He stole her from the hospital and put her in the sports car’s passenger seat. That event, Ji Shuyang nearly killed herself.

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Moreover in her dream, Ji Shuyang’s leg was interrupted by Huo Suicheng and had not healed, which casts a shadow over Huo Suicheng.

Because of his broken leg, Ji Shuyang, a talented race car driver, was unable to compete again. It’s even worse than killing him.

Since then, he had been living in a foreign country and hadn’t returned until Huo Suicheng was put on trial.

Now her father apparently had not totally broken Ji Shuyang’s leg. Furthermore, Ji Shuyang returned to the country earlier than she  had dreamed.

His leg wasn’t broken, so it’s no wonder he had so much vigor and was still able to anonymously report her dad to the police!

It just isn’t going to be good for him to do this! She has to scare him!

“So you’re the one my dad wants to break both of your legs! ”

Huo Xiaoxiao could still differentiate between blood relationships and close relatives, despite the fact that her father and uncle had almost killed her once.

Hearing Huo Xiaoxiao’s words, Huo Suicheng’s footsteps were halted.

He was aware of the importance of parents as role models for children. But he had expected Huo Xiaoxiao to remember exactly what he had said last night.


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“Dad, what’s the matter? ”

“Don’t talk nonsense. ”

After hearing her dad’s gaffe, Huo Xiaoxiao threatened Ji Shuyang with confidence.

“Dad, didn’t you say that yesterday?”She blinked at Ji Shuyang with her clear and innocent eyes.”Saying that you were going to break Ji Shuyang’s legs!”

Once again, Ji Shuyang’s felt his leg was in excruciating agony and tried to free himself from Xiaowu’s grasp once more, but after a while he realized he couldn’t.His incompetence had left him no choice but to be angered at Huo Suicheng.

“Huo Suicheng, don’t be cocky, if you dare to make a move, I’ll call the police!”

“Little friend, what’s your name, I’m your uncle…hiss–” Xiao Wu added strength to his shoulder, he gasped for air.

“Shut up. “Xiao Wu warned him in a low voice.

Seeing the ferocious and lawless appearances of these people, Ji Shuyang felt very regretful in his heart.

Regretted that he could not take the child away, let her grow up in the Huo family.

Even though Ji Wenxin was in the car nearby and didn’t know Xiao Wu, she knew Huo Suicheng. From a distance, she could make out the appearance of a few people who appeared to be tangled up. Regardless of too much, after putting Qianqian in the car, she walked over worriedly.#pleasereadthischapterat

“Mr. Huo, my brother has just returned to China not long ago, and I haven’t had time to tell him…”

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Huo Suicheng glanced at Xiao Wu, “Tell her. ”

“Okay,” Xiao Wu grinned and placed his arms on Ji Shuyang’s shoulders, and said, “Your brother, not long ago, he used forged evidence to anonymously report that Brother Cheng had done illegal and criminal things. Do you know how much trouble it has caused us?”

“…What!? “Ji Wenxin looked at Ji Shuyang suspiciously.

“Sis! Why can’t I report things with conclusive evidence? ”

“Is the evidence conclusive? “Xiao Wu added a strength on his shoulder,  “Who the hell told you that the evidence is conclusive? Did you know that the evidence is all forged? Are you still happy you were used as a tool? ”

“How could it be forged? All the people you terribly bought have confessed! ”

“The witness was bribed. Now he confessed to the police out of guilt.But the news has not come out. “Xiao Wu smiled kindly, “You wait for me to break your leg later, and then sue you for framing.”


“Shuyang! “Ji Wenxin sternly stopped him, and said to Huo Suicheng: “Mr. Huo, I’m really sorry, my brother…he was also used by others, I will send him abroad tomorrow, you…”

Sister! Don’t beg him! I’m not going abroad, I want to see what he can do to me! ”He looked so aggressive that she couldn’t tell that he had just said that he was going abroad not long ago.#pleasereadthischapterat

Huo Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes when she heard Ji Shuyang’s bluffing.

Has her uncle gone completely insane!?

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His life is in jeopardy and he’s uttering absurdity!?Does he really want to be cripple?

Forget it! This uncle, too, had a bad temper.She was  good for him at the beginning but now her uncle is not good! But she can’t just stand here but to help him!

“Are you my uncle? My name is Huo Xiaoxiao. ”

Ji Shuyang’s face full of resentment and injustice was startled. He forced a smile, “Yes, I am your uncle. ”

“The teacher said, Mom’s younger brother is called uncle, are you mom’s younger brother?” ”

“Yes, I am your mother’s younger brother. ”

“Oh, I see. ”

Huo Xiaoxiao turned her head and lay on her father’s shoulder again, and said in a low voice: “Dad, what you said last night, you will not hurt people. ”

Hearing what Huo Xiaoxiao said, Huo Suicheng breathed a sigh of relief and looked back at Xiao Wu, “Xiao Wu, let’s go. ”

Xiao Wu gave Ji Shuyang a provocative look, and sneered at him before releasing his hand.

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Ji Shuyang gritted his teeth and wanted to say a few more words to get over his addiction, but was grabbed by Ji Wenxin, “What are you doing! ”

“I…” Ji Shuyang looked at Xiao Wu standing by the car and gave him a warning look, which made Ji Shuyang indignantly rubbed his sore arm.


Ji Wenxin pulled Ji Shuyang towards the car.

While walking, she reprimanded him,  “You just returned to China and said you want to leave the country, so is it because of this matter? Ji Shuyang, have you been kicked in the head by a donkey? Why did you report Huo Suicheng anonymously? Isn’t it enough that you broke your leg two years ago? You still dare to provoke him?”

“Isn’t the evidence conclusive? Why would I frame him if there was no proof?And you also know that Huo Suicheng can make anything possible, right?

“What about now? He is still free and you are now in a dire situation!”

Knowing his mistake, Ji shuyang didn’t speak .

“You’re going to go abroad tomorrow, and I don’t want you to come back and cause trouble for me!”

“How can you say that I’m looking for trouble??” Sister, I am doing this for people!”

Ji Wenxin raised her hand, “I’m doing this for your own good! ”

“Don’t…go abroad, go abroad tomorrow, all right. “Ji Shuyang agreed seemingly helplessly.

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