Dropped Into Another World V1 Extra

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Extra: Golems Love Master-desu

-Golem’s POV-

When I open my eyes, I see a lord sleeping with huge magical power.

There is no doubt that he is the one that I’ll serve.


I check my body and see that I can move easily.

What does master want?


Yes, helping master is our mission.

Then, we will make the flooring according to what master imagines.

Master doesn’t only wish for a floor but for this house to become more livable.

If that is the case, then, we must make this house as livable as master wants.

We will do our best!


New companions were made.

It seems like they are in charge of master’s clothes…I envy them.

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No, we were his first creation.

We should be more confident.


….and now, we have new companions again.

I heard they specialize in dismantling prey.

We can dismantle too so there’s no need for….

I was wrong.

They specialized in processing fur.

I heard that it takes a lot of time to process leather.

I have no idea how to help master in that aspect.

I’m glad we have our new companions.


And new companions were made again.

I heard they will be in charge of handling the field to stabilize the food supply.

The field is indispensable for the stable life that master wishes.

It’s a very important job.

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However, why were they given with stones that doubled their magical power?

I envy them.


….I’m sorry.

So, our companions outside were also responsible for protecting the field from demon beasts and monsters.

So that’s why they were given with stones that doubled their magical power.

It was master’s kindness.

I need to understand more about what master is thinking.


However, master.

If you really want to help in the field, please suppress your magical power.

Your magical power is affecting the growth of the crops!

Our companions in the field are in trouble.


---Scene Change---


Koa-sama and Chai-sama are watching the battle of our outside companions.

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Please be relieved.

We’ll protect master’s house.

Meanwhile, our outside companions are strong enough to kill those intruders in an instant using advance magic so you don’t have to worry about safety.


---Scene Change---


When we completed the house, our workload was reduced.

Will we be relieved of our duties?

No, I guess not.

Master taught us how to cook, clean, and do other house works.

Then, we’ll aim for perfection.


We have new companions, beastkin children.

They cried when they saw us which was troubling but master didn’t blame anyone.

I guess everything is okay.


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Every morning, when the children wake up, they’ll look for master.

This is troublesome.

I want to wake master but how do I wake him?

Master has not taught me how to wake him up.

However, there is a way to wake him up according to the knowledge he bestowed me.

Let’s try it.


It worked!

Master seems to be in a bit of pain but….

I feel like he’s more refreshed compared to the time he wakes up normally.

I’ll do my best tomorrow too.


Today, we will continue to work hard for our master.

We will not tolerate anyone who gets in our way!


….according to master, the wine is not ready yet.

You can give it back?....I don’t think so. It’s impossible to give it back, right?

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