Ch76 - Extra III: Sheng Min Ou x Lu Feng – Wu Yi’s POV

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Wu Yi had always known that the man who appeared arrogant, and behaved as if there was a perpetual barrier separating him and whoever he was with, harboured someone who was a special existence in his heart.

At that time, he had just graduated and started work at Mei Teng Pharmaceuticals. Due to his excellent grades at school, he was assigned to be Sheng Min Ou’s assistant, despite being a complete novice. As such, he gained valuable experience from tasks that juniors typically wouldn’t have been responsible for at all. This role was a great learning experience for him, and he felt eternally grateful that Sheng Min Ou didn’t task him with just serving tea, or pouring water, or sending and filing documents during that time. This experience therefore spurred him to develop quickly, so he was truly appreciative towards Sheng Min Ou. Thus, though the two did not have a large age difference, he still respected Sheng Min Ou as a teacher and referred to him as Laoshi. 

In his second year at Mei Teng, Wu Yi recalled it was a Christmas eve – the weather was beginning to turn cold, and the company was filled with a festive atmosphere, with red and green stickers being placed everywhere. Before Wu Yi got off work, he received a call from Sheng Min Ou, who asked for him to receive a package on his behalf, and said that the delivery man was already waiting at the company’s entrance.

Hearing this, Wu Yi grabbed his company pass and left hurriedly downstairs. The weather then was horrible, with it raining perpetually, leaving people feeling cold and wet. When he paid the delivery man and received a regular sized parcel in return, he felt as if the box’s structure was going to fall apart at any second, with the only thing holding it together being the tape.



Given their department was an integral part of the company and dealt with confidential information, employees would have to swipe their company card to exit or enter the premises. Wu Yi therefore held the parcel with one hand, swiped his company card with the other, and in that short time frame, something fell out with a swoosh from the cracks of the cardboard box.

He cursed inwardly as he bent over to pick it up, only to find that the object which had fell out were all letters. They had been sent in a long and narrow brown kraft paper envelope, complete with stamps and postmarks, and had not yet been opened. Wu Yi took a look at the package and estimated that there were at least twenty or thirty letters in the parcel. 

Do people use parcels these days to deliver letters? Did letters really command so little respect now?


Sheng Min Ou received immense trust from Xiao Sui Guang due to his thoroughness in carrying out tasks and his exceptional ability in fulfilling his role. Within the department, this status and prestige was cemented even further, as his words were essentially final. Wu Yi therefore didn’t dare to rummage through Sheng Min Ou’s things, as he only quizzically noted what had happened. He picked up the remaining letters on the ground, before then leaning against the door to let himself in.

The envelopes had been stained with water, and the words began to bleed slightly. Wu Yi took a tissue as he dabbed at the dampness, attempting to rid some of it. As he was doing so, he noticed that the handwriting on the envelopes looked the same, and guessed that it was sent by the same person. However, rather strangely, the address was directed to a well-known university in Qing Wan city, and the mailing address…was from Qing Wan city’s first prison.

A letter sent from jail? Wu Yi’s heart skipped a beat, and he didn’t dare to look at it again. He filed the letters neatly, found a firm paper bag, and left them on Sheng Min Ou’s desk.


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Sheng Min Ou returned a few days later, and Wu Yi proactively updated him on the various tasks he had been handling whilst he had been away. He then let Sheng Min Ou know that the letters were left on his desk, but because of the dreadful weather, water had stained the envelopes, and he wasn’t sure if it affected its contents too.

Sheng Min Ou had a jacket slung over his forearm, and was initially striding towards his office when he suddenly stopped in his footsteps after hearing Wu Yi’s words, and directed a subtly displeased look at him.

“You opened my parcel?”


Wu Yi met his icy gaze, and felt as if he had been shocked as he hurriedly shook his head and explained, “No, no, it was because the cardboard box had been soaked by the rainwater and became flimsy, so the letters inside slipped out. I only organised the letters again and placed them in a new paper bag, I never read what was written in them!” 

Sheng Min Ou’s expression softened a little, as he thanked him, and entered the office.

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Wu Yi was even more puzzled. He had never seen Sheng Min Ou act like this before. What was the relationship between the sender of these letters and his laoshi?

