Foreigner’s Mistake

Chapter 135

Volume 7 Chapter 135, Magic Sword ~ 43

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 Isolde also stepped toward Satoru, who had drawn his hand-pulled sword with a big smile, with a waving spirit. (?)


 The Holy Sword Clan's fighting style is extremely simple.

 They efficiently fill their bodies with magic power and accelerate all their movements by raising their physical capabilities to the utmost limit.

 Of course, it eats up an enormous amount of magic power. The average person can use this technique only a few times. However, if you are the master of the Holy Sword, you do not have to think about the reduction of magic power. The Holy Sword eats magic power and returns it to the user.

 In other words, as long as you continue to fight, you can continue to absorb the magic power of your enemies and they will continue to weaken.

 In fact, in the battles that have been fought so far, Satoru has occasionally been hit by attacks with the Holy Sword, each time sucking up a huge amount of magic power, but the bottom of Satoru's magic power has not been seen at all.

「!! Kuhh! Haaaah!」

 The sound of sword fights intensified. Without a moment to catch his breath, Satoru continuously swings, thrust, cleave and parry the Holy Sword at a tremendous speed.

 Isolde is now on the offensive. Satoru does not pass up the slash but just keeps hitting back.

 It is a poor technique. However, perhaps because he is aware that it is poor, he does not forcefully accept the blow or let it go. He just keeps hitting back and returns with a big sword.

「Nuhh...... Kukk! *Gasp*!」

 The moment she takes a breath, Isolde's movement stops slightly. Satoru attacked this time in the form of exploiting that slight gap. Isolde continues to desperately deal with the attack. Considering Satoru's physical strength, each blow is not that heavy, but each blow is still fast. In fact, the intensity of his attacks gradually increased.

 Even after inflicting a small wound, Satoru does not weaken at all. Although endurance fighting is what Isolde would normally have wanted, she is unable to reach the target even if she strikes with her ability, which would have reached its limit long ago if not for the recovery of magic power by the Holy Sword.

(I-It's no good. ...... still can't reach him.)

 Even if she strikes at a speed that a normal person would not be able to cope with, Satoru would respond at a much faster speed.

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 She had given up on her physical strength from the beginning. Satoru had the advantage in speed to support his skill. Isolde was trying her best by applying magic power to the muscles in her arms, which were screaming, but Satoru was having none of it.

 I wonder how long I have to endure before I reach the bottom of Satoru's magic power. At this rate...

(I will lose―lose?)

 Isolde was deeply frightened when she came across this possibility once again.

 The Holy Sword is the only weapon left to the human race. It is the only means of resisting the demons who are superior in magic power. If she was to be lost, there would be no means of countering the demons when they once again roamed the land.

 If the Demon King who was destroyed in the distant past were to resurrect. If this man were to become the Demon King. The human race will be on the road to destruction.

 It is unforgivable. It is very unforgivable.

「I, cannot be defeated here!!」

 A dull metallic sound echoed. The movement that had been so intense came to a halt, and Satoru and Isolde glared at each other in a fierce battle.

 It was only for a short time.

 But in that short time, Isolde felt a sense of discomfort. The answer to that question comes immediately. There was no hatred in Satoru's eyes. The curse of the Holy Sword must still be in place, but it can't be ― that it hasn't affected him.

 If it were simple physical strength, Satoru would have an overwhelming advantage. Pushed to the ground in a flash, Isolde increased the flexibility of her body and passed on Satoru's power. The Giant Killer was thrust into the earth, and the earth cracked with a violent "gopaa" sound. This was evidence of the tremendous pressure that had been applied.

 With the Giant Killer thrust into the ground as a foothold, Isolde quickly ran up and kicked Satoru in the face. But it didn't work. A dull pain, as if she had kicked a ball of steel, struck Isolde's leg, and she frowned ― the next moment, Satoru's hand firmly grabbed Isolde's thin right ankle.


 With a forceful grip on her ankle, Satoru swung her around and tried to slam her to the ground. Even though there is a difference in their physiques, it is not humanly possible to grab a person by the ankle and swing them around.

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 She can't just be knocked to the ground. Isolde turned away for a moment, and then, using the momentum from the recoil swung the Holy Sword away from Satoru's side. But this was a bad move. Satoru knew exactly what she was going to do.

