Chapter 131: God’s Hands

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The day came for Tauro and his group to leave the city of O’Circus.

Leada seemed a little sad to be leaving, but it couldn’t be helped.

As a merchant, this town was a treasure trove of information and no matter how long she stayed, she would never be able to stay long enough.

Shin and Rumeya had also grown fond of the city, so they vowed to come back again.

As everyone got into the carriage, the city of O’circus began to fade away.

We could have taken the long way home, but we decided to take the same route as before.

Yes, because I had promised to stop by the mountain village.

It would take several days to reach the pass.

In the meantime, whenever he had a free moment, Tauro was checking out his new ability, “God’s Hand”

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I have a vague feeling about this.

This “God’s hand” is a correction to the base status.

You can see that the power, agility, and maybe even dexterity have been raised.

In the case of dexterity, the correction by precision makes it too large to be felt, but in the case of strength and agility, even without the Angus small sword, which has an agility correction to the base status, which was originally just a hair on the scale of an ordinary child, agility has clearly increased and I can move uncomfortably fast.

And the “power,” which had been ineffective, only felt uncomfortable as the power needed to draw the bow became distinctly lighter.

What was even more surprising was that when I used my “true eye” to keep an eye on my surroundings, I discovered that the distance I could see had increased.

Even with the naked eye, I can now see the range of the bow and arrow.

I’ve heard from other adventurers that this is a skill similar to the “hawk’s eye” skill (which allows you to see things in the distance as if you were looking through a telescope ), but in my case, I can’t see as far as the “hawk’s eye” skill because I can only see within the range of the bow and arrow, but I’m sure my vision is much wider than before.

However, if my vision is blocked, I’ll not be able to see beyond it, so too much visibility may not be of much use.

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Well, it was fun to look at things from a high place.

So, it was a fulfilling itinerary for Tauro, who was satisfied with his new discovery until they reached the pass.

Seeing Tauro like this, Aeris knew that Tauro was trying something, but at first glance, it looked like he was eagerly practicing his bow and arrow.

However, after observing him, she predicted that he must have learned an ability related to the bow, because he had been using Artemis’ bow ability to shoot straight and forcefully, but now he was doing something dexterous by drawing a curve and shooting through a hidden target.

And based on this prediction, Aeris said to Tauro

“What did you learn with the bow this time?”

She asked.


I had nothing to hide, so I told Aeris that I was able to acquire the ability of “God’s Hands”.

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“That’s amazing! It’s the first time I’ve heard of this ability, but it must be something very special to have multiple abilities and compensations!”

Aeris was stunned by the cheat-level ability.

The reason why Tauro was able to learn this ability was because he had access to the ability of “precision” and the “bow of Artemis”, and he understood that it was a level that he wouldn’t have been able to obtain if he had done it normally.

It was just a coincidence, but thanks to it, I was able to compensate for the “power” that had been a problem for me.

I had been forcefully fighting because of my inability, but now I could fight somewhat differently.

It was also great that “agility” has been corrected.

Unlike the correction of the small sword, I always get the correction even if I don’t have it equipped, and when the small sword is equipped, I can move even more.

However, his stamina was that of a child, so if he got carried away and moved too fast, he would soon run out of gas.

“I can move so easily!”

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Kaba de kaba de kaba de kaba de…

Tauro was so happy that he tried to play a minor sport from his previous life while moving left and right agilely, but Aeris, who witnessed this asked “are you okay?” she was worried.

Tauro and his group entered the mountain pass.

As they continued to climb, Tauro and the rest of team “Black Golden Wings” got out of the carriage and were walking up the slope when they saw a person in the distance.

He waved to them, and when they waved back, he jumped several times to show his joy, then ran off somewhere.

They were probably from the mountain village, and they seemed to have gone to inform the village.

They seemed to have been looking forward to our arrival so much so that they set up a lookout.

No, I understand that, but wouldn’t it be faster if you waited for us for a bit and showed us the way?

Tauro inwardly grumbled.

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