Genius Summoner

Chapter 931: 931

“How can I let you out?” Yun Feng asked in a low voice. The creature that the wooden stake was restraining seemed to be stunned. After a while of silence, it finally burst into laughter. “Hahahaha, hahahahaha! I can finally… finally get out!”

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“Time is tight. How can I let you out?” Yun Feng suddenly stopped it from laughing and frowned. She stared at the thick fog with her black eyes. If possible, she wanted to leave it behind and didn’t want to let it out right now, but she couldn’t worry about so much in the current situation!

“Put your hand on the wooden stake and say ‘open’ in your heart.” There was an uncontrollable enthusiasm in the voice. Yun Feng nodded and stood in front of the wooden stake. “Promise me something and I’ll let you out.”

“Humph! Just tell me what you want!”

Yun Feng pursed her lips and slowly put her fair hand on the wooden stake. “Beat the guy outside until he can’t fight back!”

“Hahaha, I thought you asked for something hard! No problem!”

Yun Feng chuckled. “Since I can let you out, I believe I can lock you up again. Don’t go back on your words.”

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After a moment of silence, the creature behind the wooden stake finally snorted in disdain. “With your current strength, you can’t do anything to me. However, according to the deal, I’ll help you. Open the seal quickly! It’s time for me to move!”

“Haha, alright! It’s a deal!” Yun Feng put her hand on the wooden stake and her mental strength surged out of her body, quickly spreading to the entire wooden stake. When it reached the red base, the red color seemed to have melted. The blood-like red color slowly climbed up and formed a strange pattern on the wooden stake with Yun Feng’s mental strength!

Looking at this strange scene in front of her eyes, Yun Feng was a bit surprised, and the guy trapped in the wooden stake was also silent. When the red patterns covered the entire wooden stake, Yun Feng felt that something was held in her hand. With a slight twist, she could open everything!

Yun Feng slowly turned her hand clockwise and opened her red lips gently. “Open the seal!”

“Crack, crack, crack!” Countless wooden stakes that rose from the ground instantly sank into the ground, and the wooden stake in front of Yun Feng with red patterns was the same. After all the wooden stakes disappeared, the fog inside also gradually dispersed. A sharp claw took a step forward. Yun Feng looked up and a pair of pure black eyes lit up in the fog!

“Kid, I didn’t know you hid yourself so well.” Yun Feng whispered and smiled lightly. “Alright, it’s time to go out!”

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Yun Feng suddenly opened her eyes. A beam of light flashed through the ancient ring, and a powerful and heavy aura surged out of the ring! “Fengfeng, this is…” Qu Lanyi looked at the ancient ring on Yun Feng’s finger with indescribable surprise in his eyes. Yun Feng’s lips curled up, and a huge body wrapped in heavy fog appeared from the ring!

“She indeed has a backup plan…” The man in the hood immediately felt a bit uneasy when he saw the huge fog. However, the negative emotions of this giant beast had already been completely drawn out by his dark elements. It had endless killing intent towards the summoner. No matter what, it would kill Yun Feng! Thinking of this, the man in the hood couldn’t help but smile. As long as Yun Feng died, he would definitely get everything she had!

“No matter what you do, it’s useless!” The hooded man shouted coldly and activated the dark elements again. The giant beast under him suddenly let out furious roars and raised its huge front claws. Little Fire, Lan Yi and Yaoyao narrowly dodged. The speed and power of this giant beast were already something they couldn’t resist!

“Damn it!” Little Fire was a bit irritable when it saw that its attack could only cause light damage to the giant beast. Lan Yi was about to say something, but the extremely irritable giant beast struggled furiously and the spatial crack suddenly fell apart again!

“Hahaha, let me add fuel to the fire!” The man in the hood suddenly extended his pale arm and the black Ring of Contract appeared again! Surrounded by thick black elements, his contracted Magic Beasts appeared! They were the undead from last time!

Yaoyao’s black pupils suddenly narrowed. She swung her fishtail and the dark blue water element immediately enveloped the undead. She didn’t expect that the water element would immediately be broken!

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“Its power has increased. Little sea demon, even though your water element is powerful, the power I got after merging with this giant beast is also extraordinary!”

The appearance of the contracted Magic Beasts of the undead made the battle even more chaotic. The clones of the undead also appeared right after. Three clones, three undead! Little Fire, Lan Yi and Yaoyao were immediately entangled by the three undead and the battle fell into a stalemate!

“Kid, you want me to deal with that disgusting guy?” The huge figure wrapped in thick fog said. Yun Feng nodded. “It’s indeed disgusting. It’s time for you to do something.”

“Humph! Even though I don’t know who the other one is, it seems that its negative emotions have been completely aroused. I can feel a rather strong anger. It’s targeting you!”

“Are you here to help or to add insult to injury?” Qu Lanyi stood next to Yun Feng and looked at the thick fog. Even though he didn’t know what was inside, judging from that ring, it couldn’t be ordinary at all!

“Kid! It’s not your place to tell me what to do! Little girl, I only agreed to help you beat it up. I won’t interfere with anything else after this. Take care of yourself!”

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“Don’t worry. I remember the deal clearly in my mind.”

“Hahaha, alright! Kid, come up!”

Yun Feng was stunned. Go up? The huge body wrapped in thick fog arched slightly. It seemed that it was going to fight! “Come up! Don’t make me say it again!”

Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng’s hand tightly and was a bit worried. Yun Feng shook her head. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. I had an agreement with it.”

“As long as you cut that disgusting man from the giant beast, I’ll destroy him with means!” Brutality flashed in Qu Lanyi’s eyes. Yun Feng sneered. “Remember, keep him alive.” Yun Feng’s body moved and she had already jumped into the thick fog. She stepped on an unusually smooth scale. Her body was covered in thick fog. Yun Feng still hadn’t seen what this thing looked like.

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