In Wu Yi’s mind, Sheng Min Ou behaved like he commanded the power of thunderbolts and the speed of lightning – he was resolute and decisive, and it was like nothing could affect him, and nothing could stop him. His determination was unparalleled, and he was so good that Wu Yi even wondered whether he was a robot which Mei Teng had programmed, otherwise it would be hard to explain his astonishing decisiveness. 

Whether Sheng Min Ou eventually opened the letter or not, Wu Yi wouldn’t know, because in the next second, Sheng Min Ou’s glass windows changed from being transparent to becoming frosted. Apart from seeing a blur of a figure inside, Wu Yi couldn’t make out anything else.

This little incident happened and passed, and Wu Yi didn’t take it to heart, as he quickly put it behind him and stopped thinking about it.

Just like that, a few years passed, and Wu Yi left Mei Teng with Sheng Min Ou, becoming a partner at Jin Shang law firm, as he began a new chapter in his life. He had already forgotten about those letters as it became a bygone fragment stored in the corner of his memory. However, he would never imagine that by coincidence, or perhaps, by a predetermined fate, the questions that were born in his mind back then would be answered many years later.

When he met Lu Feng for the first time, Wu Yi did not recall the name at all, as he only thought that the other party was rather strange, claiming to be laoshi’s younger brother, as he sent red roses and cards declaring his love when the law firm first opened. His actions were rather unorthodox, and his laoshi also didn’t appear to be rather enthusiastic when seeing him, even appearing slightly averse at the sight of him. 

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Wu Yi guessed that between the two brothers, their relationship was not a harmonious one, but after all, this was a private affair between the two of them, so it was none of his business to assume things.

Later, a client of their law firm, a popular artist under Xing Hao Entertainment, was suspected of committing a crime and was brought to court. Wu Yi, as the assistant lawyer, was in charge of the case together with Sheng Min Ou. In Wu Yi’s opinion, though this case was a bit troublesome, it wasn’t a difficult fight. To his surprise however, laoshi’s younger brother also appeared in the public gallery, so it appeared that he was friends with the victim.


This caught Wu Yi off guard. He wanted to gauge what his laoshi was thinking several times, but he never knew how to ask the question.

And this case, which shouldn’t have been too difficult, took a strange, and rapid turn after Lu Feng appeared, catching Wu Yi, and the entire law firm off guard. 

After the first hearing, everyone had felt pretty good, and they were making every effort to prepare for the second trial, when news broke that there was a second victim, and that this second victim was related to Sheng Min Ou.

According to the law, conflict of interests were not allowed in a case, and Xing Hao Entertainment had no choice but to remove Sheng Min Ou as their representative lawyer, as they seeked out another attorney instead.

Wu Yi’s head buzzed as soon as he received the news, as Lu Feng’s young and handsome face flashed before his eyes. Though it was not confirmed, it was obvious to Wu Yi that the new victim was, undoubtedly, Lu Feng.

When Sheng Min Ou heard of this, his expression immediately darkened, to the point where Wu Yi didn’t dare to mention this incident at all. Everyone in the law firm kept their mouths shut when it came to this, and even the most careless and thoughtless girl at the front desk could feel that something was wrong. 

Later, because of Luo Zheng Yun’s death, the case ended abruptly, and this terrifying atmosphere gradually disappeared. A high profile, popular incident would rarely be in the spotlight for longer than three weeks, and no matter how popular Luo Zheng Yun was, he was no exception to this fate. For him, it didn’t take three weeks, rather within a week, it was as if the general public had forgotten about this matter as they shifted their attention into a new series of hot topics.

Wu Yi was also making a coffee one day and writing up a case summary when he suddenly had an epiphany in his mind, as he recalled the stormy afternoon, the day when he received a parcel for Sheng Min Ou, where all the letters were sent from the first prison.

Wasn’t that where Lu Feng used to serve his sentence?

He immediately let out a soft cry, as all the pieces seemed to finally come together. 

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That special existence, that one person who had laoshi become so hesitant and conflicted over, turned out to be Lu Feng.

They truly were a strange pair of brothers. Wu Yi was an only child, so he found it difficult to understand this kind of complicated brotherly bond. He thought that perhaps in the eyes of Sheng Min Ou who excelled, it was shameful to have a younger brother who was a murderer, and that he was too disappointed in Lu Feng, which resulted in him approaching the letters with such hesitancy.

