God-Like Extraction

Chapter 528: 528

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit enunciated every word, and its face under the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor was extremely ugly.

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It had begun!

The Void World on Earth Star had also begun to annex the planet.

It happened too suddenly without any warning.

According to Pan Funan, it would take at least 100,000 years for the Void World to fuse with a world or star.

Yet the invasion of the Void World on Earth Star took less than 100,000 years.

Why was it brought forward?

Or rather, was what Pan Funan knew limited, or that there was never a fixed period for the Void World’s adaptation stage before fusing with other worlds and stars?

There was no pattern to the duration?

Earth Star was unlucky to have encountered it, causing the annexation to begin in advance?

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit could not figure it out.

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“Brother Pan, how long does it usually take for the Void World to completely devour a world?”

In the Kuntian World, Su Jingxing held back his palpitations and asked Pan Funan.

“That’s hard to say.” Pan Funan pondered for a moment and replied, “For example, it’s been 22 years since the Kuntian World was annexed. In less than ten years, it will be completely devoured.”

“Then for the past 20 years, has the invasion of the Void World monsters and Void Beasts been incomparably fierce from the beginning, or did it slowly expand?” Su Jingxing asked again.

“We were prepared, so the invasion of the Void World monsters and Void Beasts did not cause a large-scale impact at first. These d*mned things that emerged from the Void World are almost endless. We’ve been cleaning them up, but in the end, they’re still everywhere.” Pan Funan sighed.

“Anything that comes from the Void World deserves to die,” Su Jingxing growled.

“That’s right. When the Void World annexed Kuntian, other than the strange phenomenon at the beginning, it was always silent afterward. However, the monsters and Void Beasts in the Void World were endless and constantly extended the range of disasters. You have to know that Kuntian’s Void World had already been cut off from the Void World outside 80,000 years ago,” Pan Funan said in a low voice.

Su Jingxing kept quiet.

Earth Star.

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit was equally silent.

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Pan Funan’s words were equivalent to telling Su Jingxing that the true catastrophe on Earth Star had just begun!

“Martial Sage Kong?”

Seeing that Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit was silent, the tall old man called out carefully.

The Earth Star suddenly lifted its head. A gaze shot out from under the mask and looked straight at the other party. It asked in a deep voice, “The White Emperor City has always protected Earth Star. How much do you know about the origin of the Void World? Is there a way to stop it from annexing Earth Star?”

“There is!”

“What? Really?” The Primordial Spirit was shocked. It stepped forward and shouted in a low voice, “Are you sure? You’re not lying to me? Now is not the time to joke!”

“We really do,” said the short old man. “It’s an ancient and powerful array formation passed down from ancient times. Using six border markers, it can seal the border membrane and plug the loopholes. All these years, we’ve been guarding this array formation. However, too many of the Earth Star border membranes have been shattered, and the loopholes are too big. It requires the combined efforts of three Primordial Spirits to plug the loopholes.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Hurry up and bring me there!” said Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit as it flew towards the dilapidated White Emperor City.

On the way, it sent the Wandering Dragon Saber back to the Void World to keep guard.

“Alright, alright.”

The two old men were overjoyed and quickly followed.

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Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three figures streaked across the sky and entered White Emperor City.


The air was then torn apart by an invisible force again, revealing a crack.

White Emperor City flew up again and entered the crack, entering the void.

When He Sanxiao and Sha Lou heard the commotion and rushed to the northern mountains, all they saw were astral winds howling in the sky.

The dilapidated White Emperor City had disappeared, and the void crack had been smoothed out.

In the air.

A unique ring of light was released outside White Emperor City to keep out the invasion of the astral winds and stop the invisible and terrifying energy to approach.

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit stood on a platform and looked outside, its eyes flickering.

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“Um, Martial Sage Kong, there were four Primordial Spirits on Earth Star before.”

The tall old man stood at the side and explained, “One is our Chief, the three others are Sword Sage Pei from the Eastern Continent, Xiahou Chuanwu from overseas, and Luo Tianba from the Western Continent.

“Our Chief went into seclusion ten years ago. Previously, we went to call for him, but we didn’t receive any feedback. Moreover, the matter was urgent, so we could only come to you first. Then, we’ll go to pick up Sword Sage Pei, Xiahou Chuanwu, or Luo Tianba.

“The torn border membrane is located in the Southern Wilderness. There’s a border marker there, which is also where we’re heading later.

“Don’t worry, Martial Sage Kong. Given the power of the border membrane, as long as we stop it in time, we will definitely be able to close the hole.”

The Primordial Spirit was silent.

After some thought, it asked, “Tell me about the border marker.”

“Alright,” replied the tall old man. “In ancient times, the border markers were refined by human experts from the outside world with their ancestors using broken stars as materials for hundreds or thousands of years. In the end, they successfully isolated the invading Void World from the outside world.

“Not only that, the array formation formed by the border markers can also eliminate the birth of the Void World monsters and the reproduction of the Void Beasts.

“In ancient times, our ancestors once said that after the Void World fused with Earth Star, it might one day annex Earth Star. Therefore, they set up a huge array to suppress the border membrane of the Void World. Earth Star’s border membrane cannot be suppressed, nor can it be suppressed. We can only repair the gaps.

“White Emperor City is actually a guardian left behind from ancient times to guard Earth Star and monitor the Void World. For so many years, the Void World would cause some trouble from time to time, but nothing like this has happened before.”

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