 He released his ankle grip and took a moment to distance himself. The Holy Sword swung as hard as it could with the recoil, but it came up empty, exposing a huge gap, and Isolde prepared to die...


 Her right wrist made an unpleasant cracking sound. Her grip on the sword instantly lost its strength, and the Holy Sword slipped and flew away―but it stopped at a certain distance, as if it had a string attached to it, and then returned to Isolde's hand. But with her broken hand, Isolde is not able to hold it satisfactorily. The fracture is healed at an astonishing speed by the physical recovery sorcery, but it will not be usable for a while. Her left shoulder is still dislocated ― it is impossible to take on Satoru in this state.

「...... What's that? Looks like a magic trick.」

 But Satoru did not attack with all his might. He just looked at the Holy Sword that had returned to Isolde's hand with a curious look on his face.

 Why ― Isolde bites her teeth. Even before that, despite exposing a fatal gap in the earlier attack, Satoru did not strike at her defenseless body but only took the trouble to use a knife-hand strike to her right wrist. If Satoru had struck her with his full strength, her internal organs would have ruptured, and even Isolde would not have survived.

 And yet, he did not do that. She wondered if he was just playing with her, and then a powerful rage erupted inside her.

「This sword is a Holy Sword. It is can't separate from its wielder more than ten feet away」

 Isolde put her hand on the hilt of the Holy Sword that was propped up on the ground. She is only holding it. She can't grip it. With her current grip, she will not be able to pull this sword out of the ground.

 Satoru, as if he knew this, did not attack her. He just laughed in amazed.

「I see. That's not fair.」

「Compared to your soul!!」

 It is said that the soul is a vessel given to the earth's mother goddess. In other words, Isolde's words are an act of cursing God's differential. It is a taboo that no one living in this world should do.

 However, Satoru showed a small bitter smile at Isolde's cry of frustration.

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 So, he said.

 Isolde was absolutely mortified. This man is not drowned by a too powerful soul. He does not care about the overflowing magic power.

 His capacity is too different.

「How it is? Still want to fight?」

 Isolde was aware of this fact more than anyone else. Satoru is not even breathing heavily even after all this attack and defense. He was also able to spare some of his magic power. Now that the circle has disappeared, Isolde is not quite as calm and composed as before, but the difference in overwhelming power is clear.

 On the other hand, Isolde's body and mind are already on the verge of collapse.


「Gughh.......but as the one who has been entrusted with this sword ― betting on the pride of the Holy Sword Clan, I cannot be defeated so easily!!」

 The clan that has been defeating the demon race for thousands of years, the clan that has been protecting society on the other side of the world, cannot be defeated here.

 It was only this determination that made Isolde confront Satoru.

 A woman of sharp beauty roars with a tragic air. The sight was caustic.

 Satoru took a long, deep breath.

「For you, that sword is your hope and your fate, isn't it? ―All right」

 The moment he thrust the Giant Killer into the earth with a thud.

 Isolde was completely unable to react. Satoru stood in front of her, shook off Isolde's hand, and grabbed the Holy Sword.

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 Even in the hands of the enemy, magic power flows into the body that has dodged the contract, not into the body that is holding it. Satoru's enormous amount of magic power flowed into Isolde's body, making her body hot.

 Satoru took one look at the Holy Sword in his hand and said, 

「Then I'm gonna smash this sword.」


「This sword sucks magic power, doesn't it? ―If this sword can absorb all my magic power, you win. If it breaks, I win.」

 He smirked at Isolde with a grin. The smile was so manly that Isolde was momentarily taken aback by this rugged man.

 Satoru takes a deep breath. He then directed all his power into the Holy Sword in his hand and struck it down.

「My magic power, if you can suck it, suck it!!」


 An aura bursts out around Satoru. It was a torrent of pure magic power that is too far out of the ordinary. It was an overwhelming power that no one in this world had ever seen before.

 A high-pitched sound echoed throughout the area.


 Isolde slumped to the ground.

 Standing before the head of the Holy Sword Clan, who sat powerless on the ground, the hulking man tossed the remnants of the Holy Sword, its blade disintegrating to nothing but the hilt, to the woman who had been its contractor.

 Thus, the Holy Sword was destroyed before the violent power of the otherworldly people.


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