Chapter 164: The Marquis’ Residence

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Tauro, Aeris, and four of the Kingsguard, who had been waiting outside, were invited into the house by the maid who had come to pick them up.

There were six other Kingsguard waiting outside the house, and they were ready to respond immediately in case something happened.

Aeris was greeted by a lineup of maids and servants inside the mansion.

It had been about two years since Aeris had been in her old home in King’s Landing, but the number of maids and servants she knew had dwindled.

Among them, Mei, the head maid, who was a good friend and loved her very much, saw Aeris and her eyes welled up.

Some of the servants were also moved to tears when they saw Aeris, who had grown up and become beautiful over the past two years.

Aeris was also moved to tears at the sight of the few remaining people she had known, but she decided not to cry in anticipation of her confrontation with the madam and held her tears.

An elderly man whom Aeris did not know, who seemed to be in charge of the stewards of the residence, reprimanded those who were in tears, but soon the head maid, Mei, stepped forward to protect everyone and took charge of guiding Aeris and the others.

The butler man tried to give this May a hard time, too.

“Hey! Are you going to expose the ugliness of the Marquise’s family in public without showing us around? Shame on you!”

Aeris reprimanded the butler and asked May, the head maid, to show them around.

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“I understand, please come this way.”

The head maid bows and leads Aeris and the group to the guest room.

Tauro saw that the head maid wore round glasses, had long purple hair tied back in a bun, and a well-endowed chest that could be seen even through her maid’s uniform.

She was about twenty-six years old.

She was a beautiful woman with a hint of sex appeal, but her eyes were kind and concerned for Aeris.

As the head maid led Aeris and the others on foot, she probably had a lot to say, and was about to say something, but she held back and led them silently to the guest room.

The head maid once again bade Aeris and the others farewell, and then left the room herself as the other maids were present.

Aeris wanted to call out to her, but she lost the chance to do so.

As she waited in the noble guest room, she could faintly hear the baby crying as it approached the noble guest room.

The moment the door was opened, the baby’s crying was maximal.

The baby appeared in the arms of the Marquise de Vandyne herself.

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Waaa waaah!

“Oh, my darling Aeris! I heard there was an unfortunate misunderstanding this time, and your mother was heartbroken to hear it. This child too…”

ogyaa ogyaa!

The Marquise de Vandyne’s three-sentence play was interrupted by the baby’s crying.

She thought she would never get to the end of the story.

“This child is crying for you, too, with pain in his heart.

she added.

“But this is a grown-up discussion, so let’s ask the grieving child to leave the room.”

She handed the baby to the maid at her side.

The baby’s crying stopped so suddenly that Tauro and the others thought it was hilarious, but they watched as the maid took the baby in her arms and left the room.

“Now then…”

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The Marquise de Van Duyne was about to speak.

“Excuse me! I have a stomach ache, may I go to the bathroom?”

Tauro interrupted her.

“…… then I’ll let the maid show you…”

“He can find the bathroom by himself, mother. Tauro, you can find the toilet at …….”

Aeris explained, and Tauro nodded and quickly left the room.

As soon as Tauro left the guest room, he cut off all signs of his presence at once with the “presence blocker.

He then headed straight for the office that Aeris had told him about.

According to Aeris’s estimation, there is a high possibility that the safe is in the office.

It was a custom-made item, large and difficult to move, and had three keys, one of which had to be unlocked by magic.

However, it is said that anyone who knows the Marquise’s magic can unlock it.

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So, Aeris will unlock the keys from a distance by applying warding magic from the guest room.

The problem was the other two: the keys were supposed to be in the possession of the lady and the butler, so they would usually have to be dealt with, but Tauro didn’t need them.

Yes, Tauro was going to open these two locks by himself in a short time.

It was not as easy as in the dramas and movies of his previous life, but now, with the dexterity compensation from “Precision” and “God Arrow Hands,” Tauro’s dexterity was in a realm where it could be called cheating.

Furthermore, he was confident that the keys of this world were not as complicated as in his previous life.

When I arrived at the office, the door was slightly ajar.

There were signs of people in my “presence detection” and I could see their silhouettes with my “true eyes” as well.

So I carefully peeked into the room through the gap in the door and saw the head maid hurriedly opening a drawer in the office and searching for something.

Behind the drawer, there was a very large safe, and I could see that a key was already inserted in one of the keyholes.

It seemed that the head maid and myself were after the same thing.

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