Chapter 129: Rescue Battle and the Shadow

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The “Black Golden Wings” and the “Naniwards” didn’t wait for a moment to take their positions. They approached the building quickly, attacked and subdued the guards while they were still in position, kicked down the door into the building and rushed in.

Tauro and the others were just a few seconds behind the “Naniwards” and Rumeya was ready to kick down the door, when it opened and a panicked Ruhi came out.

Both of them.


They both froze for a moment.

Ruhi’s thoughts were further confused by the fact that the group in front of him included the two children whom he had failed to kidnap, but as the group raised their weapons, he quickly drew his sword as a conditioned reflex.

“Chi! You were adventurous enough to come and capture us!”

Ruhi understood the situation and said in a spiteful tone, slashing at Rumeya, who was standing at the forefront.

Rumeya hurriedly held up his shield, but couldn’t make it in time, and he was cut on his dominant arm.

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Shin intervened to protect Rumeya and slashed at Ruhi.

In the meantime, Tauro threw a potion on Rumeya to help him recover and Aeris cast a defensive spell on Shin.

Ruhi easily parried Shin’s slash and kicked him away.

This was usually Shin’s number one physical skill, but Ruhi was better.

Shin was kicked away and sent flying towards Aeris.


Shin and Aeris collided and fell, unable to move.

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Tauro holds his small sword low and slashes at Ruhi.

Ruhi, too, leaps lightly at Tauro’s small sword. He then looked at the tag around Tauro’s neck and said.

“For an E-rank belt, you’re pretty good, but you’re no match for me.”

With that, he disappeared into the back alley.

The C+ ranked team “Naniwards”, who had entered from the front, had successfully subdued Ruhi’s men and rescued the children.

It seems that Ruhi had fled to the back door just as the door was being kicked down and the “Naniwards” were unable to catch up with him because they were blocked by his minions.

“I didn’t expect Ruhi to run away so fast. I’m sorry, I was going to deal with him.”

It was too much for Tauro and the other E rankers to handle, so “Naniwards” was aiming for Ruhi, but they miscalculated that he would run away without a fight.

“There was one more who escaped, but other than that, it looks like we defeated them.”

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The leader of “Naniwards” counted the number of fallen minions and said.

“I’m sorry, leader. The one who escaped probably has the “fugue” skill. We’ve been scattered.”

The man who looked like a theif came back from outside, probably chasing the escaped man and reported to the leader.

“What? He was able to throw you off? That’s impressive! But you at least got a name with your “Personality appraisal” skill, right?”

“That’s about right. It looks like a guy named Soak Sato. That’s not a name you hear around here, is it?”

Tauro, who was casually listening to the exchange between the members of team “Naniwards” as he treated Rumeya and the others with potions, was startled.

Soak Sato, if I’m not mistaken, is my ex-father, unless it’s a different person with the same name.

I’ve cut off all ties with him and abandoned his surname, and even if I hadn’t, I have “appraisal inhibition” (extreme), so even if they were to appraise me, they wouldn’t be able to find any connection to me, but inside I was filled with mixed feelings.

I hadn’t heard any rumors that he had been arrested, but now he was here….

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Tauro was breaking out in a cold sweat, but he didn’t talk about it. He finished treating Rumeya and the others, and went to talk to the children who had come out of the basement after being untied.

“Um… what kind of “fugue” skill are you talking about?”

Tauro asked about his ex-father’s information.

“’Fugue’ It’s a special skill with limited conditions that can only be activated when running away. …I’ve heard only rumors about it, but with footprints so cleanly erased, I can’t think of anything else but the “Fugue” skill.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said the man who looked like a theif. He was impressed by the fact that he had been thrown off so well.

a… I didn’t know he had such a skill….

It must have been his skills that allowed him to escape this far despite being a wanted man.

Tauro wished he had a break from the rate at which he encountered his former father.

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