Chapter 67.2: Ji Shuyang (2)

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“She is having a good time. The Huo family doesn’t want us to disturb the child.”

Ji Shuyang sighed helplessly at his sister’s attitude.

“Is it not convenient for me to see her a bit? I’m going abroad in two days. Can’t I even see her before I go?”

“It’s not that you won’t come back when you go abroad. We’ll talk about it in the future.”


The car slowly stopped at a traffic light.

Ji Wenxin turned to Ji Shuyang and said, “Shuyang, you haven’t done anything out of line lately, have you?”

Ji Shuyang, who was poked in his mind, glanced at his sister. “…Sister, why are you asking that?”

“I think you are weird today.”

“I lost the game today. I’m in a bad mood.”

His eyebrows were furrowed, he looked impatient.

Ji Wenxin didn’t ask.

Half an hour later, the car was parked in front of Wellington Kindergarten.

It was not time for kindergarten to finish school. Ji Wenxin and Ji Shuyang waited in the car.

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Looking at the parents and others who came to pick up their children at the gate of the kindergarten, Ji Shuyang leaned back on his seat and lay lazily in the car.

Ji Wenxin glanced at his lazy look and was really helpless.


The dismissal bell rang in the kindergarten.

Ji Wenxin unfastened her seat belt and nudged Ji Shuyang, who seemed to be asleep with his eyes closed, “Wake up, I’m going to pick up Qianqian, are you going?”

Ji Shuyang rubbed his face and said, “Go!”

Along with the parents who went to pick up their children, the two people entered the kindergarten and successfully picked up Qianqian in the small class.

Qianqian still liked her uncle Ji Shuyang, so she hugged him as soon as they met.


Although Ji Shuyang has opinions on Jiang Xuan, he had no problem with the child, he hugged Qianqian and said, “Let’s go home, I’m here to pick you up with your mother.”#pleasereadthischapterat

“Uncle, when did you get back? Why don’t you come and see me at home? ”

“It wasn’t long before I came back, so I didn’t go. Aren’t I here to pick you up now?”

Qianqian looked at Ji Wenxin. “Mom, I want to eat ice cream with my uncle. Will Mom come with us?”

Ji Wenxin hesitated for a moment, but seeing Qianqian’s expression of anticipation and excitement, she agreed.

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“Great! Long live mommy!”

Several people walked out with the crowd, and in the hustle and bustle of people at the gate of the kindergarten, suddenly came a voice with a sneer, “Ji Shuyang?”

The voice was not too quiet, but it happened to be heard by not many people.

Ji Shuyang and Ji Wenxin looked in the direction of the voice and saw a young man who looked no older than Ji Shuyang standing under a big tree at the gate of the kindergarten, raising his foot and walking their way.

Ji Shuyang felt a pain in his left leg.

Ji Wenxin turned to look at him, “Shuyang, do you know him?”

But when she saw Ji Shuyang’s pale face, she realized that something was wrong, “Shuyang, what’s the matter with you?”

During asking her brother, the man already walked in front of Ji Shuyang.

The man smiled and said, “Don’t you think you’re in a hurry to get in front of me?”

Even Qianqian in Ji Shuyang’s arms sensed that something was wrong with him. “Uncle, what’s the matter with you?”

Ji Shuyang resisted the shaking and handed Qianqian to Ji Wenxin. “Sister, take Qianqian to the car first. I have something to talk to him about.”

Ji Wenxin hugged Qianqian and looked at him worriedly.

“It’s all right, sister, you take her up, me and him… we’re friends.”

The man put his arm around Ji Shuyang’s shoulder and said, “Yes, my friend.”

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Ji Wenxin naturally didn’t believe it, but she also knew that Qianqian was here. No matter what his brother said, his words seemed not good, so she had to take Qianqian to the car first.

As soon as Ji Wenxin turned around, Ji Shuyang shook off his hand on his shoulder.

Even if the person in front of him turned to ashes, he would recognize it!

Two years ago in the suburbs, it was this son of a bitch who laughed and broke his legs!

He remembered that this son of a bitch said his name was Xiao  Wu, the lackey of Huo Suicheng!

“There are so many people here, what do you want to do!”

“You are the anonymous person who reported Brother Cheng? Do you think that I would not find you? The leg that was broken two years ago, is it itchy again?”

Ji Shuyang clenched his teeth and took a few steps back with a pain in his left leg. “Don’t you dare!”

“You made such a false accusation against Brother Cheng. Brother Cheng said he allowed me to break your legs.” Xiao Wu looked at his legs wantonly. “Is the leg recovering well? It doesn’t matter. I’ll use more strength this time to render your attending doctor helpless.”#pleasereadthischapterat

With that, Xiao Wu came forward and put his arms around him, and dragged him away.

Ji Shuyang didn’t have the balls. He was so hard-wired that he couldn’t break free for a while, “Let me go! I warn you, I’m calling someone, don’t think you Huo family can cover the sky with one hand. I call the police!”

“Brother Xiao Wu!”

A clear child’s voice came from the school gate.

Xiao Wu looked back, and Huo Suicheng came out from the kindergarten with Huo Xiaoxiao in his arms.

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Huo Suicheng has been relaxing at home recently. He has nothing to do so he picked up his daughter from school. He didn’t expect the blind cat to run into a dead mouse and meet Ji Shuyang here.

He glanced at Ji Shuyang and walked straight past him, leaving only one sentence as he passed by: “Don’t do it here.”

When Ji Shuyang heard this, his right leg also hurt with his left leg.

This son of a bitch Huo Suicheng was really lawless! Unexpectedly he was still misbehaving in broad daylight!

He must find a way to arrest this son of a bitch and get the punishment he deserved!


Was it his niece that Huo Suicheng held in his arms?

“Little friend, I am your uncle!”

Xiao Wu raised his brows and said angrily: “Ji Shuyang, behave!”

Ji Shuyang?


Huo Xiaoxiao hugged Huo Suicheng’s neck and looked back and suddenly realized, “So you are the one my father wants to break his legs!”


Ji Shuyang couldn’t believe what his niece had become because of this son of a bitch!

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