Wu Yi came up with his own reasons for Sheng Min Ou’s feelings towards Lu Feng, seeing it as Sheng Min Ou being disappointed at the fact that Lu Feng had gone down such a path. As for Lu Feng, he had spent ten years in jail, and now that he was released from prison, he felt ashamed towards his family, so that would explain his behaviour, which was so eager to please.

Wu Yi had never doubted the purity of the feelings between the brothers until that one day, when reality clubbed him in the head… 

That day, he had a toothache, and he had been hesitating on whether he should go to the doctor or attend work. In the end, he chose to focus on work. Thinking about it now, God already gave him a sign, but he had foolishly ignored it, not knowing it was to help him avoid a disaster.

Their law firm had always ordered lunch from the restaurant downstairs. It was located close to them, and they also delivered the food quickly. That day, Lu Feng had come to the law firm, and Wu Yi didn’t think much about it. He saw that the door to Sheng Min Ou’s wasn’t shut fully, so thought that they weren’t talking about any serious matter, and therefore knocked on the door with the lunch boxes in his hand.

The door was already slightly open, so without Wu Yi using much force, the door slowly parted.

He had just announced that their lunch had arrived, when in the next second he saw the scene in the room, and the word “fuck” escaped his mouth. 

Sheng Min Ou, the teacher he had always respected, had his tie pulled by Lu Feng as he bit down on his mouth. The pair kissed so deeply that it was hard for the two of them to untangle themselves, and Sheng Min Ou even had his fingers in Lu Feng’s hair.

They were all adults here, so naturally Wu Yi understood what this type of intimacy indicated.


All of Wu Yi’s questions were suddenly completely answered at this moment. Behind Sheng Min Ou’s complicated and conflicted actions, were the hidden feelings of an elder brother towards his younger brother, or should he say, it was more than just a brotherly feeling.

Wu Yi’s worldview was thrown into question at that moment as his pupils widened in witnessing the immoral display of love in front of him. Wu Yi’s eloquence as a lawyer was nowhere to be found in his state of panic, as he could only stare at the two in shock. 

The pair in question noticed his arrival and quickly separated from each other. Sheng Min Ou began to straighten out his tie detachedly, without any semblance of embarrassment at being caught, Lu Feng was a little surprised, but he simply touched his nose, but rather than appearing annoyed, he appeared delighted at the disaster that had just occurred.

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“Well, I’ll be going first, you guys enjoy your lunch.” Lu Feng seemed to suppress a smile, his lips flushed and slightly swollen. As he passed by Wu Yi, he deliberately remarked, “My brother and I are not related by blood.” After which, he left Wu Yi with a friendly pat on the shoulder.

Wu Yi still had a blank expression on his face, as he met Lu Feng with a similar dazed look, “Ah… huh?”

With that explanation, the taboo feeling of what he just witnessed seemed to go down… by not a single bit! That didn’t help at all, okay?! 

After that, whatever Lu Feng said to him, he didn’t recall a thing. His brain was still dealing with the information he had just received, and was having a hard time operating at the moment. It was only after Lu Feng left, and Sheng Min Ou saw him still standing stupidly at the door that he asked him with a frown, “Are you going to come in, or leave”, that snapped Wu Yi back to his senses as he quickly placed the lunch boxes he was holding in his hand down on the table.

“That, I’m sorry laoshi… I didn’t see anything just now, I won’t say anything about it, so don’t worry.” Wu Yi said, feeling a sense of unease and regretting severely at his choice of not going to see the dentist in the morning.

Sheng Min Ou looked up at him from behind his computer, before his gaze quickly returned to the screen. He appeared to be rather casual in the aftermath of what had just happened, as if he didn’t mind that Wu Yi had just witnessed everything.

“Why are you apologising if you didn’t do anything wrong?” 

Wu Yi was even thinking of leaving, when he almost choked hearing this question, as he froze awkwardly and didn’t know how to respond..

“I… uh…”

Sheng Min Ou didn’t lift his head as he responded, “It’s exactly as what you saw just then. You may leave now.” After a pause, he added, “Close the door for me please.”

Wu Yi felt as if he had just been granted amnesty, as he replied with repeated yesses, and left the office as if making a grand escape. 

Since then, though the two people he had witnessed were not afraid of the gossip themselves, Wu Yi still kept his promise, and did not reveal the true nature of their relationship to anyone else.

Even when he played Truth or Dare and was tested by a lie detector, he never let up.

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