Chapter 35.1: Uwu, I Don’t Want He Jiang’s Assets Anymore (1)

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“Ahhhhhh, the jerk is such a master at cheering his wife up!”

“I’m so naive. Why did I really think He Jiang was playing with his phone by himself?”

“The jerk is truly a master! Puppy Shang can never defeat him!”

“But why was Puppy Shang angry? Is it because he was bullied on He Jiang’s birthday?”


“I’ll bet a spicy strip that Puppy Shang can’t resist the temptation.”

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck, am I seeing things? Did you guys see the IDs of He Jiang’s teammate? It’s the game anchor, Soda.”

“@the user above, you’re not seeing things. Both live broadcast rooms are now talking about how prepared He Jiang is in doing things to make his wife happy.”

“I’m shook, He Jiang must have spent a fortune to buy those gears from his teammate.”

“The other chat is saying He Jiang offered a high price to purchase the level three armor and scope at the start of the match.”

“I was still thinking who’s the rich fool. Since it’s He Jiang, I’ve got nothing more to say.”

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Shang Jing looked at the phone in front of him, his heart in arrays as he tried to stand his ground.

Here it comes again! Trying to woo me back using the game again? What a lack of creativity.

Does he think I’m a goldfish who only has 3 seconds of memory capacity?

Has he forgotten the superb characteristic of a human to learn from past mistakes?

Stubbornly turning his head away, Shang Jing muttered, “I’ll pass.”

However, under the cover of his luscious eyelashes, a glint appeared in the corner of his eyes as his gaze lingered on the game hungrily.

Ever since he started playing the game, due to his slow reaction and lack of courage to move alone, he had always been stuck with picking up the lousy gears left behind by the others.

“Tsk,” He Jiang clicked his tongue regretfully. “Such a pity. It’s not everyday we get to land where the airdrops are to get such a complete set of gear, and to be paired with a teammate of such high caliber too?! It’s basically a once in a lifetime chance.”

Shang Jing angled his body slightly towards He Jiang, trying to catch a more wholesome glimpse of the game from his peripheral vision.

In the live broadcast room.

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“Don’t believe him, my dear son!”

“Don’t ever believe the words of a man!”

“Sonny, once you join this round, you will realize there’s still the next round.”

“The jerk is loaded! He will purchase the gears again!”

“Redefining my understanding: rare, good luck, once in a lifetime chance.”

“Soda thanked He Jiang for his praises and for buying the silencer for 1000 yuan.”

“How can Sonny Shang’s side profile be that perfect?! I’m obsessed! The thought of him falling into the claws of the jerk with all these flowery tactics… Ahhh, my old mother heart is breaking.”

“Are they trying to make me get diabetes?”

Regardless of how loud the cautions from netizens were in the chat, they were unbeknownst to the person in question.

Shang Jing was already fully drawn into the game.

He Jiang said the set up of this match is once in a lifetime and I will regret not participating.

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Whatever. What can one match do?

He Jiang: “An enemy is approaching from the 1 o’clock position. There’s no one with him.”

Shang Jing whipped his head over anxiously and called out, “Get him!”

In a leisurely tempo, He Jiang looked into the eight times scope of his AWM and took aim at the lone wolf.

The lone wolf was still walking towards them in a straight line, seeming to not have noticed the extra figures lying in the grass patch nor the red laser light pointing straight at his head. Just a single pull of the trigger by He Jiang and he will be gone.

Unable to bear the suspense, Shang Jing reached out and hit the ‘Shoot’ button with his index finger.

The enemy collapsed to the ground.

Taking the chance, He Jiang placed the phone into Shang Jing’s hand and praised, “Good job.”

Shang Jing felt like he was floating in the air as his ego inflated with the praise, such that he did not notice when He Jiang shifted his chair behind him and sat down.

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Circling his arms lightly around Shang Jing’s waist, He Jiang walked him through the game.

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“There’s someone in the 350 direction.”

Shang Jing: “Where is 350?”

He Jiang: “... On your left, turn a little more.”

“Someone threw a grenade at us. Stand up and run.”

In the state of panic, Shang Jing accidentally pressed the wrong command button, causing his avatar to crouch back down in the grass after standing up and failing to avoid the explosion.

He fell to the ground in a critical state. Looking around, the nearest teammate was only 30 meters away from him.

But no one came back to help him.

He frowned. “Are they not planning to save me?”

Did they notice the change in players and decided not to take the risk to save a noob like me?

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