made it possible for me to converse with him.

I was talking with god in normal Japanese so I forgot about it.

I can’t help but regret.


For some reason, it seems like god will introduce me to the god of this world once they decide who it will be so I will make sure I won’t forget about it that time!

Once the new god was introduced, I’ll ask him to solve my language problem!


---Scene Change---


I stared at the forest from the sky while riding Koa.

「Such a big forest.」

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Since the influence of that thing called “evil eye” has disappeared, greens cover everything no matter how far I look.

There are countless of rivers that can be seen between the trees and they are flowing around the forest.

Some rivers even flow outside the forest.

It seems like fields near the forest have started to grow because of the river.


Koa and…wind amoebas.

I was frightened when they suddenly appeared in the sky but they felt familiar.

….since it’s this world, I didn’t bother question why amoebas can fly.

Since they can fly, let them fly.

「You’re the biggest, aren’t you?」

The amoeba flying through the sky with Koa was the biggest one so far.

It looks beautiful as sunlight makes it glitter.

「Oh, there’s a beastman in the forest…no, an army?」

I can see several beastmen on a path in the forest.

There are around 40 of them and they are wearing the same outfits.

Ah, there are beastmen with different outfits too.

They seemed to have noticed us.

I waved my hand at them.

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It seems like they panicked. Are they okay?


I had Koa stop moving above them.

I thought they’ll attack but it seems like they won’t.

Moreover, there are even people among them who fell down….


Ah, the wind dragon and the water dragon are flying here too.

I haven’t greeted them today yet.

「Good morning.」

If they are going to circle around me like this, I would prefer if they are in their little form.

They’re too powerful.



Are they alright?

More and more people fell.


Ah, I guess they were surprised to see dragons.

….water dragon and wind dragon are both divine beasts, right?

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I guess they’re scared.

「Koa, let’s go.」

I want to interact with the beastkins from outside but it seems like the dragons have already startled them.

However, I can’t speak with them now.

Let’s speak with them once I meet god. Let’s pray that they’ll come back soon.


Come to think of it, there was a cave that I have yet to capture.

I guess I’ll have to conquer that one first.


My goal, for now, is to conquer all the caves in the forest!

I also want to interact with the beastkin to get more seasonings!

I want eggs and rice!

I want to eat donburi!

I want pancakes!


I don’t know what will happen from now on but, I’m still me and it will never change.


AN: Volume 1 ends here

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