Dropped Into Another World V3C46

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Chapter 46 – What is a Normal Human?

I’ve already explained to them that I’m just a normal human several times so, why am I being worshiped?

This is troubling.

How do I explain it in something they can understand?

Hmmm…..really troubling.

I can’t think of anything.

It can’t be helped. I’ll just have to explain it over and over again until they understand.

「Keep this in mind, I’m only human. Sure, I’m powerful but I am just a normal person.」

「Your lordship, you are not human, right?」

Light Blue looks at me curiously.

When did you get here?

I looked around and saw that the other dragons had gathered, even Boss-san.

「Your lordship?」

Ah, right, Light Blue is asking me something.

Ehto, hnn? I’m not human?

….ah, right!

I’m no longer human. I’m supposed to be an unknown species.

I forgot.

Ah, well, I guess I explained it wrong.

「You are right. I’m no longer a human. However, before I transmigrated to this world, I was really a normal human.」

A normal, ordinary, average human that does his living every day!

「「「「「Ordinary human」」」」」

The one eyes tilted their heads as they looked at me.

Why are they like that?

We have been together for so long, which part of me is not an ordinary….human?

Ah, I’m no longer one.

「I look like a human from the human country but at the same time, not the same.」

But I don’t know any human in this world.

Something’s bugging me.

Ah, no.

Humans in this world abuse their slaves like normal.

I look at Kuuhi and Usa in a panic.

Neither of them seemed to be shocked.

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I’m glad.

「I’m sorry, I guess I’m not like any human in this world.」

Everyone gazes at me curiously.

I know that’s going to happen.

I understand.

I think I would have the same reaction if I heard what I said.

For now, let’s calm down.

I’m being too impatient with my explanations and that makes things confusing.

「Your lordship, so, you’re saying that you were a human before.」

I nodded at Boss-san.

She seems to have remembered.

Thank you, Boss-san.

「Right and I still feel like one. So when others say that I’m being worshiped, I feel uncomfortable so please don’t do that.」

Alright! That should be a good explanation, right?

I looked at everyone and saw that they were thinking.


Somehow, I need them to understand what’s going on here.

It would be a disaster if they left the forest and started preaching.

「I see. They say you are the god of the forest so I thought it was only natural to worship you.」

The leader of the one eyes lowers its head slightly.


I tried to say I didn’t mind but I think I just heard some disturbing words.

God…of the forest.

No way, god!?

I looked at the leader of the one eyes and saw it nodding while its arms were crossed.

I want to ask again.

How am I being called something I’m not even related to?

However….I’m too afraid to ask. I don’t want to hear why.

Let’s just pretend I didn’t hear that.

「I see. So, your lordship doesn’t like to be called the god of the forest?」

Fluffy’s words reached my ears.

I heard them loudly.

Who the heck said I’m the god of the forest in the first place?

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Stop it right now!

「I indeed don’t want to be called like that.」

Please don’t call me that.

“God of the forest” will put too much pressure on me.

Besides, I don’t like being called a god.

…..especially after I’ve learned about what the gods did.

Yeah, I don’t want to be called like them.


I was relieved when I heard Flying Lizard say that.


This time, unlike last time, I think everyone was convinced.

「Your lordship」

The leader of the one eyes tilts its head and looks at me.


「What kind of human is a normal human?」


How am I supposed to answer that?

Normal is average….in a sense?


What’s normal?

「Your lordship?」

I have to say something.

「Ah, average, ordinary, that’s a normal human.」

I look at the eye of the one eyes.

They nod but, do they really understand?

I look at Flying Lizard and the others and they seem to be pondering something.

I don’t want to be asked with anymore questions so can you please forgive me?

「Ordinary, is it?」

I nod to the one eyes leader.

「I see, hnn? Darn it! We have to prepare dinner!」

Hearing the words of their leader, the other one eyes rushed to prepare dinner.

It seems like the discussion ends here.

I’m saved!

Thank you, one eyes!

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Thank you for your diligence!

「Your lordship, I understand. I will study carefully what kind of normal human you are in order to serve your lordship better!」


They understood, right?

Or rather, studying normal human?

「I see, we must learn too.」

Hearing Flying Lizard say that brought wrinkles to my eyebrows.

Why is everyone talking about learning?

And what do you mean when you say you’ll study normal human?

「I feel like I said something unnecessary.」

I’m pretty sure we should be speaking the same language but why do I feel like we can’t communicate?

I think there’s a very tall wall standing in the way.


We understand the words of each other but…..

「Haa, that’s it for today. Let’s try to talk again next time.」


I still have work to do.

I went back to the living room and approached the crib.

I peeked inside and saw that one of them was awake. The other two had their eyes closed.

They are probably sleeping.

「…….I’m healed.」

Ah, no.

Nourishment? I have to give them the supposed to be darkness magic power and see how it goes.

From my pants pocket, I pulled out a magic stone with solidified darkness magic power.

「It solidified so it should go well, right?」

Or is it better to melt it?

However, it’s a little scary to melt that kind of power here.

For the time being, let’s put the magic stone close to the egg and see.

It might absorb darkness magic power on its own.

「I hope this works.」

I put the magic stone next to the egg.

……nothing happened.

As expected, I have to melt the solidified darkness magic power first.

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「If I put a very powerful barrier, it should be okay, right?」


The one that’s awake is reacting to the magic stone.

Crack crack


The magic stone is cracking.

Is it melting?

I never thought it would melt!


I reached for the magic stone to cast a solidifying spell again but I stopped halfway.

Black light was already overflowing from the cracks of the magic stone.

The black light was being absorbed by the egg beside it.

「Did I succeed?」

Oh, are the little ones in the egg okay?

I looked into the egg and saw that all three were awake.

And they were moving their heads around restlessly.

This is bad.

Perhaps something went wrong?

Should I stop the absorption?

「What should I do?....ah, their tail is wagging.」

The head of the three are moving around but they don’t seem to be suffering.

I’ll just wait and see.

「Your lordship, has the darkness magic power reached the cerberus?」

Flying Lizard gently peeks at the crib.

「It should be.」

It’s been a while since a magic stone cracked but there’s no change with the Cerberus.

At first, they seemed to be confused but now, they are calm.

「I guess this is something expected. However, I never expected that darkness magic power can be created.」

「I didn’t create it. I only reproduce it.」

Flying Lizard nodded in admiration but I was only imitating the power in my memory.

Well, I guess it was a little tricky.

「With that, is it going to hatch?」

I’m looking forward to it.

Ah, do we have to inform the demon world that the Cerberus is here?

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