Genius Summoner

Chapter 930: 930

One against three. Qu Lanyi was the nemesis of the man in the hood. Yun Feng didn’t feel the slightest fear when she fought with the man in the hood just then. The last time the man fought with Qu Lanyi, he tried his best to save his life, but this time, it was the opposite! He was unusually calm!

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Suddenly, an extremely violent and furious roar came faintly from the depths of the space. Yun Feng’s expression changed! It seemed that the giant beast had completely woken up!

“Get out of the way!” Mu Canghai suddenly shouted and pushed Yun Feng to the side fiercely. Qu Lanyi quickly caught Yun Feng and the two of them quickly retreated to the side. Mu Canghai also retreated to the other side quickly. A certain part of the space suddenly shattered and the entire space shook fiercely with the collapse!

“Hahaha, hahaha!” The man in the hood laughed crazily, as if he had gone mad. His eyes covered by the hood stared at the crack firmly. His body didn’t show any intention of dodging at all! And the torn space crack suddenly expanded in the next second! An endless distorted suction force swallowed everything around crazily!

“What powerful spatial power!” Yun Feng was protected in Qu Lanyi’s arms and felt the completely distorted space. As a Lord, she would be sucked into it without any resistance if she encountered it head-on! The man in the hood was in the center of the distorted space. The terrifying suction force pulled his body and the robe over!

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Yun Feng listened to the crazy laughter of the man in the hood. There was endless pride and madness in his laughter. If he was sucked in, he would only die! When the distorted power of space reached the top, an extremely huge head jumped out of the crack!

The hooded man’s body was pulled over crazily and his arm suddenly reached out of the robe! “Hahahaha, I’ve finally got you!” Thick black elements surged out of the hooded man’s body crazily and directly penetrated the giant beast’s head!

“Roar, roar…” The giant beast that was invaded by the dark elements howled crazily and let out a painful roar. Its head swayed left and right crazily, as if it wanted to get rid of this crazy torture. The man in the hood laughed and the dark elements pounced even more crazily!

Everything happened in an instant. The black elements grabbed the giant beast’s head like a giant hand and quickly penetrated it! Yun Feng only saw that the giant beast’s eyes were instantly dyed black after the invasion of the dark elements!

After the eyes of the giant beast turned black, the entire body of the hooded man instantly disappeared, leaving only his robe fluttering down!

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“Roar…” The giant beast’s head instantly broke free and raised high. A furious roar that had been suppressed for a long time came from its body. It stared at Yun Feng with its pure black eyes! “Summoner… Summoner!”

A powerful wave of hatred pounced on Yun Feng. Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai both changed their expressions. Qu Lanyi immediately pulled Yun Feng behind him. “Old man! You can’t hurt her with me here!”

“Give me your life! Summoner!” The giant beast’s incomparable hatred didn’t reduce at all. Its gaze only locked onto Yun Feng! “Hahahaha, Yun Feng! I’m taking your life!” The hooded man’s strange and hoarse voice suddenly sounded. Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and finally saw clearly that half of the hooded man’s body was standing in the middle of the giant beast’s head, and his lower body seemed to have merged with the giant beast!

“He’s the one who did this. We just need to pull him off the giant beast’s head!” Yun Feng whispered coldly as she raised her arm. Three beams of light flashed out of the Ring of Contract! The moment Lan Yi and Little Fire appeared, they both took the form of Magic Beasts. The griffin and the Fire Cloud Wolf pounced forward fiercely. When the giant beast saw the appearance of the contracted Magic Beasts, the anger in its heart seemed to be aroused to the peak!

When Yaoyao’s blue eyes saw the giant beast in front of her, the blue light in her body shone brightly and the ancient power burst out. The mature and patient Yaoyao swung her long blue fishtail hard and joined the battle!

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The space crack that was forcibly opened by the Magic Beast suddenly shattered even bigger. The body below the head of the giant beast seemed to be struggling to get out, but as it kept expanding, the terrifying suction force of the space crack also increased abruptly!

“This can’t go on! I’ll be pulled in by this suction force if I’m not careful!” Qu Lanyi protected Yun Feng and avoided the attack of the suction force. The current situation was very unfavorable for Yun Feng. The hooded man and the giant beast inexplicably merged, as if the giant beast was under control. At the same time, she had to be careful of the suction force caused by the collapse of space!

“If we drag it out, this space will also be destroyed!” Mu Canghai rushed to Yun Feng’s side and his gray eyes narrowed. Right now, any trace of spatial fluctuation couldn’t escape Mu Canghai’s eyes! Only he could make the most accurate judgment of space!

“The only way now is to force it back!” Yun Feng’s black eyes suddenly brightened. The three contracted Magic Beasts were entangled with this giant beast. The giant beast’s body was stuck in the spatial crack and it wasn’t very convenient for it to move, but it actually fought without losing!

Once the giant beast broke free from the spatial crack, all of them would be sucked in by that terrifying suction force and their bodies would be shattered in an instant! The only feasible solution right now was to make this giant beast completely quiet down!

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Yun Feng clenched her fist and flipped her hand quickly. The ring that her master left for her appeared. Yun Feng slowly closed her eyes and her mental strength instantly penetrated that ring. All sounds in the outside world were automatically blocked!

It was that heavy fog again. Yun Feng moved forward without hesitation this time until a huge wooden stake appeared in front of her. Without any hesitation, Yun Feng patted it fiercely with her fair hand!

“Crack, crack, crack, crack!” A series of sounds broke the silence!

Countless wooden stakes rose from the ground in front of Yun Feng. The thick fog dispersed and a heavy breath suddenly sounded. Yun Feng’s body rose into the sky the next second and the sharp claws hit the middle of the wooden stakes fiercely again!

“Human!” A deep voice roared. The wooden stake kept making banging sounds, but it didn’t move at all. The huge sharp claws retracted again. With the heavy fog around, Yun Feng still couldn’t see what was locked behind the wooden stake, but she was about to see it!

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